Sunday, November 04, 2007

An Open Letter to AMERICANS

Dear Americans,

We left our beloved country just to search some idle job opportunities. Admittedly, our salary in our dear motherland isn't enough to support our family. We don't look for a white collar jobs job, all we need and care was to send enough dollars, balikbayan boxes and other pasalubong stuffs in our families back in the Philippines. Behind those Nike shoes, M&M's, GAP clothes, Mango apparel and other signature stuffs lie every stories of hard work, perseverance, dedication and determination of a FILIPINO..

I know you Americans helped us, primarily to our family. But one thing for sure, we really don't like the way you treated us, emotionally. You may not beat us 'til were black and blue, but your backstabbing us and you're hurting us emotionally. And that searing pain is THRICE more hurtful than physical abuse.

If you were not aware about the racial issues done by your fellowmen, well, OPEN your eyes.

You discriminate us on the way we look.

We may be deficient in our height, but we STAND TALL and fight for what is right; we still follow our own principles.

We may have not possessed a long straight nose just like other Caucasians out there, but we speak CLEARLY and we do NOT eat our words when we speak.

We may not be fluent in ENGLISH as you ARE, but grammatically speaking, we're far better than you.

You may laugh at us if we speak English in an awkward way, but HELL! We spoke other languages and dialects other than ENGLISH - Tagalog, Visayan, Ilonggo, Ilocano - you name it all.

You may have produced millions of nuclear weapons compared to us, (we don't have any nuclear weapons), we clearly think that WAR is NOT the GREATEST SOLUTION IN MANKIND.

We may be categorized as a third world country, but still we are one of the most happiest people in the world.

You may have a decent home, compared to us that some of our fellowmen still lived in slums, we still managed to be HOSPITABLE despite our condition.

You may find us radical because of numerous rallies and protest against our government, we do that because we're fighting for our principles. We fight for what is right.

We may be the most corrupt country in Asia or in the world, but we're far richer than you regarding on natural resources, but what did you do? You fooled us and instead you're the one using and utilizing our OWN natural resources.

We may not be white-skinned but you really want to have our brown skin color.

Husbands and wives in our country may fight but they stand for at least 35 years of marriage - and it's very RARE at your place.

We may not excel in the field of academics, base on worldwide statistics, but then we excel more than you when it comes to the real world. And the irony of it is that we excel in various fields at your very own place.

You may be the first to step on our moon, but hell, we invented the moon buggy! But, you didn't acknowledge the invention to us, instead, you claimed it as YOUR own work.

You may helped the world to brighten up their night, but you just bought OUR OWN INVENTION. Our government at that time didn't have any money to patent our very own product, the fluorescent lamp.

You may discriminate our med schools but who takes care of your crippled old patients? Who gives encouragements of your dying patients? Remember? IT'S US!

We may be deprived from money but we're SUPER RICH with regards to our values that our parents had taught us. We have respect for each one another.

And I just can't get it why you discriminate us in our physical looks.

Don't you get it?

Even how harsh your discriminations would be, you can't beat us.

Because we are UNITED and we are FILIPINOS.

Now who's the winner??




Let's wait and see.

**PS: to all FILIPINOS out there, please help me spread this message to the world. Ikalat niyo via email, friendster bulletin, multiply, blogs, kahit saan hanggang ito'y mabasa ng mga amerikano.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Mabuhay ang sambayanang PILIPINO.

Maraming Salamat.

**please don't misunderstand me. I don't really HATE AMERICANS, I just want to correct them - the way they treat people not just for Filipinos, but for everyone else. Thank you.


  1. hell yeah! i totally liked this post and i will repost this sometime. i totally agree in everything you said renz! nice post! totally outrageous! kip it up!

    may post rin ako na bago. hope you'll read it. tnx!

  2. good one. damn those whites!

  3. venzyl4:56 PM

    hi renz, did you wrote this letter? very touching...

  4. attention people:

    please repost this in your blogs, or forward this via email to your friends. please help me.. =p thank you very much

  5. venzyl4:57 PM

    ah okay..keep it up!!!

  6. yanamarisse4:58 PM

    nice!! ;))

  7. KIM, JAY-R, YANA:

    Thank you very much.. hope youi'll repost this!! hehehe =]

    mabuhay ang mga pinoy!!

  8. wow! its nice renz. i really like it!

    yes, i love to repost it in my site. thanks you

  9. repost and ikalat sa buong mundo!! ahahahha

    don't forget na i-credit mo yan na I made that post.. hehehe =]]

  10. if i may ask, whats yer intention of doing this letter...

    and what made yu to do this...


  11. super duper sure. i feel for you man.. obliterate the friggin' racists!! >:|

  12. scarlet:

    haahaahaa okay!!


    wala lang! just made it because.. ewan.. honestly.. i dunno =]]

  13. renz... naa na sa imu ang UP spirit.. hehe

  14. i agree. "is-kolar--ng-bayan--nga-yon--ay-luma-laban!!!"

  15. yanamarisse1:01 AM

    btw, saan ka na up campus nag-aaral? :)

  16. YURI,CEE:

    WAAHAAHAA,, but di pa ako ,asyadong radical noh!!


    up mindanao =p

  17. Great post! I read this just now. I didn't have time at the time you tagged my chat box. But I really agree with what you said. It's actually super true. I'll repost this on my multiply and even on my blog.

    At oo nga, nasa 'yo ang isko spirit. Wahehe. Ayos! :) Keep it up!

    Pinoy Pride! :D