Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unconditional Love

Don't be angry with me for long, and don't lock me up as punishment.

You have your work, entertainment and friends.

I have only YOU.

Vantage Points

Honestly, I didn’t notice that my last blog entry was three days ago. Apparently, I haven’t noticed it. Lol.

Here goes nothing.

11.08 pm, December 30

I am a little bit anxious of school. It seems like I’m craving for an extended vacation. I still don’t want to return to the cynical world of UP. Ack. And yeah, on the eve of Christmas Day, my Genetics professor gave me 10 (or was it 11?!) readings about the latest technologies in Genetics as well as Molecular Biology. Due to my excitement, I hurriedly downloaded it because I was so keyed up with it. I THOUGHT it was an article from Newsweek or Time or better, NatGeo. Exhilaration abruptly changed to disillusionment when I realized that the readings were actually research papers of doctorate students in States. WTF! Yeah, I can still manage to understand those basic concepts but heck… overall, it was waywardly confusing. Heck, I have already finished encoding my notes in MST 6. Confusion… I am really confused with our exam schedules. Daaaahh, I had just texted my Zoology prof asking if we will have our first long exam this Monday, January 5. WOW. We’ll be starting our new year with a BANG – banging our heads due to confusion. Enough of this trash.

She didn’t reply to me. Ayayay caramba. I just hope she just ran out of credits or she can’t reply to me since I’m a Globe subscriber and she’s a Smart user. Hay naku =/

Okay, two days after Christmas an online buddy posted a link about it. Ever heard of a politician who brutally beat a 56-year old father and his 14-year old son because of simple misunderstanding? Not yet? Well, I doubt you actually didn’t care the news lately. Yeah, I have read Bambee’s blog about it the day after the actual incident. I can see the sincerity and honesty of her entry. First things first..

What’s the motive of Bambee of writing a blog about it? According to n-ASS-er, it was just a hoax and even claimed that the beaten family provoked them first. Bambee didn’t even know you for Christ’s sake. So what? Who cares if you’re the son of the DAR Chief? You’re still human. It only shows that your comportment faultily needs psychoanalysis. You act as if you are the most powerful asshole of the world. If people do not recognize you, is it already a good basis to thrash people? You are dangerously playing with your wits. Do not ever use the name of God as if you’re innocent.

“Ipinagdadasal ko po n asana lumabas ang katotohanan” --> What the FUCK. GO TO HELL n-ASS-er.

Okay so I’m pissed big time with this ass. I don’t know. But I think he didn’t deserve to be respected as a politician or what, after what he had done to those innocent people. Ack! Okay, so I’m ranting even if I’m not affected with this infamous indignity. It made me realize that some people are blinkered – they just assume that if they’re famous, they can do whatever they want even if how sinister it is.

(read the full article here:

The world is indeed fucked up. =|

On the lighter side…

I somehow enjoyed my short break. After like two to three weeks of non-stop brain action, I shoddily need a break.

I do not need to read a certain novel like a bat out of hell.
I do not need to scuttle things.
I do not need to rush meals just to reimburse my sleep scarcity.

Not at all!

This Christmas break, I just need to relax, take a mouthful of air and chill. Oh yeah, this is life. But I shouldn’t stop exercising my brain. Cosseting with mind games like Sudoku and Text Twist is also a good activity. Haha.

Plurk plurk plurk. Once again, I cordially invite you to create an account to this electrifying social-network site. Add me! Hahaha. Mind you, I’m a million times more talkative than in multiply! HAHAHAHA. Plurk isn’t that boring if you have lots of online buddies.


Okay, so it’s been an hour and a half since the first word of this entry. Boy, I haven’t noticed the time. 23 hours and 33 minutes to go before 2009! I really enjoyed 2008. Lots of adventures and realizations in life…

Oh yeah, I just want to add some things in my goals for the year 2009:

  • Publish an article in a local newspaper. I have just read that they’re accepting contributions anywhere, anytime. I just need to email it though, haha.


  • Read the works of Tom Clancy.

That’s it. I think this is going to be my last blog entry for the year 2008, I THINK, uhhhh, yeah.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Dans la Mémoire

Today, we venerate the demise of 229,866 lives brought about by the disparaging and the iniquitous Asian Tsunami four years ago. Let us pray for the souls whose bodies are still missing, until now for their eternal repose.

Let us reflect for the heroes who helped for this tragedy and the people who perished on to this catastrophe.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Of Resolutions and Aspirations

In the year 2009, I will:

Be a good boy to momma and dodda dear. (T__T)

Be a responsible dog owner, well they haven’t took a bath for almost a year already, although I just had injected Ivomek, a drug used to repel unwanted ticks, fleas and parasites.

Explore the deepest realm of Mother Nature.

Enjoy the last year of teenage life. I’m turning 19 this 2009. (T__T)

Read Mitch Albom’s books. Damn, I haven’t read all of his books, except Tuesdays with Morrie

Celebrate when he reached his one-thousandth blog entry in Multiply. Yey. This is the 759th entry. Lol.

Climb Mt. Apo. WAAAAIIIIIT. I don’t have plans to mislay my limbs because of that strenuous climb. Maybe, spending a night at Camp Sabros, Kapatagan, Davao del Sur is enough. I’m already contented on having a breathtaking view of the highest peak of the Philippines. I just hope it won’t explode since Mt. Apo is still active. It’s a dormant volcano, like Mt. Pinatubo.

Learn to appreciate small things. Wait, I’ve been doing that since 2005. Okay, so appreciating smaller minutiae of life is better.

Ride to the longest zipline of the country – Camp Sabros.

Refrain from saying the PI word. Use fuck instead. LOL.

Write something that is sagacious.

Have more adventures this year (hopefully).

Try bungee jumping at Macau (how I wish).

Try not to be vain.. TOOOOOOOOOT. Wait??! Is that for real?! My God.

Just sleep than to cram if I didn’t understand the lesson and tomorrow’s gonna be the exam. Who cares if I’ll fail? It’s my own fault and grades do not make me richer and healthier. Lol.

Be a drug dependent – caffeine.

Connect with my long lost aliens.. ack.. I mean.. friends and classmates from high school.

Compose songs. YEAY.

Study about the principles in photography. Nope, this is just one of the things that allay me from stress aside from piano, music and photomanipulation.

Talk in front of the mirror more often. I’ll just imagine that my imaginary best friends are getting more garrulous than ever.

Download discographies of DJ Tiesto. House-Techno-Trance music is LOVE.

Learn how to play the guitar. Ugh, maybe it will take a decade. My hands only touch the piano. What do your hands touch? (N__N)

Learn how to drive a car. YEY. I have a license but I don’t know how to MOVE a car.

Try not be a beach bum this year, instead, I’m going to be a mountain bum. How’s that huh?

Be more extra careful and vigilant to his personal things.

Desist to something. Wait, I can’t control it.

Try to live in a healthier lifestyle. What is the use of those dumbbells in my room? Wait, those aren’t mine though.

Try to attend Eucharistic celebrations more often. This year, I attended only five Sunday masses. I still believe in God, but sometimes laziness would ponder every Sunday morning.
And hey, sometimes I feel like I’m acting a newborn Atheist. Caramba. (T__T)

Try to grow my stubble for a week. I wonder what I will look with all those clumped black pigments all over my chin and cheeks. Hmm.

Most of all, I will have an undisturbed sleep (14 hours at least) every weekends.


How about you?

What are your goals this 2009? :)


I LIKE THAT ______!
Ooops mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! CLEAR!

Seven Years of Melancholy

Davao City used to be like this during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Bright lights of the sky…
severed hands and heads…
severe asthma attacks…
no breaks for medical and fire personnel
stray bullets…
guttural cries and woes…
Auld Lang Syne…


In the year 2001, the city had transformed into an everlasting tranquility of boredom and wellbeing.

At least we’re getting used to it. It’s been seven years since the last flight of kwitis, whistle bombs and baby rockets. Furthermore, we don’t have to worry on stray bullets and other firecrackers that can cause fire and death. Isn’t that peaceful and lovely? Take note, sparklers aren’t even exempted on the firecracker ban.

Siiigh. Don’t fret; I can still watch some of the spectacular firecracker shows across the country on TV.

7 days to go before the Ox Dynasty! Let's party!
(never-ending guestbook party!)

Image from: RJ Nalunat (
LSS: Turn Back Time - Aqua

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Remake of Disaster

As we all know, some people can’t still get over with the Twilight fever. Admittedly, I was one of them, but in my case, it only lasted for about a month. After reading the last novel, which is the Breaking Dawn, I think it was the end of my Twilight addiction. That’s it. It was a happy ending. I was more excited of Bolt (which unfortunately I didn’t catch this flick on the movie house) and The Day the Earth Stood Still than Twilight. I have watched it and it was a mediocre flick. So much for that formidable vampire madness… I can’t blame Stephenie Meyer for catching the hearts of millions. The fictitious love story of a mortal and an immortal plus the combination of ostentatious adjectives made all the people to swoon and crave for more.

And so the soundtrack became an instant hit. Apparently, everything that is related to Twilight becomes an immediate hit – from shirts, mugs, coloring books (ack!), media advertisements, you name it.

I don’t know if this is true or just a hoax…

Today, while checking my inbox, I was a little bit astonished when ABS-CBN allegedly signed a contract on having Twilight as their newest and upcoming teleserye next year. The idea was indeed a gamble and shooting on various “Forks-like” location means spending a LOT of money. One thing for sure, it had raged and attracted millions of avid Twilight fans. They claimed that it was a bad idea. Personally, I still don’t have a right to judge since the Filipino series hasn’t shown yet. We are not aware of the future. We may not know whether if it would be a hit or not. Who knows, right?

So, where did this abhorrence of Tagalog remake come from?

Apparently, the answer is on the media itself.

There are LOTS of tagalized series or movies that became an instant hit in our country. Anime’s one. The tagalog remake of Princess Sarah was surely a blockbuster hit. Everyone loved that movie. And then different parody movies came and some weren’t happy about this idea. Somehow, the thought of reviving an old movie and transform it into Pinoy style isn’t bad. But what makes it a terrible one is commercialization. Sometimes, they tend to overlook for money and ratings rather than focusing on the quality. It’s a remake, for crying out loud and it should be better than the original, right? Making it better than the original is a tedious task.

Nonetheless, some may also tend to overlook the quality. Just make their love long lasting, with a touch of a spicy antagonist and some alterations of plot is already okay to the general multitude, creating mayhem to others.

The idea of “Takipsilim” is a perilous one. I hope it wouldn’t be that disastrous.

And yeah, if you happen to grumble about the plans of pursuing “Takipsilim” but haven’t watched the movie or worse, haven’t read even the book at all, then it’s better to keep your mouth shut. Peace y’all!

Reviving cadavers is but another story to tell. T_T

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fame is Ostensible: People of the Year Awards

Roar! Oink-oink! 2009 is imminent and I don’t know the natural cry of Ox. But that’s not my concern, for crying out loud.

After the semi-boring revelation of how wonderful my year was, it’s now time to unveil top five people who made their way to eminence in the cyberworld!

As you can see, gaining fame in the cyberworld is relatively easier than in the real world. In reality, you have to get drunk in front of the itchy paparazzi, shave your blond hair ‘til you’re bald without any valid reasons or by not wearing panties in a social gathering just to attract attention. Nah, just kidding! What I’m trying to imply is this: getting the attention of multitude is hard due to emotion. But in the cyber realm, one must not evoke real emotion, for crying out loud. Like for any instances, smileys are good examples. I can put a happy smiley without smiling at all! I can type Lol (laughing out loud) without laughing my ass off. You can evoke anger by typing in all-caps. That’s simple, isn’t it?

So let’s start with the list, a special list of people that made and even meddled their way to fame.


Number Five. Posers and Rippers

Friendster is one of the social network sites that are susceptible to posers. A poser is a person who disguises himself, say as an infamous actor. He may post a primary picture of a certain celebrity and just write something that is superficial and sometimes waywardly fictitious. Some people would think that the celebrity profile is genuine and would even request a meet up or what not. But hey, the information can be easily changed and altered. Sometimes it can be that hard to determine whether if the alleged profile is true or not.

Rippers are different. They just rip one’s artwork and claim it’s their work. Bullcrap is the best word to describe them.

The real deal: I can’t surmise the real agenda of posing as a celebrity. I think this is pure obsession and boy, it is dangerous as hell. You be the judge of a ripper’s subsistence.

Number Four. Harriette the PolSci Freshie

Apparently, she’s just your ordinary freshman who embarked on a new adventure in Diliman until one day, she wrote a blog entry on UP’s official multiply site ( and posted something about the current conditions of the nation and her stand for it. But actually, it created an instant mayhem on that certain blog entry. In just a few hours, it generated more than 600 comments. It is likewise OKAY to express your opinions about the current situation of our country. But I construe her points were off and inane. Hundreds of flaming comments and other ‘curse’ words flooded the page and the entry was somehow republished and began circulating to different social networking and forum sites.

Where can you find her: Her life is at stake since July. Snipers are out there waiting for her. Nonetheless, she underwent series major plastic surgeries just to change her physical features. One thing for sure, her name’s not Harriette anymore. KIDDING! Hahaha.

Number Three. Ekakawaii, UP’s shabby detractor.

Every UPian would surely remember her, at least. My classmate gave me the link of her site (which was already unavailable due to some reasons). The entry was really appalling for she detested UP for these reasons: The comparison of UP and UST’s grading system which she claimed that UP’s not fair and should follow UST’s standard. Also, in another entry, her hatred in UP had grown exponentially for she didn’t pass the application of her admission in the said school. She was really disappointed and even blamed the person in charge to be cruel because she was lambasted on her interview. Take note, she even claimed that she committed flaws in her grammar during the interview. She asserted that grammar isn’t important since she was nervous at that time. Lots of VIOLENT reactions flocked on her entry. Even some Thomasians were aghast by her bigotry. There were some comments who just criticized her grammar. I pity the feeble detractor. She didn’t even know the people she’s facing. After a month, she cancelled her account for good.

Ekakawaii’s motto in life: I wants to be a successful fashion designers and I will never love UP. They’re such a losser. Ooops.

Number Two. Princess Tracy and the Aetas

Ateneo is a Catholic institution and encourages the community to be sensitive to the less fortunate brothers and sisters and thus requires students to attend the immersion program. And here comes Princess Tracy, who keeps on ranting about the untidiness of the indigenous tribe. The primary goal of her entry was sheer derision and cynical entertainment. She thought it was funny and assumed that some of her friends would liked it too. But lo and behold, Spiderpig came and treachery made her way to fame. Funny thing was the infamous Pablo Banila even blogged about his reaction to Princess Tracy’s entry. In a forum, she had made an apology and was still ‘recuperating’ from the ‘trauma’ she had experienced.

What her Psychiatrist said: “She will be forever haunted by those pygmy people. At one time she may be eaten by them. Sometimes, she would dream that she’s already one of them. This rare psychiatric behavior will continue until she’s 90 OR if she’ll develop Alzheimer’s disease. She’ll get used to it and she’ll be fine after three days.”

Number One. Pablo Banila, the man behind the never-ending Guestbook party

One day, you opened your multiply or friendster account. You have decided to view the viewing history. All of the sudden, you were glued on an animated avatar. You waited for the animation to finish. You felt alarmed after reading and realizing the message of the avatar: Pablo Banila has a crush on you, that’s why he viewed your account! Cutenun! Lololol. But wait, you clicked on his site and were stunned by his sheer wit. But you find him weird and have logged out from your network. The next day was worse. You checked your viewing history and you’re shocked upon seeing his infamous avatar, again and this time, they’re five of them.

Pablo Banila indeed became famous because of his guestbook party. People thought he’s a stalker, a virus, or just a psychological experiment. People have read his blogs and somehow noted his insane! Apparently, he’s not harmful. He’s just fond of viewing your site on a daily basis, with different accounts. That’s it. But curiosity reigned on Juan’s subconscious thoughts and decided to search for his true identity. Nonetheless, Pablo Banila was but a fabricated character of the cyberworld.

Pablo Banila or Paolo Bantolo in real life became an instant celebrity. He was featured in numerous blogs and he even made it to the mainstream! He was even interviewed twice or thrice in Philippine Daily Inquirer and there he confessed and clarified his stand. Apparently, the guestbook party was indeed made possible by a program similar to search engine sites like Google. It can open millions of websites in just a few minutes.

Today, the guestbook party had finally receded but the legacy of Pablo Banila still continues up to this time.

President GMA’s reaction on Pablo Banila’s never-ending guestbook party: He’s onehelluvah intelligent motherfucker! I love you Pablo! Lololol. Noh? Hmmm?


These people may have touched fame unintentionally (except of Pablo Banila’s case).

Above all, this serves as an important lesson to us. We should be more careful on posting things in the cyberworld. We never know, the realm of internet in uncontrollable and as of this moment, no country has implemented serious protocols on the internet. Everyone reserves a space and right in the internet.

“Be careful that what you write does not offend anybody or cause problems within the company. The safest approach is to remove all useful information.”

--Scott Adams.

Wait... I think Pablo Banila shares his triumph on to this list. He used to rule the world. Seas would rise if he gave a word. Now in the morning he sleeps alone, and sweeps the street that he used to own.

You know him? It’s me. HAHAHAAHHA. Just kidding guys. :))

So who will be the next five people on the list? Let’s find out on the third week of December, 2009.

Cheers for the wonderful year.
Let’s welcome 2009 with a blast!

State of Fear: A Review

State of Fear is a techno-thriller, science fiction and a dystopian novel created by the late Michael Crichton. The astuteness and relevance of the novel, with respect to the worldwide predicament made its way on top and even received the prestigious American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Journalism Award in the year 2006.

The story focuses on an Eco-terrorist group who wishes to wreak unimaginable havoc by altering some of Mother Nature’s natural climactic pattern just to attest that Global Warming is indeed inevitable, ominous and imminent. Time is precious and unwanted elements should be eliminated, or else it would mean catastrophe and total annihilation not just to the protagonists but also to the billions of lives.

Despite the controversies raised by this novel, I surmised that the greatest threat of the world isn’t just global warming. There are OTHER quandaries that should be given paramount awareness than this ‘global problem’. Ideally, it’s just a work of fiction, but it somehow influenced me to think that global warming is just a theory. I’ve read some Climatology books in the library and claims such as the rise of sea level, the melting of ice caps and the increase of global temperature are just conjectural. Apparently, we are aware that the Carbon Dioxide emission is increasing overtime but change in the atmospheric and land conditions are but in a infinitesimal scale.

So why bother saving the ‘varying’ patterns of Mother Nature if it’s logically vicious? All we have to do is to live harmoniously in our respective milieus but still we should care for our environment. Earth is our only home.

A novel full of action, thrill and suspense…

You should read this!

Once again, I commend Crichton’s second to the last superbly crafted work of literature.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Funky. Groovy. Funky.

And I suddenly want to belt this song on the kara-OW-key *slash* video-OW-key.

…Gotta make a move to a
town that's right for me
Town to keep me movin'
Keep me groovin' with some energy
Well, I talk about it
Talk about it
Talk about it
Talk about it
Talk about, Talk about
Talk about movin
Gotta move on
Gotta move on
Gotta move on…

Reminds me Shrek 2 and Bloomberg. LoooL. Who's fond of watching Bloomberg? I feel like I'm an investor of major Stock Markets of the World like the infamous Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Nikkei 225 of Japan, Strait Times of Singapore and FTSE 100 of London.



Thursday, December 18, 2008

The OX Dynasty: Imminent

To infinity and beyond! Say sayonara to the Pig’s Dynasty. Of course, in a matter of weeks, we will welcome the new dynasty, the Ox Dynasty. Apparently, 2008 was undeniably the best year for me. I don’t have any qualms on it, since lots of adventures occurred on to my life. And I thank God for the fruitful year he had given not just to me but for my family as well.

Let’s start.

January. First month of the year.
Ideally, I continued to ride on with my adventures as a freshman of UP. Second semester was starting to be stressful at this month. It was my first time to flunk in a Bio subject (just the 1st long exam), first time to got more than a hundred percent in an exam and yeah, really enjoyed the first moving exam of Bio 3 Lab. Hahaha. Plans for our first field trip were already finalized, except for the date. Siigh.

February. The month of Love and Chocolates.
I started to get frantic with my PE subject. It’s just sometimes I don’t attend this class and somehow felt that Sir Salazar knew me already due to my excessive absences. Good thing, he didn’t drop me from his course. Lol. And oh, it was somehow excruciating since we just have to grope our weary souls to exams. Just give us a break and will continue after a day or two. Rest is inevitable. Oh yeah, Valentines Day aka Single Awareness Day (SAD) wasn’t sad at all. It’s like Christmas; we exchanged gifts to and from our Valentine buddy. Most of us acquired Chocolates. It was such a sweet day for us. Oh yeah, who couldn’t forget the time when we had our first field trip? It was actually far, Maragusan, Compostela Valley Province. It’s just a one day trip but the traveling time was longer than the actual experience. How ironic. Also, we celebrated the CSM week. Likewise, in our department, we offered free medical checkup, like the blood type determination, fecalysis, urinalysis and the infamous sperm count. Nobody dared to do the sperm count. Jack for a cause. Lol. Three anonymous donors donated their sample. But I think I knew those guys. HMMMMMM.

March. Last month of school. And everything gets more demanding.
Comm 3’s project was fun since I interviewed a professional, which happened to be my aunt. Lol. I learned how to edit sound files in a basic way. Bummer. And yeah, I think in the third week of this month, ABS-CBN launched its latest Big Brother edition, the second season of Teen Edition. Everyone’s glued on to this show since it showcased how teenagers behave. Admit it, almost all teens could relate in this show, somehow, right? And yeah, there are people who chose to continue their future outside our second refuge. Oooh, Jansel and Inna we missed you badly. Who couldn’t forget Neil and Yuri’s decision of transferring to Elbi? Hahaha. ‘twas a melodramatic month for us. Lol.

April. YEBAH. Summer is Love.
After the grueling challenges of school, it’s time to give ourselves a break, a 70-day break that is. This month, I chose to stay home than to attend advanced summer class. Wait, I think my parents chose not to attend the summer class and I just followed them. Crap. I thought summer’s gonna kill me due to boredom. I guess not. I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop. And today, I can feel the importance of Photoshop. I learned how to create themes and a lot of techniques in the said program. Hahaha. Also, I met with my high school friends, met new friends in Mulitply, and Friendster. When I’m home, I’m just in front of my computer and doing some rounds in the web. Apparently, my normal life had just started on the third week of this month. Also, lots of beach parties occurred on this month.

May. Why does May feels like Sunday?
The last month of freedom. So yeah, time flew so fast since I’ve been doing these things everyday. So I opened up my online business. At least, there are some people who admired your taste I digital art. My fascination in photography began on to this month. I thought I would end my summer break in a boring way. So yeah, thanks to Aiai, we embarked in a cool adventure, literally. We invaded the Island in the Sky. I missed this place, also the Epol Falls. It was my first time to see the magnificent clouds just a foot above us accompanied by heavy fog. It was also my first time to swim in the falls. Yehey. It was such a magnificent debut party. Thanks Ai!

June. School again.
So yeah, we just did the same routine, falling in line and waiting for hours just to have your clearances signed. And yeah, we met the centennial batch. Number of enrollees went drastically low due to TOFI. TOFI sucks, right? But hey, it was the month of introductions, aspirations and promises. Hell, promises are meant to be broken.

July. The second month.
It was the month where all first long exams were lined up in my calendar. Heck, I don’t know where or what subject to start with. Imagine, we had four laboratories and everything happens simultaneously. Ideally, it should be a soft start, but no, it was a sudden salutation to hell. Heck, it was my first time to be late in an exam. Exam was 7.00 – 9.00 am but I woke up at around 8.15 am. Damn. When I arrived at school, I only had thirty-five minutes to answer the exam. I didn’t have much time to review the exam. Shit. This was the last month of my seventeenth year of existence. And oh, two days before my birthday, I broke the three thousand grand worth Separatory funnel. God damn it. :P

August. Sweet 18.
Hell yeah, the first day of August was a little bit appalling since I received the result of Chem 31’s first long exam. What a great birthday gift for me. Shit. It was surely cynical. But hey, I really enjoyed my birthday since I also attended Patrice’s debut party and I also met with my high school friends. Had an update with those people though. And yeah, this month, we had our first field trip in Botany. I really enjoyed the beach. The sea was very salty in fact, I floated without the aide of the life-saving thingamajig. Lol. I think, we will return to vanishing island for our Zoology this semester. Also, BS Biology Pep Squad reigned in the annual Dula 2008 in the cheerdance competition. Hurray for Bio! Also, my exercises one and three in Botany got lost without any valid reasons. But hey, Dr. Novero just misplaced it in her work table. Pheew.

September. The most grueling month of the entire first semester.
Somehow, we managed to have another field trip in Botany, and this time, we invaded the mountains, the Eden Nature Park. It has a breathtaking view of the city and it was a nice place, after all. Also, this month was the most tiring since we had to arrange series of mentally degrading activities, such as the take home exam in Physics. Pandemonium. Who couldn’t forget MIKROS? Well, it’s our play in Microbiology. We got a perfect score on it. Kudos to Direk Anj for the successful play. Videos edited by July were stunningly hilarious. Lol.

October. Lost and not found.
Yeah, the month that we have been waiting for. Sembreak! It was the month were we celebrated Anj, Ralph and Mikko’s eighteenth year of subsistence. And yeah, while rounding up with the celebration, I have to mourn to the loss of my beloved personal things, including my beloved cellphone. The hell. It was my fault. Lol. And yeah, semestral break was shorter than last year. We only had three weeks of break. But hey, we still enjoyed our break. It was also the month where Nogy’s office called me and I’m qualified with the scholarship. Thanks Nogy, I had lots of new toys this Christmas. Lol.

November. Start of Something New.
Everything went on a smooth pace and each day turned out to be ordinary and mundane. Inasmuch as the school’s concerned, nothing had changed. It’s still stressful. Yet, I still enjoyed school, thanks to my extraordinary chums. Awwwww. And oh, I have changed my perception on sleeping inside the classroom, thanks to Prof. Escano. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life, but the most astounding event in my stay in UP. Hahaha. So I developed a new technique. Oh yeah, TWILIGHT MADNESS was really.. uhhmmm, yeah, surprising. Almost everyone is aware of the fictitious love story of Bella and Edward. Hahaha. I too became attached with Meyer's works of literature. But the first book is the BEST.

December. Happy Holidays.
Well, things are getting to be dreary, again like in the month of July. But somehow I managed to be on top and the sleepless nights were somehow paid off by the results. Oh yeah, I would never forget the Indak-indak competition of the annual Lantern Parade. Gosh. It’s very embarrassing yet I really enjoyed every detail on it. And we did the traditional exchanging of gifts.

Every moment in life should be cherished no matter how boring it is.

Smile, life is a wonderful story to tell.

Merry Christmas!
May you have a blessed new year everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I just can't STOP

“It’s better if you stay home...”

But I was adamant of joining the “SM” spree. So, while doing some rounds in some shops, I just stared in one shirt and breathed harder just to inhale big amounts of oxygen. My head hurt a little bit as the cold wind blasted to my face. I wore a shirt plus a jacket but I still shivered.

Upon entering Penshoppe, the pallid feeling dissipated for a while when I heard this song, Closer by Neyo. Uh-oh. LSS is crawling towards my feeble stance. At first I didn’t know the title of this song but I often hear this on the radio and to some party houses. The rhythm and melody was very catchy.

Let’s party shall we?

[Verse 1]
Turn the lights off in this place
And she shines just like a star
And I swear I know her face
I just don't know who you areTurn the music up in here
I still hear her loud and clear
Like she's right there in my ear
Telling me that she wants to own me
To control me
Come closer [x3]

And I just can't pull my self away
Under her spell I can't break
I just can't stop [x4]
And i just can't bring myself away
But I don't want to escape
I just can't stop [x4]

[Verse 2]
I can feel her on my skin
I can taste her on my tounge
She's the sweetest taste of sin
The more I get the more I want
She wants to own me
Come closer
She says come closer


Come Closer [x7]
I just can't stop no [x4]


And I just can't pull myself away
Under her spell I can't break
I just can't stop [x5]

Let’s party ‘til you look and run for your Nebuliser machine due to asthma. Over-partying is more appropriate, not over fatigue! :))

On the Verge of Being Sick

I really hate the weather’s inconsistency. It’s killing me! Being an asthmatic is really gruesome, I tell you. I can’t eat shrimps, CRABS, squids, shells and other sea foods except fish and some seaweed. Also, I’m very susceptible to flu most especially if I’m subjected to arduous activities and if my immune system is weak.

And now, I feel sick. My lungs had this mild throbbing pain and I always cough every ten minutes or less. The yellow-green mucus substance is driving its way from my alveoli to the head of my trachea. You know the feeling of it? It’s very itchy. The odd sensation makes my brain to do this peculiar thing: grab my trachea, remove it from my body, wash it with something that could somehow remove the atypical sensation and reinstall it in my body. I know that sounds stupid, but hey, if you’re in my place, you’ll definitely feel my predicament and do the same thing!

It all started yesterday. I don’t know. My brother’s been coughing since Sunday but he didn’t show any weakness. And he’s fond of sneezing

Maybe, I caught this cold from him, or not.

And now, my joints are starting to ache. God damn flu!

Should I blame this to myself? I tend to condone my physical psyche most especially if it’s the dreadful exam period. Sometimes, I skip dinner just to compensate my sleep deprivation.

Or not…

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mar Roxas on The Correspondents

If I didn't know that Mar Roxas is actually my friend in Facebook! Hahaha. Did I invite him or otherwise? The hell we care about it.

The important thing is this: We are all aware of what happened in Makati Last Friday, December 12 during the Anti-Cha-Cha (Charter Change) rally movement. And then, we are actually convinced by SOME points made by the president wannabe, until he said the infamous foul expression of the Philippine multitude. Lots of explosive reactions and comments raged and flooded different forum sites and to his personal Facebook account. Some of which expressed their dismay on Mar’s actions while others showed strong support to him.

I’m inviting you to watch The Correspondents today, 12 midnight after Bandila. Abner Mercado will the host of today’s segment. Let’s wait and hear the side of the Mr. Palengke.

Does his strong act affect his own stance in the 2010 elections? Find out on the latest episode of The Correspondents.

Panig sa Katotohanan, Panig sa Bayan.

Imagine this scenario: What if during the presidential campaign period of USA, Barrack Obama or John McCain will say this?

Mothafuck-ah, I really hate Bush’s administration! You see, all you can hear from him is war, war and war! What an ass!

See? You know what I mean.

Monday, December 15, 2008

They Call Me 'Hell'

Finally, I have found The Ting Tings' perky song, That's Not My Name. I first heard this song last Thursday, from Cha's laptop (or was it Cha who belted this at the Molecular Laboratory??!)

Alright, I think this year's gonna be the longest Christmas break ever - three weeks. I think it was a nice idea to have an earlier Christmas break since I don't want to suffer extreme sleep deprivation and stress. I don't want to be mentally retarded in the near future.

Alright, so the local Lantern Parade was finally through last Friday and of course our Lantern bagged the first place!

But the best part of it was the DOG SHOW, the Indak-indak dance competition.

Spell CRAP. That would be the LAST DRAW. It seemed enough to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the Indak-indak competition. Okay, so I felt embarrassed when I totally forgot my line (The Excellence of UP). HAHAHAHA. I'm not bitter, per se, but I actually enjoyed it! Hahaha. It was my first time to experience the "world-stop-revolving-on-its-own axis" syndrome. Mind you, when that crucial point came, I froze as if the air temperature abruptly dropped to -40 degrees Celsius! The audience however did the same thing. Hahaha. So it's a great idea not to join the Dog Show next year. What's important is the lantern. Hahaha.

So much for that. I was glad that the giving of gifts was successful despite some minor mishaps. Mark, you owe me a story. I don't want to ask Brother A to D since he's dangerous. Ack. I sometimes pity Aiai's nigga brotha. Ooops.

Well, let's leave those unwanted thoughts along.
Let's give those Biology books and readings to Hades, well, just for a while. Hahaha.
Though, two exams will give us a warm welcome when we return to our second abode.

Well, what I'm going to do this three-week break?

Apparently, I have to finish four books namely CATEGORY 7, STATE OF FEAR, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE (Anne Rice), and Tom Clancy's RED RABBIT.

I've been trying to read Red Rabbit since sixth grade but mom told me that it's not a great book. Hell, it would be dreary since it comprises almost a thousand pages. Clancy's style is similar to Ludlum's, like the secret agent who got caught in the middle of political factions and sometimes dodging from the hands of those invisible killers. It reminds me Alias. Haha. Apparently, Ludlum's dead for a long time already. The Sigma Protocol was my favorite Ludlum book. I wonder if I could finish reading more than 2500 pages in just three weeks.

Reading is one of my favorite past times, aside from blogging.

Well, I just have to finish those personalized themes.

And then, I have to learn on how to play Syphon Filter in PSP. Well, it was my favorite game back in the PS one days. Siiigh. I remembered playing it when I was ten and craved for more Syphon Filter series. I've already finished the trilogy in PS One and sometimes I play it over and over again. Hahaha. Good thing, they had it on PSP. Yey. Hurray for me. I think my brother's on the final mission.

Who could have imagined that a left-handed tennis player will outwit some of the renowned world class tennis players like Nadal, Federrer and Grosjean? Hahaha. Well, I'm good on playing tennis at PSP but no, I suck on the REAL tennis game. The court's quite big and it takes at least seven quick strides to reach the end of the court. And yeah, running under the heat of the sun plus swinging the heavy racket is a dreary activity.

So much for that.

The important thing is, school's over and we just need to maximize our time to enjoy the break. I want to spend white christmas with my family. Ooops, scratch colored adjective. We're not in the States, for crying out loud.

Let's just say, Christmas in the Philippines can be compared to a rainbow - colorful, vibrant and flamboyant.

Believe it or not, I haven't attended the traditional Simbang Gabi. I haven't tried eating Putobumbong. I know right, it sucks. But it would be tempting to sleep inside the church most especially if the homily's lackluster. I'll just commit a sin than to worship the Lord in his house. Lol.

Let's celebrate since it's Christmas.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Freedom of Expression, per se...

So I haven’t seen the news recently. Okay, so I’m not totally aware of what’s happening in the world. When I was in grade school, I’m always updated in current events. Today, I already suck at it. I can’t blame it; I’m wholly landlocked with the eternal bliss of internet, psp and the scientific realm of Crichton. Apparently, I fumbled with Kuya Carlos’ latest blog entry ( and it was quite interesting.

Mar Roxas, a presidential aspirant said Putang Ina during the Anti-Charter Change rally in Makati last Friday, December 12, 2008.

(Putang ina is a foul expression of the Philippines and is the equivalent of America’s Mother fucker. Literally speaking, putang ina translates to “your-mother-is-a-whore”)

I thought it was an accident, but upon seeing the video, it was done intentionally. Well, he may sound convincing since he shouted in his speech, even with the use of microphone. You can now only perceive the emotion, and not the message of his speech. Without any doubts, this may somehow affect his stance for the 2010 presidential election. But I cannot blame him since he’s only professing his perspectives of the current administration and for the possible Charter Change.

He used the infamous and strong foul expression just to imply his disappointment on the current administration, the Arroyo Administration.

This is the beauty of the freedom of expression.
This is Democracy.
This is the REALITY.

So guys, what you think?? :)

Another Kind of Stress

Sometimes, it’s great to be frazzled on things that you REALLY REALLY like than those things, daunting things to be exact that you always curse for its existence.

Isn’t that great when you do the former and knows that there’s actually a long time for sleep just to compensate the other kind of stress? Well actually, it’s not stressful anymore, it’s pleasure.

Two Flicks in One Day

Well, I just watched The Day the Earth Stood Still at SM was a bit surprised for the new rate - 80 pesos for a regular movie and 85 pesos for a blockbuster movie. WTH. But anyhow, it was really great. Also, we bought a DVD copy of Wall E, one of Pixar's greatest animated movie of all time, next to Finding Nemo and Toy Story.

These are my reviews for the two movies.

The Day The Earth Stood Still
Category: Movies
Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy

This is my favorite sci-fi movie this year.

A remake of the 1951 classic sci-fi film about an alien visitor and his giant robot counterpart who visit Earth, director Scott Derrickson leads us to the present day Earth with an impending alien invasion. Nope, it’s not an ordinary alien invasion, where extraterrestrial beings will just fire those civilians and destroy the human race; it’s the other way around! Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) was sent to Earth from a nearby planet to warn the humanity of a looming attack of his own kind, an attack that actually saves planet Earth from the destructions brought about by human activities in a way that made the world’s biodiversity to be at stake. There is nothing that humans can do except to endure the consequences. The invasion is actually helping the other living organisms and preserves them for future. Likewise, Astrobiologist Dr. Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly) together with his son Jacob Benson (Jaden Smith) embarks on an adventure with Klaatu (Reeves) that would make their lives change.

The acting was good and effective, as well as the visual and sound effects and the musical score of the movie. This flick is a unique one since the invasion has a good reason behind it. It only shows that humans are already unaware with its environment yet we’re still not ready to face the consequences due to our recklessness in our environment. I also liked this movie since it encompasses the reality of life – there are some things that are truly impossible. Life is always fair but with have to face such series of predicaments in life. Humans are unwary for their demise in the near future.

Movie houses are becoming more expensive (80 pesos) and I even lost my handkerchief inside the movie house. But that’s okay, the splendor of the movie compensates the money and the lost hanky. Hahahaha.


Wall E
Category: Movies
Genre: Animation

This is the finest Pixar’s animated movie since Finding Nemo and Toy Story. The story is set for more than 800 years from our time and concentrates with the main character, Wall E, a cleaning robot that does nothing but to gather chunks of debris and clunks it to a cube. Humans at this time are confined in Axiom, an artificial environment in the outer space where people’s lifestyles are very dependent in to robots. Then one day, they send a robot, Eve to search for a plant which is a significant sign that the Earth is already sustainable and livable.

The animated movie was skillfully done and it was really touching. I didn’t know that robots have feelings too. I know it sounds ridiculous, but apparently what the movie wants to convey us is simple yet profound: One reserve a right to start right from the scratch. Even on top of the action, the emotion, the visuals and the humor, Wall-E goes the extra mile into thought-provoking thematic territory. The robotic lines are quite vague, but I guess it was done in purpose to add the sense of mystery, helplessness and alienation that most of the characters in the movie feel to some degree. Most of the humans in Wall-E aren't as developed as the robots, but I think that's because they subsist more to embody the whole of humankind rather than particular persons.

The love between Eve and Wall E was strikingly amazing. I mean, even if they’re robots, I was touched by their simple yet unconditional love. Wall-E and Eve share moments together of real cinematic splendor, true joviality, startling melancholy, maddening obscurity and pleasant contentment. It is a testament to the level of brilliance at which the Pixar storytellers are operating that we feel every beat of this relationship reverberate every step of the way despite the fact that the characters are robots and are not modeled off from humans and speak no more than a handful of words throughout the movie.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Whatever Yaya

You guys are really fantastic, really.

This Christmas, I shall give you an essential gift: the thickest and latest edition of Webster’s Dictionary. You guys will surely love it, and I bet you’ll learn a LOT of things from my gift. Enough of this cynicism because I’m sick and tired of it… but I can’t state this in a clear-cut manner, it’s a matter of choice whether to contemplate with this entry, or not, the hell I care.

What’s the use of promoting the spirit of amity, sportsmanship and camaraderie where in fact you’re committee can’t consign with these certainties? Trust plays a decisive role in this circumstance. It’s more expensive than the largest diamond of the world. You’re promoting to have a diplomatic event and yet you’re the catalyst of the superfluous hostilities. It’s like endorsing your most hated products here in earth. Sometimes, winning is not directly associated with success and triumph. Sometimes, you need to experience the bittersweet downfall in order to taste the real essence of life. Funny thing was you want all things to be smooth and simple. You do whatever it takes to be on top, and you don’t care whether if it’s still permissible or not. You do those secret connivances with those treacherous people whom we have trusted since day one. You’re such a coward. You’re afraid to face the realm of Queen Demise.

All of the efforts, sacrifices and sweat aren’t worth it at all, thanks to your fantastic evil plans. Who cares if you won millions of gold awards? Well, we do actually care if it’s gained through hard work and perseverance; otherwise, it would raise one’s eyebrow. It was indeed a waste of time and very appalling.

Indeed, they’re so fantastic. Those guys deserve to have a statue with their bitter faces. Eat your shorts, smarty pants.

What a paradox.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

now it's over now..

How about a round of applause...
Standing ovation...

We deserved it. Exams are finally through. Friday’s gonna be our annual Lantern Parade. For the first time in history, it will be held outside the main campus (which is in downtown). We’re going to rock People’s Park! Rock on!

Christmas break is looming so I guess I should be doing these:

Read lots and lots of books. Today’s the Yuletide season, so I’m hoping for another grand sale in National Bookstore. I’m craving for those sci-fi books and other works of Haruki Murakami. I also want to read Tom Clancy’s Red Rabbit and Philippe Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl.

Create themes for multiply. Of course.

Sleep. I badly need this.

Ah great, speaking of Christmas, I still haven’t bought a gift to my manito. Apparently, choosing gifts for men are more difficult and challenging compared to women. Drat. I guess, last minute shopping would be the latest trend in malls nationwide.

I only slept for two hours and just took a nap for three hours when I went home this afternoon. The annual celebration of Deviance was a bit shocking since it was my first time to watch it. I haven’t seen it last year. I’ll just narrate my views about the show later. All I want to do is to have a complete 12-hour sleep.

Power naps/sleeps will just give me a terrible headache.

Monday, December 08, 2008

There's always a point..

Well, according to the evening news, Philippines experienced zero-crime rate from 11am to 4pm. The reason? People were glued into the much feted fight of Pacquiao and dela Hoya.

And as if the earth stopped revolving on its own axis for five hours.

And a commentator of a radio claimed: High officials of the Philippines went to States to support the People’s Champ. And thus, they had used the People’s Money for their hotel accommodation and airline tickets.

And then, he added this statement: People will demand of a course that is related with boxing – and the chancellor for this department will be Rolando Navarette.

One of the jokes in the world that can raise one’s eyebrow…

I think the commentator’s life is at stake. Ay caramba!

I had enough of this worldwide crap. Sheeeesh.

I can’t imagine if Pacquiao and other boxing celebrities will invade the top gaming consoles of this planet. Ack.

After Dark - Haruki Murakami

After Dark is Haruki Murakami's much celebrated novel of the world. The story is broken down in small chapters of varying length. An added element of interest—and perhaps a post-modern reference—is the fact that the book has a 'real-time' timeline, beginning at the early hours of the night.

The book is truly an ensemble piece. Alienation, a recurring motif in the works of Murakami, is the central theme in this novel set in metropolitan Tokyo (though this is not explicitly stated) over the course of one night. Main characters include Mari, a 19-year-old student, who is spending the night reading in a Denny's. There she meets Takahashi, a trombone-playing student who loves Curtis Fuller's "Five Spot After Dark" song on Blues-ette; Takahashi knows Mari's sister Eri and insists that the group of them have hung out before. Meanwhile, Eri is being watched in her sleep by someone sinister. Eri also suffers from social withdrawal, a condition often referred to as hikikomori.

Mari crosses ways with a retired female wrestler, now working as a manager in a love hotel (whom Takahashi knows and referred to Mari), a Chinese prostitute who has been beaten and stripped of everything in this same love hotel, and a sadistic computer expert.

The story takes place in a world between reality and dream.

While reading the book, I thought some of the chapters didn't make sense. But no. As you go deeper with this book, you will sense something unusual - a feeling of surrealism, realizations and enlightenment. This is the most "modern" novel that I've ever read. I love the camera view point in some chapters of the book. Also, it presents that the world is a profound place and everything happens simultaneously. Such events don't choose an appropriate time - a spontaneous activity.

The surrealistic approach of this novel prevents me to skip chapters (I rarely do this thing though).

If you're utterly bored, grab this book. I recommend to read every words of this novel. It's only 244 pages and even if you're a slow reader, you'll finish this in less than 48 hours. You'll be immersed with this book once you started flipping from the first place. You'll end up craving for more of Murakami's work.

I want to read After Quake. Salamat Joie.


Jeannine’s eighteenth birthday bash was a blast. It was really amazing. I thought it was just an ordinary debut with all those formal dances, dedications, compliments, tears and claps. But no, it was definitely stunning. Aside from meeting with my old friends in high school, I also get the chance to try some drinks since it was a bar-inspired debut. The DJ was really great. We partied all night long and took numerous pictures. Yeah, it sucks when my battery went to its coma state. I forgot to bring my charger. Drat. But anyway, I’ll just grab some photos from my friends. Oooh, I missed them so much.

  • I had this quaint opportunity to talk with Cedric, one of my closest friends in high school. As usual, he didn’t change. Always a joker.
  • And oh, I had this rare chance to interview Stephanie, aka Chinchin. Among the 204 students of our batch, she’s the only one to pursue one year of schooling outside the country! She’s an AFS student and resided in Germany for almost one year. She even stated that life in Germany is totally different from our native land. It’s just like every December suicidal rates are always alarmingly high since the environment is always gloomy and gray. She’s now fluent in German. It was truly amazing.
  • I missed everyone. It seems like my high school experience wasn't that worth it. Four worthwhile years or more to some. Hahahaha.
  • Circle of 4 was complete: yours truly, Cedric, Beatrice and Gillian

And yeah, I thought Bailey’s drink was delicious. But no, it tasted awful. I’m not fond of drinking alcoholic drinks. I opt to drown myself in coffee and coke than in beer and heavy wine. Good thing, fruit shakes were available. I love fresh watermelon shakes. The party was indeed astounding. Hahahaha. Once again, happy eighteenth birthday, Jeannine.

And oh. Whatdafuck. We still have a class tomorrow.

Ack. Tomorrow’s the feast of Immaculate Conception.
Double ack, we’re not a Catholic School.
Triple ack, tomorrow’s gonna be the season finale of the Amazing Race 13. Nick and Starr, for the wiiiiiiiiiiin! Hahaha.

I’ll just be an hour late for our NSTP. Naks. Pasaway. Hope that Sir Palomaria will not be around tomorrow morning.

Oh yeah, back to reality. I still have two more exams this Tuesday and Wednesday. The coverage for these two long shouldn't be taken as a joke. Another sleepless nights again to endure with.

I’m looking forward with the lantern parade. Yeehah!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Okay, so I'm quite confident that millions of people are glued to the much awaited fight of Pacquiao and dela Hoya. So what, the hell I care about it. I ain't a big fan of boxing, though my uncle and grandpa's an addict with this sport. Heck, personally, I don't consider this as a sport. Why? It's like a derby cock fight, that is, instead of those black and colorful feathered creatures inside the ring, the lives of the two human beings are at stake. Yeah, they're oriented by the dangers of this sport but I guess, fame and money pays everything.

Last night was I think Kim's aka Chippy's memorable birthday. While celebrating her eighteenth birthday (we were at her room, talking anything under the sun), her father ran inside the house and told us the bad news: Somebody was hit and ran by a taxi. Poor fella, he was lying in the ground and was knocked off almost three meters from his original location and position. We called the 911, of course. And then, bystanders/onlookers began to flock the area. Good thing, the middle-aged fella was conscious and blood was pouring from his scraped eyebrow. Blood was also present in the concrete highway.

Usisero much.

Alright, I'll just want to greet two people.

HAPPY 6th birthday Maverick Ralph - my cousin.
HAPPY 18th brithday Jeannine Anjelica - one of my closest friends in high school.

Shall I go to the last week of Biolympics? It's just ten minutes away from my lola's crib. It's in Ateneo High. Lol. Whatever. I still have tons of thigs to do.

BTW, If you're bored, try reading Haruki Murakami's After Dark. I started reading that yesterday and I'm almost through with it. 30 pages to go...

Linkin Park's MV for Leave Out All the Rest reminds me of my favorite sci-fi flick, SUNSHINE.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Flimsy One

Okay, so I’m here at the mall, waiting for five thirty. Uggghhh. I just can’t help it. You know what? I consider NBS as my second home. Hahaha. It’s just it’s one of the places that I can waste my time in a positive way. I had this quaint opportunity to read those opened books. Talking about free reading…

Okay, So I hate NBS right now. It always ruins my savings account. Blame it for the expensive books. Ack. I just recently brought Michael Crichton’s second to the last novel, State of Fear. This novel is all about global warming, and other environmental issues that had the capabilities to reshape planet earth. Now that would equate to mass destruction. I opt to buy State of Fear than Fairyland since NBS had only one copy left of the former. Dang. If I didn’t buy it, I would always feel culpable for not purchasing Michael Crichton’s wonderful novel. Oh well, I had this great passion when it comes to sci-fi books. I opt to buy an expensive sci-fi novel than on denims and shirts. I saw the 2009 Guinness Book of Records and I read it cover to cover in just thirty minutes. I don’t have a choice. I saw someone reading the yellow-green heavy book. It’s not cover with plastic. Lol. Amazing!

And yeah, because of that yellow-green book, I just found out that Planet Mars has a big frozen lake in one of its unnamed craters. The ice reservoir is quite big and only a biological catalyst has the power to introduce life in this barren planet.

I don’t know what to do next. After Dark’s with me. I’ll just find a comfortable place in this mall. I hate waiting and strolling inside the mall with my backpack.

And kung sino man ang nakabunot sa akin, I want a book. I don’t care if it’s a second hand book, as long as it belongs to the sci-fi category. Non fiction novels about science are also great. But no, any form of gifts is fine to me. I’m flexible and I’m not choosy. Don’t worry!

Nonetheless, what’s important is this: It comes from your heart.

Cheers and Ciao.

Writing Unwinds my Dreary Soul

It’s threey in the morning and I know mom will be infuriated later this day when she’ll wake me up at around nine in the morning. It’s going to be a looong day for me. I missed this kind of lifestyle, sleeping late without any worries in the field of academics particularly in Biology. All I have to do right now is to relax, take a deep breath and just cram this Monday. Reading the blog of others is one of my hobbies in thae net, aside from making my own entries. Heck, school is enjoyable most especially if you’re together with your friends who shares commonalities in qualms and joys. Double heck, I don’t like exam week. It makes me feel that tomorrow’s gonna be the “Apolcalypto” day. It’s just like I’ve been racing through journals and books, as if the libraries and bookstores will end its glorious existence on this doomed planet after twenty-four hours.


A few minutes ago, I suddenly craved for French fries. I looked up in the freezer and saw nothing but frozen meat and ice. Ack, mom’s not fond of purchasing fries in the grocery. And suddenly, my brilliant mind flashed a blinding thought, thanks to my ultra-bright 5000 megawatt thinking bulb. I rummaged the interior space of the ref and saw one lone potato. Ooops, I almost forgot. Mom used at least three to four potatoes for her spare ribs. Man that was great. I had a lip smacking dinner. Anyway, I peeled the lone potato and took me almost 45 minutes to accomplish that simple task. Yeah I know. I suck when it comes to cooking. I don’t have a talent for it, except for hotdogs, eggs, pancakes, and pancit canton. Ack. So yeah, I just poured ample amounts of cooking oil, set the stove on fire with the pan on top (of course) for about ten minutes and listened to Enya.

Then, I cooked ala-Hell’s kitchen style. The crackling sound of the oil and potato complements my mood. I tried the potato slices to be as thin as possible. It was great. Though I almost forgot that frying potatoes were a bit smoky…So after five minutes, I declared the National Fog day since the house went to zero visibility! Virtually, I can’t see anything, until the smoke had dissipated. But yeah, above all, my superb cooking skills were gleaming, so gleaming that my system wants to eat more fried potatoes. Potato scarcity is the latest trend in our kitchen today.

And my iTunes player shuffles its way to Runaway by The Corrs. Dang, where the hell are you guys? I miss you so much. I’m craving for your music.

Oh yeah, what’s the hype of having wish lists on blog entries? Well, I’ll just post something since it’s the Yuletide season. Some of it may be insubordinately impossible, but heck, that’s the fun part! If one is motivated, the impossible would surely evolve into a new form, which is possible. Evolutionary Etymology…

Here’s the “unofficial official” wishlist of Renzy:

1) Compaq Presario C700. They promised for it and I can wait for this precious thing.

2) A black Sony PSP Slim. I can play Virtual Tennis All day long.

3) A ten-thousand-bucks worth of shopping spree at National Bookstore. Why not? This afternoon, I just went to National Bookstore and found numerous novels. If only I have lots of money, I would have shopped for Tom Clancy, Anne Rice and Robert Ludlum’s novels. Acccckkkk. I just read the first 15 pages of Anne Rice infamous novel, Interview with a Vampire. Crap. I should be sneaky when it comes to that prohibited thing. Wait, I didn’t see any warning signs about free reading.

4) Round trip Tickets and Pocket Money to Macau. Shit. I want to experience the highest bungee jumping in the world. I’m not afraid of heights. The higher, the better. And yeah, Macau is more beautiful than Hongkong since the former boasted some Portuguese-inspired buildings which were built back in the 1700s.

5) Any highly-acclaimed books of Genetics and Molecular Biology. Hard-bound is better. I’m fine with the LPE version as long as the paper’s glossy and it’s colored. It motivates me to appreciate more on to the realm of Genetics and Molecular Biology.

6) A free ticket to any upcoming Coldplay or The Killers gig/concert. I am absolutely a DIE-HARD FAN OF THEM. Period.

7) Unlimited supply of Pilot Gtec C3: Black, Red and Blue and Stabilo highlighter orange and pink. Why not?! I’ve been using these school essentials since fourth grade.

8) Any Digital SLR cam. It’s the skill that matters most.

9) SE P1i. And hope that it’ll not get lost. I should be more careful with my things and more sentient with my environment right now. I still mourn for the loss of my N73. :( Drama.

10) One month stay in Iceland (during July) or in Chatham Island, New Zealand (in December). I just want to experience the 11pm sunset, or better, the midnight sun. These two are great places to visit.

Ten things aren’t enough but I think if I proceed with the eleventh ‘til the nth power, it would still be dreary and sometimes thoughts that spill out from my brain are becoming superfluous.

I still have two birthdays to attend. This 5pm would be rather a simple 18th birthday celebration Krista aka Chipmunk. By 8pm, I should attend Jeannine’s dance number for her lavish debut party on the following day. Too bad, it seems that attending the last week of Biolympics would be implausible. On the brighter side (ding!) I still have two more Biolympics left, and hopefully the controversies would be lessened. C’mon guys, let’s show the spirit of Camaraderie. Winning is only a title, for crying out loud. What matters most is the games and other events are played and judged fair and square.

I think this is the longest sabaw entry in the English Category. I haven’t tried to blog on my native tongue, which is Visayan. But heck, I’m not that fluent when it comes to those deep visayan words. Yes, I can speak and write fluently, though the spelling part would be a total disaster. But I will try to write a short entry by using the infamous dialect. I know some people wouldn’t understand it. But heck, Visayan is a very influential dialect. Words like kawatan (thief), tanan (all; the multitude) are now accepted in the Tagalog language.

See? I told you. I’m becoming superfluous again.

It’s almost 3 in the morning. I need to sleep. Two more exams left before the geek’s emancipation. Yeehah!

I enjoyed the sheer sarcasm of this entry. LOL.

I’ll see you around guys. Have a nice day. :)

Daunting Atenean: Her Epic Story

Ateneo is an institution ran by Jesuits.

It's one of the most prestigious universities here in our country. Likewise, I personally knew some people who graduated in Ateneo that had a good demeanor and admirable academic records. In fact, some famous celebrities are graduates from this institution. I have nothing against with university per se, but I just find this very intriguing. A student blabbered something appalling about one of our forefathers, the Aetas after her retreat or recollection (I think it was a religious activity) in Pampanga.

Since it was “well written” on her Facebook account, I can’t read it since she’s not my friend (and I don’t have plans on adding her to my account, for the sake of Hitler’s ass)! Thanks to Mario Geronimo for posting these five controversial pictures depicting the actual blog entry of this poor Atenean…


I pity this girl. It’s just she doesn’t know how it feels to live in a different way of life. She even didn’t give even the most minuscule respect to those Aetas. I mean, if she wants to rant how smelly they are, or how ragged their clothes and faces are, she should have kept it within herself, and not rant about it in the cyberweb. Indeed, she made her choice, published her infamous entry and poof, she became an instant celebrity.

I’m quite awed by the existence of this kind of personality. Tsktsk.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Movie Review: Eagle Eye

Genre: Action & Adventure

Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan)
embarks on an atypical journey that they will never forget for the rest of their lives. Armed with only nothing, they had to follow the mysterious voice’s command or else they’ll suffer unscrupulous and irrevocable consequences.

I vacillated to watch this movie in the cinema since I thought this is just an ordinary action movie. And I already knew Shia since he’s the lead actor of the infamous Nickelodeon series Even Stevens. Since Disturbia, he had played numerous matured roles and I think he acted well in those movies, including Transformers. I’m not an avid fan of action movies, but this has to be the best action movie of the year! I know the technology smart computers that can detect even the most minuscule details of your life would be implausible as of this year, but it can be possible. Right now, the US government had devised a secret mission to track phone calls from different people. In this way, they can track terrorist lurking in their country.

But privacy plays a vital role in this movie.

Special effects as well as the sound effects in this movie were stunningly great and I can’t imagine those crushed cars in the highway. Technologies in this movie were also great. The plot didn’t bore me to death.

This flick is highly recommended to action movie enthusiasts. Even if I’m not a fan of this kind of genre, I still enjoyed this movie, A LOT.

Five stars for this flick.

Scrooge Junior

Christmas is imminent and children as well as the elders start to belt there famous Christmas songs every night. Talking about the traditional culture of Christmas Caroling. Lol.

But no, I’m starting to feel Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ infamous novel, A Christmas Carol. I easily get irritated whenever I hear those joyful (but sometimes, it can be waywardly raucous) chants from children and sometimes from the elders. Apparently, I opt to give scraps of coins to the elders than to those mischievous children.

I can’t blame myself if I’m acting like Scrooge. It’s just like the spirit of caroling is very different compared to the decade when I was still young (mid-90’s). I can still sense the spirit of Christmas since my contemporaries are bound to be more serious than today’s generation. Sometimes, it can be infuriating when they sing this chant after you give some coins: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ANG BABARAT NINYO, THANK YOU! It’s insulting. I mean, they’re acting like mongrels from outer space.

Today, I opt not to open the doors whenever I hear the distant wails and chants of the mongrels. Oops.

Baaaah, Humbug!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Makeso at Makrema

Millions of adjectives aren’t enough to describe her beautiful existence.

Shet ang cheesy ko.


I was quite pissed with our DSL connection. Crap. Well anyways, the important thing is, I’m done with my Bio 150 assignment.

Three days with no internet connection wasn’t a big deal to me since I was very busy in our band practice, Jeannine’s debut dance practice and all those assignments and lab reports in school.

Last Saturday I and mom decided to watch Twilight at SM. Apparently, I just bought an outfit for Jeannine’s debut. So yeah, we ate at Mcdo. I only ate BigMac as my dinner. Yeah right, I can endure a meal with no rice. Pfft. I expected that a LOT of people will watch the much-awaited flick. BUT I DIDN’T EXPECT THAT THE LINE INSIDE THE CINEMA WOULD BE THAT LONG. Shoot. But we were able to find a seat inside the cinema, thank God.

Yeah, the book is BETTER than the movie. But hey, I enjoyed the movie. People inside the movie house, particularly the girls and girlaloos screamed the moment Rob Pattinson appeared in the movie. And have you seen Stephenie Meyer in the movie? That was quite interesting. And oh! Jasper is..uhhhhmmm.. WEIRD. And oh! I really love Alice, most especially the baseball scene. It seemed that she incorporated the art of ballet in baseball. How about Carlisle? He’s so white plus he wore the ultra-white lab gown. Some avid readers of the saga were disappointed by the movie since some details were missing. But heck, I can’t blame it since two hours isn’t enough. I would give 4.5 out of five stars as my rating. I should have written this in my review page but I guess my blog section badly needs an update. Lol.

Sunday was the dreariest days of my life, as of this year. I had to cheer, shout for the players and dance for Jeannine’s debut. Imagine, we have to dance Uptown Girl next week! Crap. But heck, I enjoyed the dance despite some minor clashes from my classmates and the choreographer. Heck. And yeah, despite the inconsistency of Biolympics, we still managed to push through with the event, which is the Battle of the Bands. Great. Anyhow, we also had the modern dance competition. Ateneo’s entry was very astounding. Super! I really love the Disturbia part!

Well, I hope my song composition entitled Solace will bag the first place. Too bad, I can’t watch the MTV Spoof, Mr. and Ms. ADBM and the awarding of prizes.

Oh yeah, to all TAR (The Amazing Race) fans out there, next week’s gonna be the season finale! WOOHOOO! Hope Nick and Starr will win the million dollars. YEEHAH!

Great! Genetics First Long Exam this Thursday. I have to study. =|