Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I use CLEAR.

So I went to UP to have myself cleared on various clearances before I could enroll myself for the second semester.

Obviously the lines were tremendously looong. Parang linya ni San Pedro sa langit. Whatever.

I paid my bill (416.25 pesos) for the ILC (the school's internet/printing station) and I vow to myself that I will not ENTER to that dreadful place again. Grabeh. I didn't expect na it would be that expensive. Haaay.

Then I went to the main library. I handed my ID, then the computer made a subtle bleep sound.

Then she said, "Fundamentals of Chemistry by Goldberg.."

Then another librarian asked my library card.

(Shit! Naiwan!)

I replied to the grumpy librarian: "Huh? Sir, nareturn ko na yan! Mga October 5 pa yun!"

Then he was hesitant. Kailangan daw ng library card just to be sure blahblah. Bullshit. I need to go back in my house, PRONTO. I had no choice. So, I hailed a motorcycle (HH), went back to my home, got my library card and my class cards na rin just to be sure then I went back to school.

Then my 44 pesos disappeared in just a snap. Fuck!

And then, I got my class card in PE, finally and I got a wonderful 1.5 grade (just to think I really don't listen to his lectures and yet got a grade of 1.5!), though it's not counted in computing the GWA. Pwede kasali nalang para makapasok ako HONOR'S LIST??

Waiting for your clearance to be signed by OSA (Office of the Student's Affairs) was really tiring. Maka-ubos ng pasensya. I'm soooo hungry at that time.

Then after we ate lunch, some of my classmates went to downtown para makabili ng glasswares for our Chemistry Lab. Shopping galore! It's a requirement for our clearance in chem. lab. To have our clearance signed by our laboratory teachers, we had to "replace" the damaged or lost lab apparatuses. They had a shopping spree on Erlenmeyer flasks, test tubes, cover slip, evaporating dish, BURET (shit, ang mahal mo!), Pipet (kaw rin), stirring rod, and other lab apparatuses. They hopped from one store to another, hospitals to hospitals, pharmacies to pharmacies, SM to Uyanguren.. Yikes.

Little did they know, PYREX dapat ang brand. Ang arte naman (they have a point naman, they believe in quality over quantity =p). Nakasulat pa nga sa bulletin board:


And guess what? Cha and Joie bought a 10-ml pipet for just 88 pesos! Huwaaat? I thought 320 pesos ang pipet?? Yun pala, the brand they bought was not Pyrex - it was BEX, or BLEX! Anu ba! Pati lab apparatus may tinge of piracy?? The heck.

Alright. So I'm going back to school tomorrow, or later since it's one in the morning. 3 more signatures to go, makaenroll na ako for the second semester.

I need 15 thousand pesos. Now na. Pronto.

I need to buy Campbell's Biology since available na siya after 3 long and patients months of waiting!

I need to buy Leithold's College Algebra and Trigo book. Ba't kasi hindi pa iyan nabili last semester. If I just bought that book last sem, my math grade would probably be higher than 2.0. Sad story, I think.

I need to buy another set of clothes since wala kaming uniform. Haay. Though, people in UP don't care about your fashion, it's just, wala lang. Sawang-sawa na ako sa mga shirts ko.

I need to buy 2 additional notebooks. Just in case.

I need to buy black and red gtech point 3. Ay, pati na rin Faber Castel na ballpen. Pang vandal?? Hahahaa.

I need to buy tons of yellow paper.

I need to fix my things already!

UNO STACKOS for the second semester. =p


  1. jassy8:48 PM

    hirap nga pa-clearance sa lab...mahal ng mga beakers, etc

  2. louis jordan8:49 PM


  3. joiesheen8:49 PM

    korny? cguro? pero may gehd! grabe ha?! naubos ang ATP nmin ni cha juz for that freakin pipette na tinanggap din pala!!! (for the mean time) memorize na nmin maxado ni cha ang buong davao dahil lng jan sa lecheng pipette! sus! bantay ra jud nang pyrex...magpatukod man jud kog laing brand of glassware (for lab apparatus) na mas gwapo pa sa pyrex and never mahutdan ug stock! labi na ang PIPETTE! wahahahahaha!! =P

  4. oo nga! SUPER ate jass, mas mahal pa mga lecheng glasswares kesa mga shirts ng bench, penshoppe, YIKES

  5. jordan:

    SABA dan, SABA =p


    haaay. pasaway na PYREX.. hahaha.

  6. Grabe ah. Pero kakaibang experience yan. Mukhang fun pero.. nakakapagod. Haha. Good luck with 2nd sem. Ay, nagstart na yata? Nagstart na ba senyo? Hehe.

  7. wa! uber kapoi! haha. wel gudluck sa 2nd sem! kip me posted and tc oweiz! ayt?

  8. haay. at last tapos na ako kim. friday pa ako enrol coz friday pa makuha ang money =p