Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I "are" STUPID

I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough.

Should I call that as "best"?

Probably not.

I made an outline on it - but I didn't read it intensively.

I underlined some terms in the book - STILL I didn't internalized it.

I know those complicated formulas - YET I still made a simple mistake which ruin the entire solution and the answer.

I set the alarm of my cellphone at 3.00 am, yet I woke up at 4.00 am and just skimmed my oh-so thick book.

I was confident that I could pass the second quiz, yet I flunked for the first time this semester.

For the whole morning, I just played Flying Finger - a cellphone game with a mechanics similar to the online game O2jam.

Remorse. Resentment. Eternal Damnation - and I'm so stupid.

BUT THEN AGAIN, I'm optimistic. Mr. Brightside. Just look on the brighter side.

Procrastination, cramming ---- GET OUT of my LIFE!

I'm losing my sanity.

I am SOOOOO disappointed with my OWN self.


  1. I hear you. Things like that really happen. Like you, I am also disappointed with my self right now. As in, I had to learn the hard way just to wake up from my stupidity and undisciplined self. Maybe it's supposed to be that way for us to fix ourselves. It happens, you're not alone. :)

  2. bawi nalang sa susunod. its not yet the end of the world :D

  3. joiesheen10:26 PM

    BI lagi ang flying finger! hehe

  4. charlene: ala lang. minsan, kasalanan ko rin ang lahat. argghhh. self-discipline PLEASE.

  5. dorkster: yah. i know :D

    joie: waaaaaaaa. kulang nalang i delete nalang nako tung game na toh!

  6. don't worry..your future is bright, i can feel it..hehe =)

  7. haaay. lai. i have many stories na iingon sa imuha. s/he's very BWISIT, F*ck =(