Sunday, November 18, 2007

the first week

First week of the second semester -- stressful yet I enjoyed it.

[x] A funny and bubbly Bio 3-lab teacher makes your day complete - you'll definitely forget the word STRESS.

[x] First Chem 17 quiz
- I got a passing mark, but hell, apat lang kami pumasa sa first quiz!

[x] A soft-spoken and intelligent Biodiversity Professor makes you sleepy, buti nalang, I was assigned to sit near the projector for we are arranged alphabetically. YAHOO!

[x] 3 quizzes are yet to be studied and I'm finished with the two research papers on Comm 3 and Bio-3 lab.

and right now?? I'm sick. May singaw ako. My right lymph node had become swollen since Thursday. I felt weak and fragile. I love the weather today. I didn't took a bath since yesterday for the water's freezing - as cold as ice. Today's the first day of Biolympics but I can't attend, nakakapagod kaya!

I need to gain weight! Anyone? Please donate some fats (or basta anything that would make me gain some weight) to me. People had already commented my present figure and they thought I took drugs (exxag) or whatnot. Basta! Please please please??


  1. nidge5:30 PM

    students are back. unfortunately. pfff. and it's cold ren. pero naligo ako! nyahaha. :O ikaw na din. ;D gah.. *shows peace gesture*

  2. hahaha. naligo na ako noh.. kanina pang 1.30 pm.. hahhaa