Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mader mader I AM SICK

Health is wealth.

A healthy mind and body is the key to SUCCESS.

WTF. I think I'm abusing my body - my health to be precise. I was so preoccupied, thinking that my well being's fine. Before the month long sembreak or during our finals, I didn't experience any fever or physical weakness (except that I always get sleepy due to numerous sleep deprivations) but after sembreak, things have changed drastically. First, I easily get tired even if I walked on a short distance. Next thing I knew, I felt weak and sleepy even classes had just started.

These are the things that I need to accomplish para bumalik ang aking dating figure (like duuh). Para di na akong magmukhang drug addict! Shoot.

Numero Uno. Avoid CYBERDRUG addiction. The generic names for these so-called cyber drugs are: Multiply, Blogger, Xanga, Friendster, and all other social networking cyberdrugs in the cyberworld. It may cause drowsiness, eye fatigue, SLEEP DISORDER, ANEMIA, anorexia and hair loss when used excessively (more than 6 STRAIGHT hours). Para sa mga "chubbylicious" diyan na may planong pumayat, DO THIS right NOW.

Numero Dos. Eat green and leafy vegetables. No comment. The eekier it looks and the yuckier it tastes, the more nutrients you'll get in those crappy grasses --este-- vegetables when you munch and crunch them with DELIGHT. Hahaha.

Numero Tres. Have an adequate sleep. I really had to argue on this since being a Biology major student must have at least 5 hours of sleep. And that's already enough most especially during exam week. Basta, diskarte ko na to but I'll try to have at least 8 hours of sleep. It's soooo hard to have a realistic and balanced study-leisure-sleep scheme. Hay naku. How sad.

Numero Quatro. Christmas is coming and you know what that means? FOOD FOOD and MORE FOOD. I should EAT and EAT and EAT and GULP and SLURP 'til I get my desired figure. Haaay. I'm so desperate. I'm so thin.

Numero Sinco. Drink lots of fluids and avoid carbonated drinks. Yeah yeah I knew that already since elementary. NEEEXXXT!
Numero Sais. Eat biscuits or cookies rather than junkfoods. Mmm, yah. I haven't eaten any junkfoods for the last three weeks. I just love to dig myself on Graham crackers. Yumyumyum.

Numero Siyete. Don't cram and procrastinate. Yeah, it makes your ugly eyebags larger and DARKER than ever. Boo!

Numero Otso. Smile Always. Pffff. Again no COMMENT.

Numero Nueve. Drink vitamins and other food supplements. If you think you can't eat those eekie green leaves, then drink vitamins everyday, but take note, veggies are far better than those food supplements.

Numero Diyes. EXERCISE everyday. I don't have any fats to burn; I desperately need them! Arrgghh. Anyhow, even I'm thin, this could regulate my body and my blood circulation. But it's soooo tiring and excruciating. Haaaay. Matulog nalang ako rather than doing these strenous activities. I prefer answering Sudoku problems or reading books rather than doing those treadmill and jogging stuffs. Ooops.


Numero Onse. Pray to God always and practice DISCIPLINE.

Remember, You can achieve a healthier life through these eleven things if you have perseverance, patience and discipline.

Oh may gulay. This post was originally intended for me and yet I'm using the second voice. Ironic. But I think this would help anyone who reads this boring post. Nyahha. Just kidding.

BTW, she called at me kanina and I was a bit surprised by her phonecall, but I'm happy with it. Awww.