Thursday, September 20, 2007

Walang Personalan! =p

Use CONTEMPLATE in a sentence

La Salle: Our president should comtemplate more in improving the lives of Filipinos.
Ateneo: We must contemplate profoundly the true meaning of being a Christian.
AMA: Nagpunta ko sa party ang daming pagkain kaya lang contim plate

Paboritong drinks ng mga Kolehiyala

DLSU: Chilled Bottled Frappuccino lang
Ateneo: Drizzling _Mocha slush
AMA: magsusuntukan muna dahil sa pustahan sa ICE TUBIG!!!! nyehehehe

Coffee Hangouts ng mga Kolehiyala

DLSU: Starbuck syempre!
Ateneo: always Seattle's Best!
AMA: kopiko at isang basong tubig sa Lawton...

School Acronyms

DLSU - Di Lusot Sa UP
PSBA - Philippine School Beside Ateneo
FEATI - Filipino Estudyante Aral Tabing Ilog
PLM - Pamantasan sa Likod ng Mapua
PMI - Pamantasan Malapit sa Ilog

Reaskyon ng mga School kapag nakakita ng seksi!

ATENEO - Wow! She's so gorgeous!
UA&P - Let's date tonight!
UP - Ganda nya paaaare!
ADAMSON - Shet! Chicks!
AMA - Hoy! Mas maganda pa si Jolina! Beeeeeeeeeeh

Mahirap University

Sa UP, mahirap ang Math.
Sa Ateneo, mahirap ang English.
Sa La Salle, mahirap ang parking.
Sa Assumption, mahirap ang walang pera.
Sa UST, mahirap umuwi kapag baha.
Sa St. Scho, mahirap sumakay sa LRT
Sa San Beda, mahirap maging lalaki.


Ateneo- secret
La salle- sure
UST- rexona
UP- babes
NU- splash deowhitener
PUP- tawas
AMA- dinidikdik na stork, sing lamig pero di sing mahal

How do you know?

In a grand ballroom party conducted by the Philippine Society of Colleges and Universities, the Chairman of the Board got curious in knowing what particular schools attended the big celebration. So he checked out the house where it was all happening. Guess who he found out and where he found them?

* UP Diliman - everybody was lined up to the attic to have a fraternity ritual
* UP Los Banos - they were in the garden mowing the lawn
* UP Manila - they were into "drugs"
* Ateneo - they were inside the TV room with a microphone chanting the "BLUE EAGLE" spelling
* La Salle - they were eavesdropping
* San Beda - some were beside the Ateneans while others were at the bedroom with some Paulinians
* St. Paul - they thought they were with the Ateneans
* La Consolacion - they wanted to be the Paulinians
* Holy Spirit - they want the Paulinians
* Miriam - they were beside the room of the Ateneans . . . like always
* Assumption - they were inside the bathroom three hours already since arriving
* St. Scholastica - they were next in line with the bathroom
* CEU - some were doing the dishes while others were busy with the laundry
* St. Louis - they were in front of the air condition
* UE - they don't know what's air condition
* UST - they were everywhere
* FEU - they were nowhere
* MLQU - sob! they were not invited
* San Sebastian - How the hell did they pass by security?
* Letran - the Security
* Mapua - they were fixing the leak in the roof
* TIP - they were the ones who created the leak
* NU - they were outside the house selling cigarettes
* JRC - they were the ones buying
* Adamson - went to Luneta instead
* Sta. Isabel - they were Adamson's dates
* CRC - what the hell is this party for?
* PSBA - what the hell is CRC?
* NCBA - what the hell is PSBA?


UA&P- pharmaton
Ateneo- rogin-e
La Salle- centrum
UST- clusivol
AMA- star rice

How do you know students by smell?

DLSU: Polo
ADMU: Hugo Boss
San Beda: Banana Republic
UP: Penshoppe
UE: Bench
Adamson: Axe
PUP: Downy
AMA: Lysol

Favorite looney tune character of colleges

DLSU: taz
ADMU: bugs bunny
UP: sylvester
UST: tweety
FEU: porky pig
AMA: Marvin... and Jolina

Reaksyon ng mga estudyante kapag nakakita ng prostitute

UP: bayaran!
DLSU: flirt!
ADMU: loose!
San Beda: how much?
PWU: hi classmate
FEU: hi suki!

School's reaction when flooded

La Salle: Oh my God its baha!
Ateneo: #### its flooded again!
UST: Tangina, baha na naman!
UP: Puta pare baha!
PUP: Tara ligo tayo!

Reaction upon loss of a wallet

DLSU: Lost my credit cards!
ATENEO: Lost 10 grand!
UST: Lost my Cartier wallet!
UP: Lost my driver's license, too!
AMA: Ay! Nasama yung picture ni Jolina!

Nang dahil sa magic mirror

may isang magic mirror, at tatlong estudyante from UP, Ateneo at La Salle. Kung sino man ang magsinungaling sa harap ng magic mirror ay magvavanish.

UP: I think i am the smartest student in the Philippines
At bigla siyang naglaho
Ateneo: I think i am the richest student in the Philippines.
At bigla siyang naglaho
La Salle: I think..
at bigla siyang naglaho...

hahaha (peace!)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

ponder with me!

And I really don't know If I'm still normal or what. Well, it's because I do have irregular sleeps for the last three weeks. But hell, being a Biology major student, I must have a perfect time management.

Grades are still on an above-average to average median. Shoot. Dreaming of a flat one grade is possible, if I'm trapped in a book-locked room. As of now, I'm happy if it's a 1.5 to 2.0. As long as it's not lower than 2.5, that's totally OKAY. Currently, I'm still adjusting - by means of the demanding and the hectic schedule and life as a college student in the country's premier university.

And I do hope I could still manage to be at least in the honor roll for this semester. Haaaayyy =)

Life is unfair, I must deal with it ALWAYS.