Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Buhay pa tayo

Familiar? Yep. It's VERY familiar. It's the last blog title on Julia Campbell's blog dated on January 13, 2007. Yes. I'm still alive. Distress call. May day, may day. Tower. May day!

It was Wednesday. And during this day, we REALLY don't like the time from 8.30 am to 10.00 am. Why? Just refer to my previous blog posts. Arrghh. The moment I arrived at school, some of my classmates saw him rode an HH enroute to the Administration Building. He was called by the chancellor regarding the issue last Friday. I really don't know, he just bluntly said in front of us:

"somebody told the chancellor about what happened last Friday. And I'm not afraid. I really don't care."

Nonsense. We could barely feel his nervousness when he talks about it. Hmmm. BTW, we had a long quiz and we didn't expect the type of quiz that we took hours ago. And then, he made a deal for those who didn't attend his "class" last "Friday" - we should make a three-page essay with a topic of the achievements and shortcomings of our present chancellor and its impact to the students. Shit. And if we could pass this, tatanggalan ng fifty points sa long exam para sa mga nakapunta last Friday (supposedly, classes were REALLY suspended because of chancey's dialogue.) but if we fail to that, they can still have their 50 point-incentive on our first long exam. We asked them first. Some of them quoted that he's REALLY unfair. They pitied us. Some were on a 50-50 condition. And for others, an additional 50 points in a long exam would be a GREAT HELP for them.

Haaay. ano bah? We're stucked in a new strain of academic slash social crisis. Dilemma strikes back. Not only that, we were given TREMENDOUS LOADS of assignments. Here are those excruciatingly hard assigments (when I say hard, I really mean it -- for we couldn't understand any single element in our lesson because he really doesn't know how to teach. Pa-impress lang ang alam):

-Explain the physical phenomena of FIREWORKS quantum mechanically.

-Differentiate Phosphorescence and Fluorescence quantum mechanically.

-Explain why do chlorophyll A & B pigments displayed a green color when it's subjected to visible light while when it's exposed to UV light, it turns to red.

**Explain with diagram, 1111 (1-inch boundary for all sides), font 12, times new roman, SINGLE SPACED, with diagram.

And THAT'S NOT ALL! There's more!

He also assigned reporters for the next meeting. SADLY, our group got the most difficult topic subjected to reporting, and that is:

-Diagonal relationships and inert pair effect.

Haaaay. I used to love chemistry since third year, and now, I still LOVE chem, but the problem is, it's the professor itself. Hayyy. And he likes to quote this:

"LIFE is UNFAIR. You should deal with it."

Yeah. You mentioned that boring saying since last sem. Booo.

BTW. I was about to board the outgoing jeepney enroute to Mintal when Mikko and Adrian called me. They wanted me to join the Math Mania Quiz Bee. Both of them are really GOOD at MATH. When I say GOOD, it means that both of them got a grade of UNO (flat one) in their Math subject last sem. May gawd. Well, how about me? Just a plain DOS. At first, I was quite hesitant to join the quiz bee since I'm not good on speed problems. I'm good at math but I suck when it comes to speed. It usually takes time for me to analyze any mathematical problem.

Parang nabunutan din ako ng tinik when I've learned that 50% would be a math-related question, then the remaining 50% would cover current events, entertainment, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Information and so much more. I was quite nervous at that time because nahihiya ako, baka wala akong masagot kahit isang question man lang, baka wala akong kwentang groupmate. But I was wrong. I still managed to answer 3 math questions during the quiz bowl. Of course, I didn't fail to answer those science-related questions. Hehehhe. At least nakatulong ako sa aking group.

Yes. Muli akong nabuhayan ng loob. because I won 66 pesos! Yebah. Gawin ang lahat para lang sa pera! Yikes.

Buhay pa tayo. We're still alive right at this moment. We never knew the language of giving up. We're fighters. And he's just an overweight tiger.

We even won the quiz bowl -- we garnered the second place. And we won 200 pesos (as a group) plus certificates.


  1. jaimelynn3:07 PM

    haha! aguy! i thonk my mom works for the chancellor..

  2. "We never knew the language of giving up. We're fighters. And he's just an overweight tiger."

    -yeah! the best quote ever made by Renz Marione Bulseco! hahaha! very nice! it's sooooo true! hehe btw congrats sa quiz bowl! woohoo!

  3. halaaa. karon lang nako na siya na realize :) hahahha. salamat.