Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Stir of Professionalism

On a small gathering…

Neanderthal: Uy, college na pala anak mo? Saan and anong course? Nursing ang kinuha niya no?
Homo Sapien: Hindi nursing kinuha ng anak ko. BS Bio, sa UP.
Neanderthal: Wow UP. Pero bakit Bio ang kinuha niya? Nag Nursing nalang sana siya.
Homo Sapien: Mag memed siya ehh and ayaw niya talaga ng Nursing.
Neaderthal: Naku, kung di siya magmemed, baka teacher LANG ang bagsak niya.
Homo Sapien: Wala namang ganyanan..

The moment I learned this conversation from a credible person, I was really disappointed with that Neanderthal. I got thwarted by her statements not because of the alternate profession the moment I’ll graduate, but because of the word “lang”. Lang is but a single word with a deep meaning that can sometimes entrench into one’s feelings and emotions.

Admittedly, I don’t want to be a teacher. It’s not like the profession itself, but it lies on the talent. Being a teacher is NOT an easy task. One must have perseverance, patience and self control. Often times, I don’t possess at least one of these positive attitudes. Sometimes, I’m not patient. Sometimes I can’t control my mood which may inflict certain clashes in the environment. Though I have perseverance and determination, still it would not help to enter that kind of profession. Also, I don’t have the talent and passion of teaching. In that way, there’s no way that I could be a good teacher. That’s why I opt to be a doctor or a research scientist rather than to be a teacher.

Whenever I could see a great teacher, that is, her teaching strategies are very effective plus I can learn a lot of things from her lectures, I would be amazed by her talent and skills. Sometimes, I thought of being a teacher when I graduate but a minute or two later, I realized that I can’t be that great. Siigh.

Another thing to wage about is this Nursing matter. Since the dawn of the new millennium, a lot of high school graduates have been enrolling through different Nursing schools. The trend went exponentially higher compared to the the last eight years. A lot of people thought that when one took Nursing, one will get rich once he’s working abroad.

Reality check:

  • Don’t you think all of the nursing students really love their course? I do know a few people that they’re just following the latest trend but deep inside, they really loathed their course (nursing) for a certain reason. Sometimes they just followed on what their parents have suggested when they’re still in high school.
  • Don’t you think that the expenditures are all relatively the same when you work in abroad and in our own country? We know a lot of people are amazed with the burgeoning future of a nurse who works abroad. They are more encouraged to work in a foreign country most especially if the value of dollar is high. Let’s do simple math shall we? First a nurse who works on abroad earns at least Php 140,000 per month (assuming that he works for at least three years). That’s very high compared to a nurse who works here in the country. But if you calculate all of the expenses, like food, rent (shelter), electricity, water, personal expenses, “padala-for-relatives” and etc. it will only mean the same thing! It will solely depend to the bread winner’s frugality and thoughtfulness.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against to those people who took nursing as their course in college. It’s just like there are some people who can’t comprehend the real meaning of success. People perceive success as a person with lots and lots of properties and money. Some may see a rich business tycoon to be successful. But don’t you think he’s happy on to it?

But it’s still nice to know that there are some people took Nursing because of the reason that they love it. They have the real passion and determination to become a successful nurse. No heartaches and no hard feelings. As long as the ardor’s there, that would not be a problem. Now that’s the real attitude of a nurse.

“Man can never be satisfied with the things around him”, that’s what I’ve learned during one of my Economics lectures back in high school. Okay, that’s human nature, I guess. But being successful or success, in my own POV means that you’re happy on what you’ve accomplished on to your life. If you’re happy to live in a simple live in a simple life, then you’re successful. If you’re happy to be charitable, like what Mother Teresa did in Calcutta, India, then you’re successful. If you’re happy to teach students, then you ARE successful.

Being successful is not hard to attain, as long as there’s happiness.

Earth to Neanderthal, EARTH TO NEANDERTHAL! Forgive me for that insolent name. But please, do not underestimate teachers. Also, you don’t need to take nursing to become rich and successful. Such a shallow mentality. Forgive me. I just want to express my insights.

Thanks to the “lang” word, FCOL.

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  1. Parekoy may naalala tuloy ako:

    Teacher: Ano trabaho ng tatay mo?
    Student: Driver lang po.
    Teacher: Bakit may "Lang" dapat proud ka.
    Student: Opo Maam. Driver po trabaho ng tatay ko.
    Teacher: Ayan, eh yung nanay mo ano trabaho?
    Student: (Nag-isip kasi dapat walang "Lang")Ang Nanay ko po ay nagtitinda ng I-I.

    Kuha mo? Korni no?