Saturday, June 14, 2008

the final judgment

And this entry is not just for you, but for everyone else.

Well, there’s nothing wrong of judging people, right? What’s the work of the judges in a contest? They must determine on who’s the best among the contestants. What’s the work of the judge of the court? They have to discern whether the criminals are guilty or not.

These two examples have the right to judge because in the first place, they have their own BASIS in which each and every people agrees on to it. The judge of the contest has its own criteria to follow while the judge of the court has to abide with the Philippine Constitution and to some legislative laws.

But my concern runs with a judgment without bases and evidences. I have to admit, when I was younger, I used to practice this bad habit. But I’ve learned a LOT of things about it. Yes, I do believe in karma and I would always muster self discipline just to avoid that bad attitude. I know, I don’t have the right to tell you about this, but it’s just there’s something that bothers me and I need everyone else to be aware by its malevolent presence.

I knew a lot of people who have this kind of attitude. Personally, I really hate it when they judge a person on to its PHYSICAL LOOKS. Come on people! I’m sick and tired of it. Who cares if he looks like a skeleton? Who cares if her nose looks like a tomato? Who cares if she’s like a human pig? They’re still human. They still have feelings about it. What if they’ve heard all your discriminating judgments? I think having an imperfect face is not a basis to judge a person’s personality, for crap’s sake! And I REALLY DON’T BELIEVE that a perfect face exists on to this planet! Yeah, they looked perfect, from head to toe. The question is, are they happy about it? There are some people who are still not happy about their life, and that’s another story.

Okay, here’s another thing. Judging a person according to his face is VERY RUDE. But, it’s just a shallow thing. Duuh. But hey, judging one’s personality is yet another thing. As we all know, I really hate it when people judge a person according to the basis of “first impression”. SCREW THAT AXE’S CRAPPY ADVERTISEMENT, because first impression doesn’t last! You still don’t know the person if you just base on to your first impression to him! At a first glance, he’s very silent and very “suplado”, but if you know the real story behind his life, you’ll get to know the reason why is he like that and yadahyadah.

So, if you want to judge a person, be sure to have your strong and CREDIBLE basis about it. If you don’t have bases, just keep your mouth shut and concentrate on to more significant things in life.

One last thing.

Back in high school, I asked my classmate kung bakit ang hilig niyang manglait ng mga tao. Her answer was VERY SHALLOW.

“Wala lang. Hobby ko lang kasi. Masarap talagang manglait.” (And boy, she’s very proud about it)

And then I replied, “Bakit? Kung sasabihin ko sa harap ng pagmumukha mo na ang TH (trying hard) mo, masarap pa rin ba ang feeling mo?”

And then she was stupefied by my reply.

Oo nga naman, the beauty of human nature. Siiigh.

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  1. i have read somewhere that stupid persons judge others negatively to feel good about themselves. What a pity.