Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Stir of Professionalism

On a small gathering…

Neanderthal: Uy, college na pala anak mo? Saan and anong course? Nursing ang kinuha niya no?
Homo Sapien: Hindi nursing kinuha ng anak ko. BS Bio, sa UP.
Neanderthal: Wow UP. Pero bakit Bio ang kinuha niya? Nag Nursing nalang sana siya.
Homo Sapien: Mag memed siya ehh and ayaw niya talaga ng Nursing.
Neaderthal: Naku, kung di siya magmemed, baka teacher LANG ang bagsak niya.
Homo Sapien: Wala namang ganyanan..

The moment I learned this conversation from a credible person, I was really disappointed with that Neanderthal. I got thwarted by her statements not because of the alternate profession the moment I’ll graduate, but because of the word “lang”. Lang is but a single word with a deep meaning that can sometimes entrench into one’s feelings and emotions.

Admittedly, I don’t want to be a teacher. It’s not like the profession itself, but it lies on the talent. Being a teacher is NOT an easy task. One must have perseverance, patience and self control. Often times, I don’t possess at least one of these positive attitudes. Sometimes, I’m not patient. Sometimes I can’t control my mood which may inflict certain clashes in the environment. Though I have perseverance and determination, still it would not help to enter that kind of profession. Also, I don’t have the talent and passion of teaching. In that way, there’s no way that I could be a good teacher. That’s why I opt to be a doctor or a research scientist rather than to be a teacher.

Whenever I could see a great teacher, that is, her teaching strategies are very effective plus I can learn a lot of things from her lectures, I would be amazed by her talent and skills. Sometimes, I thought of being a teacher when I graduate but a minute or two later, I realized that I can’t be that great. Siigh.

Another thing to wage about is this Nursing matter. Since the dawn of the new millennium, a lot of high school graduates have been enrolling through different Nursing schools. The trend went exponentially higher compared to the the last eight years. A lot of people thought that when one took Nursing, one will get rich once he’s working abroad.

Reality check:

  • Don’t you think all of the nursing students really love their course? I do know a few people that they’re just following the latest trend but deep inside, they really loathed their course (nursing) for a certain reason. Sometimes they just followed on what their parents have suggested when they’re still in high school.
  • Don’t you think that the expenditures are all relatively the same when you work in abroad and in our own country? We know a lot of people are amazed with the burgeoning future of a nurse who works abroad. They are more encouraged to work in a foreign country most especially if the value of dollar is high. Let’s do simple math shall we? First a nurse who works on abroad earns at least Php 140,000 per month (assuming that he works for at least three years). That’s very high compared to a nurse who works here in the country. But if you calculate all of the expenses, like food, rent (shelter), electricity, water, personal expenses, “padala-for-relatives” and etc. it will only mean the same thing! It will solely depend to the bread winner’s frugality and thoughtfulness.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against to those people who took nursing as their course in college. It’s just like there are some people who can’t comprehend the real meaning of success. People perceive success as a person with lots and lots of properties and money. Some may see a rich business tycoon to be successful. But don’t you think he’s happy on to it?

But it’s still nice to know that there are some people took Nursing because of the reason that they love it. They have the real passion and determination to become a successful nurse. No heartaches and no hard feelings. As long as the ardor’s there, that would not be a problem. Now that’s the real attitude of a nurse.

“Man can never be satisfied with the things around him”, that’s what I’ve learned during one of my Economics lectures back in high school. Okay, that’s human nature, I guess. But being successful or success, in my own POV means that you’re happy on what you’ve accomplished on to your life. If you’re happy to live in a simple live in a simple life, then you’re successful. If you’re happy to be charitable, like what Mother Teresa did in Calcutta, India, then you’re successful. If you’re happy to teach students, then you ARE successful.

Being successful is not hard to attain, as long as there’s happiness.

Earth to Neanderthal, EARTH TO NEANDERTHAL! Forgive me for that insolent name. But please, do not underestimate teachers. Also, you don’t need to take nursing to become rich and successful. Such a shallow mentality. Forgive me. I just want to express my insights.

Thanks to the “lang” word, FCOL.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the final judgment

And this entry is not just for you, but for everyone else.

Well, there’s nothing wrong of judging people, right? What’s the work of the judges in a contest? They must determine on who’s the best among the contestants. What’s the work of the judge of the court? They have to discern whether the criminals are guilty or not.

These two examples have the right to judge because in the first place, they have their own BASIS in which each and every people agrees on to it. The judge of the contest has its own criteria to follow while the judge of the court has to abide with the Philippine Constitution and to some legislative laws.

But my concern runs with a judgment without bases and evidences. I have to admit, when I was younger, I used to practice this bad habit. But I’ve learned a LOT of things about it. Yes, I do believe in karma and I would always muster self discipline just to avoid that bad attitude. I know, I don’t have the right to tell you about this, but it’s just there’s something that bothers me and I need everyone else to be aware by its malevolent presence.

I knew a lot of people who have this kind of attitude. Personally, I really hate it when they judge a person on to its PHYSICAL LOOKS. Come on people! I’m sick and tired of it. Who cares if he looks like a skeleton? Who cares if her nose looks like a tomato? Who cares if she’s like a human pig? They’re still human. They still have feelings about it. What if they’ve heard all your discriminating judgments? I think having an imperfect face is not a basis to judge a person’s personality, for crap’s sake! And I REALLY DON’T BELIEVE that a perfect face exists on to this planet! Yeah, they looked perfect, from head to toe. The question is, are they happy about it? There are some people who are still not happy about their life, and that’s another story.

Okay, here’s another thing. Judging a person according to his face is VERY RUDE. But, it’s just a shallow thing. Duuh. But hey, judging one’s personality is yet another thing. As we all know, I really hate it when people judge a person according to the basis of “first impression”. SCREW THAT AXE’S CRAPPY ADVERTISEMENT, because first impression doesn’t last! You still don’t know the person if you just base on to your first impression to him! At a first glance, he’s very silent and very “suplado”, but if you know the real story behind his life, you’ll get to know the reason why is he like that and yadahyadah.

So, if you want to judge a person, be sure to have your strong and CREDIBLE basis about it. If you don’t have bases, just keep your mouth shut and concentrate on to more significant things in life.

One last thing.

Back in high school, I asked my classmate kung bakit ang hilig niyang manglait ng mga tao. Her answer was VERY SHALLOW.

“Wala lang. Hobby ko lang kasi. Masarap talagang manglait.” (And boy, she’s very proud about it)

And then I replied, “Bakit? Kung sasabihin ko sa harap ng pagmumukha mo na ang TH (trying hard) mo, masarap pa rin ba ang feeling mo?”

And then she was stupefied by my reply.

Oo nga naman, the beauty of human nature. Siiigh.

First Day. First Week. First Love :)

And I have to compensate with the new time zone. Jetlag perhaps, but no! I didn’t go out of the country. I didn’t cross six to eight time zones westerly. I didn’t spend my summer vacation in Hamburg, Germany or in Vienna, Austria.

For two months I have changed my body clock drastically and I have been suffering from insomnia. I don’t know. I can’t help myself. I’m alive most especially right after midnight. I feel tired during the day but active when the night blankets the blue hue of the sky.

Everyday, I have to wake up at least 6.30 am to 7.00 am. No, my house isn’t fifty kilometers away from school, it’s just I’m fond of doing unnecessary things whenever I woke up. After breakfast, I usually watch some morning shows before hitting the ice-cold shower.

I have met my new set of professors and I felt that they’re good and nice. And right now, I’m in the mood of hitting those books and read the lessons in advance. You know, I have made a promise to myself to do better than the last semester (though, my performance last semester was good), still, I just want to try and determine my physical, mental and emotional capacity towards my attitude and interest in school. Through this, I can determine when and where the right time is and place to balance leisure and studies.

Let’s thank God for Friday. I can’t imagine life without Fridays. Whatever! That’s utterly impossible!

And yeah, I just noticed that everyday, even if I do have a hearty breakfast, I’m always hungry. Ugggh. Prices of rice and viands in the university canteen are skyrocketing due to the high prices of rice, raw materials, gasoline, livestock and many more.

Every Juan in the country has experienced these kinds of predicaments. But there’s only one thing that Juan didn’t experience since the start of this trend: the HEIGHT of our dearest PRESIDENT.

And so, most of us have our own supply of rice just to recompense the burden.

One thing, I’m really hooked with Oishi’s commercial.


Demented Thoughts

I have searched for your aura
from the scorching heat of Sahara Desert to the cold and bitter Artic Tundra
I felt that I'm all alone
Whisking, whistling 'til I'm blown
Away away away.. far, far away
Despair and dismay
You left me in oblivion
And I thought my life, with your presence, is an endless horizon
Where are you? Where are you?
You have left my life askew
I have asked a million queries
My soul is already battered and weary
I don't get it. I can't find you.
And I thought that I was blind since the dawn of my existence

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Sunset of Summer Sunshine

The anxiety that I’ve been experiencing for the past few days had caused two unusual and painful zits in my ass. Darn.

This is my second blog post for the day, and yes I’m a bummer. Whatever!

But hey before we end the summer season, let’s have a quick review about my summer vacation. I just want to share some insights about it, okay? Haha.

I remember that during the third week of March, during the height of our final examinations in school, I would always fancy that school’s over. I can’t wait for another sleepless and grueling weeks to follow. Scantiness of sleep and soupy mornings are quite normal to us. Yes, finally! We’re getting used to the bloody lifestyle of a UP student. Sigh.

And ‘lo and behold, on the first day of April, I finally breathed the aroma of summer. The rays of summer sunshine caressed my stressful soul. Yes! So I would like to say my provisional adieu to my Chemistry and Biology books and handouts. We shall see each other again in the next two months.

I was quite disappointed with my parents’ decision since they didn’t allow me to join the summer class. I should be taking SSP7 (Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mindanao), and AH4 (Literature). But, I understand their decision. Yes, I have longed for this kind of hibernation. At least, I did enjoy my summer break, even if I only stayed within the premises of the city.

I have learned how to manipulate images in Adobe Photoshop. I have learned how to play with the CSS (cascading style sheet) Codes, essential on creating cool layouts in Friendster, Blogger and Multiply. I’m glad that somehow, some people appreciated my works, and this motivates me to create more and more cool layouts.

I have learned how to deal with online business. I’m desperate of getting some money. Nahihiya talaga akong humingi ng pera sa parents ko, most especially if it only answers my caprices, not on useful things like electric and water bill, food and of course, the internet bill. I have entered this layout-maker-business-of-whatever-company since I only have twenty five pesos in my wallet. The good thing was I have clients. Actually, it was an exciting and fun experience to deal with them. No, I’m not an Economics major to deal with the right supply and demand stuffs or a ComSci/IT major, the only possible person that can decipher those codes. It’s just my favorite past time. At least, I did something productive in my summer break, well, aside from sweeping those unwanted craps sa bahay ng mga aso ko, and cleaning my own room.

I have traveled beyond my imagination. During summer, I always ask my dad what does Buda looked like. I have seen numerous pictures of Buda (from my friends’ online album and I really want to go there. Since they (my parents) didn’t allow me to join the first summer escapade in the beach, an hour away from the city (through boat) since it’s quite dangerous to cross the desolating waves of Davao Gulf, I thought my summer was a bummer. Ugggh. No money and no adventures. BUUMMMER! Thanks to Aiai, my parents finally approved to join her unique eighteenth birthday celebration at Buda, an hour and a half away from the bustling metropolis of Davao. Finally!

In my life, I thought walking through the thick fog in the national highway, diving into one of the hidden waterfalls in the city and to experience intense cold weather of the mountains would be nothing but a dream. I was wrong. I have hiked through the mountainous trail of Buda and I have crossed numerous boondocks that lies majestically along the national highway.

Even if I haven’t gone to Hongkong, Singapore or even Boracay, this was the most memorable summer break that I have experienced.

And right now, I’m looking forward to have the most memorable semester of my stay in UP, and hope that it would not be memorable since it’s a disastrous one. Oh no.

I have to sleep early starting today. My vegetables.