Thursday, November 01, 2007

Panic! at my semestral break.

Goodbye October.



For the first time in history, we will not go to the cemetery today because my dad's car hasn't had any license yet but he's working for it and we can use it probably by next week.

Okay. Thirteen days left. Thirteen SWIFT days left before the second semester starts. And it really sucks. I mean, I couldn't believe that time really flies in a fast manner. Next week, I'm gonna go to school again, arrange some things, get all of those pesky clearances and have myself enroll for the second semester.

But then again, I'm not excited. Going back to my "geeky" lifestyle isn't that easy. Though, I want to prove myself that I can make it to the top - to be one of the dean's or better, the chancellor's lister.

And I do hope, the second semester wouldn't be as hellish as the previous semester. For this year, we only have 1 month of class and lectures, and after that, it would be our CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR HOLIDAY


Here's my final list of subjects and my final class schedule:

we only had 19 units so I think it wouldn't be an the same as inferno, sana nga! keep your fingers crossed!

And again, we don't have MONDAYS. Yes!

I fervently hope that I could attain my goals for the second semester.

13 days to go. Gonna play UNO STACKOS for the next semester. Gets niyo ba? Hahahaha.

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  1. joiesheen4:13 PM

    woie renz! pa-copy ko sa sched sa subj! haha! same lng baya atong sched...except lng cguro sa mga prof...hehe good luck for the 2nd sem! ^_^

  2. bwahahaha.. pa UNO jud ta.. hahaha.. u can print it naman pra bibow!

  3. murag same pud ata ta na teacher sa math14.. dibah sir tecson tah??