Thursday, July 07, 2011

Strange Past

It will be always really awkward whenever you bumped to a person who used to be your lover. It's been five years. Both of you were young when you first met. It was high school. It all started with a simple tease by your classmates.

Then, the rest was history.

Ironically, you seemed to be uncomfortable with her despite the fact that you didn't have any forms of communications for the past five years. The approach was cold. Very cold. It is as if you don't know her. Apparently she doesn't know you either.

And the cycle of life goes on and on. Both of you started as strangers. Soon, you become friends. Then, the relationship blossomed and both you entered a romantic relationship. Everything went well until something messed up. Both of you fought constantly.

It was a bitter ending.

Five years had passed and once again both of act as if you don't know each other. It was pretty obvious. Both of you can't move on.

Can't move on.

Can't fucking move on.