Monday, November 26, 2007

on the verge of committing SUICIDE

When I was nine, my mom usually bought me books and magazines rather than toys. But hell, I prefer the former rather than the latter. Anyhow, she bought a book entitled "UNEXPLAINED". It wasn't an ordinary book for it's a collection of unexplained phenomena around the planet. You name those unexplained entities - from flora to fauna, dwarfs to giants, ghosts to ghouls, fairies to monsters, LAHAT nandoon! Well, I just read an article which struck me most. The article was entitled THE DEVIL'S SONG. It's actually a song, a Hungarian song composed in the mid 30's (1930). The song was entitled GLOOMY SUNDAY after the composer's girlfriend ended their affair. Out of despair and sheer sadness, he made a song. The original content of the song was this:

"The man's girlfriend died in an accident. After her girlfriend's funeral, he went inside his apartment and shot his head using his high-caliber gun."

Then, he published his song and apparently, the song was indeed a great hit. Yeah it was a hit because thousands of people committed suicide after its first or debut release on the radio. That was only in Hungary. The Hungarian Police were baffled by the increase number of suicide reports in the country. It was mysterious until they found the culprit - the song, GLOOMY SUNDAY. The song was revised and it was played outside Hungary. It was also played in France, and other countries in Europe. One by one, they reported the same incident that occurred in Hungary - increasing suicidal reports. The number of suicidal reports on these countries increased EXPONENTIALLY. There was an incident where in an ice cream parlor, ten people committed suicide immediately after hearing that dreadful song. Some jumped on a high rise building, others drank insect killers/pesticides, some slit their wrist, and others, well, shot there own selves. The Hungarian police also reported that the girlfriend of the composer of the deadly song (I forgot his name =]) committed suicide in her apartment. The composer committed suicide by jumping from a ten-story building. The suicide trend continued 'til 60's. In that time, the Hungarian government banned the song and suicide reports had gone lower until the number of victims could only be counted on one's finger.


Here's the song and its lyrics. (Since I didn't activate the auto-play, please click the PLAY button. thank you!)

Sunday is gloomy,
My hours are slumberless
Dearest the shadows
I live with are numberless
Little white flowers
Will never awaken you
Not where the black coaches
Sorrow has taken you
Angels have no thoughts
Of ever returning you
Wouldnt they be angry
If I thought of joining you?

Gloomy sunday

Gloomy is sunday,
With shadows I spend it all
My heart and i
Have decided to end it all
Soon therell be candles
And prayers that are said I know
But let them not weep
Let them know that Im glad to go
Death is no dream
For in death Im caressin you
With the last breath of my soul
Ill be blessin you

Gloomy sunday

Dreaming, I was only dreaming
I wake and I find you asleep
In the deep of my heart here
Darling I hope
That my dream never haunted you
My heart is tellin you
How much I wanted you
Gloomy sunday

Haaay. Today, there's only one suicidal song left in the world. Yung "Beautiful Girl/Boy" ni Sean Kingston/ Jojo. Magpapakamatay nalang akoif ever marinig ko ulit ang kantang yun. It's quite IRRITATING to my ears nah! Shyeeeet. Hahahahha.


  1. jassy4:00 PM

    it's freaky... hahaha

  2. freaky mo lang. nakakatakot nga eh :D

  3. andrew king4:33 PM

    I like the song. And who is the author of that book? Maybe national bookstore has a copy :P

  4. karl shucker.. sa readers digest ko yan inorder.. 2000 pesos.. 1999 ko p yan binili. andrew, your soooo freaky talaga! hahahha joke :)

  5. karlo4:39 PM

    creepy is more like it lol

    i heard about this na b4.. hmmm...

  6. really? i was dying to hear that song noon pa. ngayon ko lang yan narinig :D hahahha

  7. gynefaith9:00 PM

    hey, nabalita na to sa tv before.. can't remember kung saang tv show, matagal na rin kase yun.. nway, u still have the book? i guess worth it basahin ung mga facts.. :p

  8. narinig ko na yan na song! haha.. so baka mlapit na ako magsuicide? haha.. and u'll know WHO caused it... [ung isa sa mga teacher natin na ayw ng lahat.. i think that says it all? haha]

  9. ate faith:

    yep nanjan pa rin sa desk ko. worth it naman siya. hahahha. sa knowledge power ko yun siya napanood :D

  10. to NEIL:

    hahhaa. AYAW talaga ng LAHAT literally, pati ung mga co-workers niya. AYAW sa knyang paguugali. palibasa walay breed. MONGREL na MONKEY. bwahahhaha

  11. joiesheen9:02 PM

    ano man yan ui...freaky jud bitaw hehehe

  12. marielle9:02 PM

    chuya uie . =)

  13. TO MAYE:

    waaa maye! freak! parehas na mo ni andrew. hahahhaha

  14. ngeeeek. :O hehe.

    aww crap, shall i listen to "gloomy sunday"? hesitant ako. rather not. :D thanks for sharing, though.

  15. july crumb12:01 AM

    yucks! gi-post pa talaga niya dito!

    i'm typing very fast coz i don't want to hear the song!! haha:D

  16. renzy benzy12:02 AM

    july, nidge:

    WAAAA! gudluck nlng :D