Saturday, November 03, 2007

When wishes and dreams COLLIDE

When my mom was young, all she wished was to have a happy life despite the early loss of her dad. Her father died when she was only four years old, and that was Christmas. A sad, sad Christmas for her.

When she was a teenager, all she wished was to have a father beside him, cuddling him as her baby girl, but then again, reality strucked her.

A stage of denial.

When my father was young, he dreamed to be a pilot of a military airforce. But his dad wouldn't let him pursue his dream. So he choose another path whom he learned to LOVE as time goes by.

Then they met.

And got married of course.

When I broke out the news about my presence inside my mother's womb, everybody in the house was happy, cheerful and, yeah you've guessed it right, excited. I was gonna be their first born child, and their first grandson on the father side. That was December 1989. And their wish was to have a healthy baby boy.

My parents wished to have a healthy baby boy, but hell, my mom thought that she was about to deliver in a normal way, but because she had a locked pelvic bone, she must be delivered through Cesarean section. I arrived and made a shocking news. I had a cone-shaped head due to my mom's labor stress.

My dad cried and all he wished was to have my head reshaped to a normal one. Thank God, it went to its normal shape.

Everyone in the house took care of me - in an exaggerated and uber way. My grandfather, who was a full-time engineer at that time bought boxes and tons of milk that was recommended by my pediatrician. Little did they know, I was allergic to that milk. In just a snap, he bought another batch of GAIN milk. Gain was an expensive milk (until now). They didn't care if they're spending too much on me, as long as they nurtured and took care of me in an Utopian way, which they all wished.

In my toddler years, I was frequently attacked by my asthma. They all wished that my asthma could be totally eradicated by the doctors. But sad to say, it's too late.

When I was two and a half, I wished to have a baby brother. Then a week after my third birthday, he arrived. He gave joy to me and he erased my loneliness.

When I first stepped in the academic grounds, they wished that I could excel in my academic life. I don't care, but I showed them and proved them right. But sometimes I'm naughty. They sometimes punished me in a "brutal" way, and sometimes they wished that I should be a baby FOREVER. She sometimes wished that I must return to her womb, which is quite impossible.

When I was in my elementary days, I wished to be the number one in the class. But sadly, I didn't made it (kahit highschool =]). I usually landed at the number two or three spot. But I don't recognize myself as a failure. They were all proud to me.

When I was young, I dreamed that my crush would also have a crush on me. What can I do? I'm only human. I was ten. Innocent.

I dreamed to be a commercial airline pilot, an air traffic controller, a doctor or a business man. But I was too young, and I showed inconsistency.

When I was in my last stage of my elementary days, I dreamed to be the class salutatorian or one of the recipients of the special academic awards or one of the honorable awardees. But that was TOO impossible. Instead, I grabbed the merit awardee and that's next to the honorable awardees. That was great.


It was definitely the most memorable stage of my life.

I dreamed to be something else, not just an ordinary teen. I want to be extraordinary. Then, my prowess in music gave the limelight to my fame, partially, well I dunno how to gauge it though. At least, I left an unbeatable mark to everyone's heart and be remembered because of my talent - playing the piano and composing songs.

Again and again, I wished to be the first in the class, but then again, I usually landed the same spot as in elementary - second or third - no more, no less. But, I'm happy with it.

When I was in my junior years, I wished to have a smooth face. My pimple outbreak was the most terrifying moment of my life. It lessened my self-esteem and confidence. Thank God, my face went back to normal. Also, I dreamed that I had a girlfriend, but hell, I didn't made even those "ligawan stuffs". It's not my priority yet.

In that year, I wished to be a successful Chemical Engineer.

During the last stage of my highschool life, I wished to be one of the honorable-mention awardees. But then again, I graduated 7th of the merit awardees (out of 68). I didn't made it to the top ten, but then again, I was happy. Also, I wished that my song for the Mo. Candida Contest will win, and we did, but on the graduation song composition contest, we landed the second place. I cried. My dreams were shattered at that time. A long and controversial story. Past is past, but hell I accepted the fact that I lost three days after. Heehee. Everything went back to normal. Also, I wished to pass the UPCAT entrance exam, and I did! I didn't flunked the most difficult entrance exam!

I wished to study in UP Manila for my college years. But, they were all hesistant. I begged them to send me in Manila, but they just replied a big NO to me. It really hurts. But, what can I do?

Today, I dreamed to have a perfect life in the future, but living in perfection is not as good as always - their should always be a counterpart. Balanced life. Yin-yang life.

I wished my family good health and long life.
I dreamed to have a grade of flat one in at least one subject per semester.
I dreamed to be one of the successful doctors in the Philippines.
i dreamed that I could change the world into a better one.
I wished to have my own HAPPY and LOVING family, like my family.
I wished that in the near future, I can realize the TRUTH about LIFE.

I don't believe that LIFE is UNFAIR.

There are certain things that we should experience and sometimes a LESSON for us.

Life can be tough, but hell, work with it!

Just remember that if we make a wish or dream, we must work for it! And you'll never know, you've already reached the farthest quasar of your life.

Blessings in disguise.


  1. gabrielle4:15 PM

    i enjoyed this. :O

    just remember that when you go through trials and breakthroughs, you will survive. and no matter what, you are destined for greatness. ;]

  2. digoyski4:17 PM

    whewww.., a cliche life.., really!!! i bet 70 % of the teenagers right now felt the same way u did., i myself have been through a lot as well., failures and triumphs,.mistakes which makes us not less of a human.,

    hahaha., being a teenager is actually fun., we burn ourselves to a lot of realizations in life., lols., though its hard being controlled yet its better this way,,

    a lot of youngsters wishes to grow up so fast but when theyre old, they wish they were youth again.., haha..,,
    nyc one! c",)

    looking forward for more emotional outburst., hehehe..,

    ^ayt!!! see yah around.

  3. NIDGE:

    nyahahha.. i just made the crap of this due to boredom.. but me to, i personally liked this post


    ngek.. it's not an emotional burst or something.. ala lang.. it just came out to my head and para maiba nman sa mga previous posts ko.. hahahhaa

  5. joiesheen11:57 PM

    tsk..tsk...nice one! kng teacher nyo lng ang teacher nmin sa AH1 may chance ka sana mka flat one sa one of the 3 major papers na lagi naming ginagawa...hehehe

  6. haahaa.. really?? murag dos lang man ang level ani.. char lang.. wa man gud koy mabuhat sa akong life.. kaya kani.. nakabuhat ug sensible blog post.. tsktsktsk.. ill take that as a compliment =p

  7. dis post is uber cool! sobrang ayos nito renz! haha. and in the same way i can relate to it. tsk3.

    be strong cause this life of ours will eventually get harder. kip me posted dr. renzy! c ya! :)

  8. haahaa.. ur ryt kim.. thank you.. suresure. =p

  9. joiesheen12:05 AM

    hehe "dramatic story" fanatic man gud among teacher...hehe ana jud na... gud luck sa enrollment! humana unta ta ugma ui! kpoi pud bya cge blik2x sa skul...tsk..tsk...

  10. chaka doll. kapoi bya ko ha! human.. mag shopping pa mo ug glasswares,human arte kaayo ang skul kay "strictly PYREX" ang kailngan! hahahaa BLEX!!!