Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Sunset of Summer Sunshine

The anxiety that I’ve been experiencing for the past few days had caused two unusual and painful zits in my ass. Darn.

This is my second blog post for the day, and yes I’m a bummer. Whatever!

But hey before we end the summer season, let’s have a quick review about my summer vacation. I just want to share some insights about it, okay? Haha.

I remember that during the third week of March, during the height of our final examinations in school, I would always fancy that school’s over. I can’t wait for another sleepless and grueling weeks to follow. Scantiness of sleep and soupy mornings are quite normal to us. Yes, finally! We’re getting used to the bloody lifestyle of a UP student. Sigh.

And ‘lo and behold, on the first day of April, I finally breathed the aroma of summer. The rays of summer sunshine caressed my stressful soul. Yes! So I would like to say my provisional adieu to my Chemistry and Biology books and handouts. We shall see each other again in the next two months.

I was quite disappointed with my parents’ decision since they didn’t allow me to join the summer class. I should be taking SSP7 (Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mindanao), and AH4 (Literature). But, I understand their decision. Yes, I have longed for this kind of hibernation. At least, I did enjoy my summer break, even if I only stayed within the premises of the city.

I have learned how to manipulate images in Adobe Photoshop. I have learned how to play with the CSS (cascading style sheet) Codes, essential on creating cool layouts in Friendster, Blogger and Multiply. I’m glad that somehow, some people appreciated my works, and this motivates me to create more and more cool layouts.

I have learned how to deal with online business. I’m desperate of getting some money. Nahihiya talaga akong humingi ng pera sa parents ko, most especially if it only answers my caprices, not on useful things like electric and water bill, food and of course, the internet bill. I have entered this layout-maker-business-of-whatever-company since I only have twenty five pesos in my wallet. The good thing was I have clients. Actually, it was an exciting and fun experience to deal with them. No, I’m not an Economics major to deal with the right supply and demand stuffs or a ComSci/IT major, the only possible person that can decipher those codes. It’s just my favorite past time. At least, I did something productive in my summer break, well, aside from sweeping those unwanted craps sa bahay ng mga aso ko, and cleaning my own room.

I have traveled beyond my imagination. During summer, I always ask my dad what does Buda looked like. I have seen numerous pictures of Buda (from my friends’ online album and I really want to go there. Since they (my parents) didn’t allow me to join the first summer escapade in the beach, an hour away from the city (through boat) since it’s quite dangerous to cross the desolating waves of Davao Gulf, I thought my summer was a bummer. Ugggh. No money and no adventures. BUUMMMER! Thanks to Aiai, my parents finally approved to join her unique eighteenth birthday celebration at Buda, an hour and a half away from the bustling metropolis of Davao. Finally!

In my life, I thought walking through the thick fog in the national highway, diving into one of the hidden waterfalls in the city and to experience intense cold weather of the mountains would be nothing but a dream. I was wrong. I have hiked through the mountainous trail of Buda and I have crossed numerous boondocks that lies majestically along the national highway.

Even if I haven’t gone to Hongkong, Singapore or even Boracay, this was the most memorable summer break that I have experienced.

And right now, I’m looking forward to have the most memorable semester of my stay in UP, and hope that it would not be memorable since it’s a disastrous one. Oh no.

I have to sleep early starting today. My vegetables.

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