Saturday, November 10, 2007

NEW semester, NEW LIFE

Five weeks of semestral break was pretty damn boring.

No money. No Life. Less Excitement. Next thing you'll know, you've been attacked by insomnia.

3 days from now, classes for the second semester will start at November 13, 2007, Tuesday. First period for the day - Math 14 - Trigonometry. Haaay.

Excited? No. Uhhm. Ugggghhh! Maybe??

Anyhow, these are the things that I really missed in school and some of these were taken from my experiences during the first sem:

[x] waking up as early as 5.30 am just to attend my 7.00 am Biology 1 Lecture class. But take note, it's ALL worth it since I got a grade of 1.25 in this subject. Nyahaha. At least. Also, I almost got a perfect attendance for this class - I only got one late in this class.

[x] Having an early dismissal of my math 11 class. Haaay. Our dismissal should be 5.30, but sa sobrang kabaitan ni Ma'am Doodz, our math professor, we were usually dismissed as early as 5pm or earlier!

[x] I missed Ate Sabing's place - her delicious viands, big servings of rice and her safe and uber cold drinking water - all for just 15 pesos! That's right! FIFTEEN PESOS.

[x] The rough and bumpy road to Kanluran or CSM (College of Science and Mathematics) - and it gets bumpier and the stones get coarser when it rains. Hmpph.

[x] My pesky PE subject, but hell, I got a grade of 1.5! Haha!

[x] The AVR! This is the place where we have our Philosophy class. The airconditioned, spacious room, the view of lush vegetations of dipterocarp trees, plants and grasses make me feel sleepy and drowsy. Worse I sleep during Sir Pavo's lectures. I seldom listen to him. I don't know why, the aura makes me feel oh-so-sleepy.

[x] Ate Malou's place.This is where I photocopy those hard/soft copies of lessons, assignments and even projects. Hay naku. Mga pasaway na photocopy. Sometimes, nauubos na pera ko dahil jan. Also, this is the place where I eat my merienda during free time. I loved her so-called LIQUID MANGO FLOAT. waaa. Yumyum!

[x] I missed the feeling of being stressed, procrastination, last minute cramming and yeah, sleepless nights.

[x] Missing dinner time, meaning I don't eat dinner just to compensate my limited sleeping hours.

[x] I missed those Chem 16 days where sometimes I could solve Sir Jong's oh-so confusing problems (yeah, what an accomplishment!), those long exams where out of five long exams, I only managed to finish one long exam, at highest ko pa yun! (hahaha) and last but not the least, the day where I got a zero (0 out of 44) in his quiz - physical chem pa yun! Yikes. And yet, I STILL managed to survive and even got a grade of 2.25!

[x] I missed those times wherein despite kulang na tulog namin (as in mukhang zombie na kami), we still managed to laugh even at the corniest jokes. Hahaha.

Haaaay. New sem, new life. What would be my fate this second semester? Haay. Let's wait and see.


  1. mga bio pipz! kitakitz this pasukan! second sem nah! awoo awoo!

  2. i commented on this on your multiply. haha. anyway, good luck with 2nd sem! :p