Friday, November 09, 2007

the emancipation of the walking matchstick

Yesterday, it was Cocok's 17th birthday and he texted me that he would treat us lunch and after that we would watch a great movie. He texted me that we would meet at National Bookstore at G-mall by 10.00 am - 10.30 am.


And I woke up at 10.30 am.

And it's a BIG DEAL to me since I lived an hour away from downtown.

Yikes. Pandemonium struck me, again.

But I didn't care at all. So I left the house around quarter to eleven and arrived at the mall by 11.30 am. Went inside the bookstore and waited for about ten minutes.

Cocok even joked me that they were ALREADY inside the cinema! So I rushed at the escalator, but he later told me that they were at the toy's department of the mall. I was relieved yet annoyed.

So we met there, talked about anything under the sun 'til we got hungry. We ate at Port Cafe and it was all worth it, I tell you, compared to McDo. We ate our sumptuous meal and after that we headed straight sa sinehan. We were quite confused kung anong movie ang papanoorin namin. At that time, Cocok wanted to watch Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat (I'm not sure of the title), then the rest of us initially wanted to watch Halloween. Yeah, after maubos ang convincing powers ko, Cocok eventually gave in, plus he was scolded by the cashier because he or WE are too noisy. Duuh. Malditang Cahera. KJ.

Then the movie started. It was gruesome and I even said to myself na dapat we should haven't watch this. Aynaku. The movie wasn't great at all but who cares?? TREAT naman rin yan ni cocok! After we watch that dreadful movie, we went back to national bookstore and to my surprise, I spotted my other schoolmates in UP and my former batch mates in SMAD.

I saw Francis Atis and Geoffrey together with their classmates in ATENEO.

I saw Keeper, chippy's classmate on our way to the bookstore. I saw Ina inside the bookstore, Ann greeted me at the same bookstore, Carmi saw her fellow classmates at the SAME bookstore and Cocok greeted his two girl classmates outside the bookstore.

But how about Fred? He saw NOTHING. Kawawa. Peace Fred! ^_^

Then, we went outside the mall and guess what?? I saw Bebang Viado! And boy, she was really surprised about my figure! Pumayat raw ako, etc. God! Do I REALLY looked thin? Nah. Stress sa school. That's the primary cause of it.

Then, we went to SMAD, then we took some pictures and yeah, talked to some of my schoolmates. We really enjoyed Cocok's mini-birthday bash. So long that we could not meet again 'til December.

I missed my alma mater already. I missed my old friends already.

And today's my enrollment, finally.

Klase nanaman this Tuesday, and I'm quite anxious about our Chem17 professor. Would it be HE again? Or is it the other one? Ay naku. School could make me sicker than I thought - and I'm a walking matchstick.

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