Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sipping A Cup Of Coffee On A February Night

I always told myself that I could stand on my own - that I do not need a partner in life, and that having my family and friends is already enough. I haven't had any serious romantic relationship to someone since birth. Some won't believe this. I myself can't believe that fact too! I am smart (ehem). I am nice (EHEM). And most of all, I am good looking (EHEEEMMMMMM). But kidding aside, I never see myself being with my special someone. Truth be told, I am afraid to be hurt again.

Despite the fact of being single since birth, I've had some 'ligawan' experiences (pardon for that ugly term LOL). But all of them weren't successful - friendzoned in today's language, so to speak. Because of those failed "dream-relationship-in-the-making" process, I grew bitter. I grew hating the month of February. I always hate watching couples being so sweet and mushy especially on public places. If I were as insane as Bane (lol rhyming), I would have killed thousands of couples already. 

February will forever remind me that being friendzoned is the worst feeling ever... next to being slaughtered by your college professors. It's emotionally heavy and I will forever carry it. For me, it's hard to move on even if it happened several years ago.

Okay, I guess it's about time to move on and live a happy life.

Happy single awareness month y'all!