Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25th

Isn't it redundant if I just name this blog post base on its published date? Me thinks it's more personal... and I'm too tired to write an appropriate title. Naming it as 'Untitled' is too mainstream in my opinion.

Anyway, I miss the old blogging days. Those were the days when one can just write lengthy posts yet people would still care to read and write comments. Those were the days when I met people online who share the same interests. Without blogging, I wouldn't have known a LOT of people. Blogging had truly expanded my network and made the world EVEN smaller than before. Today, the realm of blogging had changed. Blogging today had become too mainstream. Don't get me wrong, I am not against to it. It's really great that people have recognized how powerful blogging is when it comes to digital influence. However, most blogs these days are already event-centric and people blog JUST BECAUSE of events and other freebies. Oh well, I guess there's nothing permanent or constant in this world but change. Good thing is, some netizens have become more responsible in posting contents in social media.


Last week, I received a call from my brother's batch mate. She called me for an important blogging project in Davao... AND I CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS IT! I was really anxious these past few days because my senior told me that the shift schedule this December might change. I have already booked my flight to Davao (via Mactan-Cebu) and I don't want to pay for a rebooking fee should my schedule change. Good thing, it didn't except for some days of my shift, but it didn't really matter. As long as my day-off is still the same, it won't be a problem. Can't wait to be in Davao again next week!


So yeah, my 'Project Tuna' has been forwarded to the appropriate authorities in the central office. All is well, except for one thing: I need a release letter from my current boss. Jeez. Now where should I start. Hmmmm.


The spirit of sportsmanship is in the air. We already had teams and yey I belong to the blue team! We even had our personal jerseys for free (yey thank you Smart #LiveMore). LOL. Today, I played table tennis and I represented our team. I won the game however it wasn't really my best Table Tennis 'moment'. The last time I played was... uhmm.. last April 2013. One a half years of NOT playing this sport. Worse, my thighs hurt a bit. After the game, I got really exhausted, to think I only played two sets. Whatever happened to my endurance. I guess I should start exercising. But when? How? And the more important question: WHY? HAHAHA. Kidding. Even in swimming, I noticed that I couldn't finish one lap... naging half lap nalang coz I easily get tired and exhausted. Sigh.

I may eat a LOT and still retain my scrawny figure, but I guess it's about time to MOVE and sweat a bit. I guess the only thing in my body that's doing so much work is my brain. Blame it to my job which requires intense brain activity, 40 hours a week (excluding over time).


Lastly, Christmas is just around the corner... but I never hear about our Christmas bonus. EHEM. Utang na loob!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18th

Time flies so fast. November's about to end in less than two weeks. Things have been great for the past weeks. I get the chance to travel with my mom and godmother in Saigon, Vietnam last month. That trip, despite being a short one and some bloopers, was rather awesome. It's great to be back in Saigon and just stroll around the city. I had the chance to spend millions of dongs at Saigon Square. Yep, they had great stuff there. I never thought that I'd enjoy shopping THAT much, even if my feet became sore due to over walking, if there's such a thing as over walking.

*  *  *  *  *

Work is so far good. I've never complained about my job. It's my lifelong dream to become an air traffic controller and I wouldn't trade it for any other jobs, even if the compensation is higher. Well, working on your dream job is supposed to be a dream come true... until you meet some people who would talk behind your back, and try to pull you down. I've kept on whining about it for the past few months but I've come to realize that there's no personal growth if people around you aren't diverse. Forgive me, it is my first time to experience working on the 'real' world. Being a slave of the government has its own perks, in all fairness, but being a slave to one's butt is another thing. I owe them to my personal growth, honestly speaking. Without them, I wouldn't be this strong and independent. Without them, I would probably be still immature. They have brought me to a world wherein I should try to fit in, not THEM trying to fit in MY world. It's a case-to-case basis. Well, it's all about being nice to everyone, NO MATTER WHAT. It's really hard at first, but you'll get used to it. I still consider these as blessings from God.

*  *  *  *  *

Monday, October 13, 2014


So far, 2014 is the year of realizations about love and life, generally speaking. It's all about meeting new people and learning from them.

It has been a roller coaster ride for me for the past few weeks. Don't get me wrong, I ain't depressed or on a verge of killing myself. No. It's not like that. Recently, I have learned to accept the fact that no matter how nice you are, there are people who would talk, or even stab behind your back. It really hurts because I easily trust people. Trust, for me, is an important commodity to establish a healthy relationship to people around you - be at work, at home, or at school. It's an emotional investment. Once you've broken my trust, it would be useless, like a piece of junk. It's like throwing all of my valuable resources to a deep abyss where no one could ever bring it back.

There are others who, at first be thoughtful and sweet to you. They've also promised that they're always there for you no matter what. Then after a few months of showing affection to you, they'll just leave you in an instant. Sometimes, I'd question myself whether if I did something wrong or offensive, but after a thorough check, there was none. Whatever the reasons are, I guess there are things that are never meant to be understood; some are meant to be accepted.

I am still thankful despite these. As what my mentor had once told me: The world wasn't made for you. They made me realize that I should learn how to adjust and adapt to new environment. Let's just focus on how to make Earth a better place to live rather than to wallow on these negative things. Cheers for positivity and I thank God for giving me strengths and wisdom all the time.

Smile. Life is precious.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

15 Movies That Will Always Stay With You

Photo credit: Filippo Venturi | Flickr

Lately, several of my friends on Facebook tagged me to write this: 15 Movies That Will Always Stay With You. Since it would be a very long post if I write it on my timeline, I've decided to publish it in my personal blog instead.

The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you've seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what films my friends choose.
Here we go.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Greater Scheme of Things

Everyone knows I'm not religious, but there are some Christian songs that I really like. Pilgrim's Theme (Greater Scheme of Things) is my ultimate favorite. This song was written by Jesuit priests and I first heard this when I was still in grade school. I kinda liked the lyrics - so beautiful and so sincere.

"Through with chasing stars, that soon forget to shine. Through with going through, one more day what's new? Does my life still mean a thing in a greater scheme of things?"

And I also love this beautiful rendition by Marian Santiago.

Through this song, I have finally found the real purpose of my life. Thank you Lord for always guiding me in my life.

"I hope to find my place. So my life will fall in place. I know in time I'll find my place, in the greater scheme of things."

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Everything went well in the past few days. Last weekend, I was in Manila, visiting my classmates/friends/colleagues who were assigned there. It was good to see them after three months? All we did was to eat, watch movies in various movie houses even at wee hours in the morning (lol), and caught up with the latest updates of our lives.

Today, I am happy. Happy because I have finally reached the goal of working as an air traffic controller at the age of 23. You see, I feel lucky and blessed because the qualifying exam and the training came in perfect timing. I know, I did a LOT of sacrifices but in the end, it was all worth it. I may not have traveled extensively for the past one and a half years, but hey! Look at me now. It feels surreal, to be honest.

Gonna maintain this positivity. I might as well consider of investing my savings in stocks. Hmmm, maybe I should meet some of my friends in Manila who are experts in this field. Through this way, my future wouldn't be that dull and my earnings would go a very long, long way.

Ta-ta! Have to sleep early today since I have to be up at five in the morning! And oh, I'm going home this Friday afternoon. Oh, Davao I miss you!

Friday, May 30, 2014

And That Ends the First Half

So far, so good. A few days ago, I have FINALLY received the thing that I've been waiting for since March. And when it rains, it REALLY floods! Patience is truly a virtue. And with that big amount, I'm thinking of investing my earnings soon in the stocks and insurances. I'd want to make sure that my future wouldn't be that scary. You know, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Something like that.

Anyway, I've decided to stay here in Tacloban for good due to some circumstances. I'd still go home every month, well depending on my work schedule. But hey, don't get me wrong, I still consider this as a BIG blessing in my life. Never in my life did I think that I'd ACTUALLY become an air traffic controller. Honestly, I still surreals whenever I think about my career. People tend look quizzical whenever they learn about my work.

And oh, I miss blogging big time. I miss those days when I still have this energy to share how my day went, no matter how mundane it was. Three to four times A DAY. Yep, you heard it right! HAHA college days. This personal blog of mine will turn 8 this October. Wow, just wow! Amazing! Reading my previous posts in the previous years made me realize that I somehow grew more mature when it comes to dealing with life decisions and other #mature stuff (no, not the NSFW #mature stuff).

Well, that's it for now! The month of May is about to end. We are now through with the first half of the year. And, I'm hoping that the second half would be more awesome! Cheers!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Hunting Madness

I never liked the idea of Easter egg hunting. No, actually, I had a bad experience on it. The first time I tried egg hunting was roughly 17 years ago, and I was only seven that time. The playground of the resort was divided into three, base on three age groups: 1-3 years old, 4-6 years old, and 7-10 years old. My mom told me to line up on the third category. I was hesitant because I didn't really want to hunt eggs. Plus the heat of the sun that time was truly unbearable. But, because of peer pressure (my older cousins were also there), I eventually gave in. After the orientation, the organizer raised her arms and had a countdown.


Everyone was ready. I thought of backing out. The other kids were taller and fatter than me. I felt small and weak.


Whoever invented this idea is dumb. Rabbits DO NOT lay eggs. I repeat, they DO NOT lay eggs!


I should be swimming. I shouldn't be here!


And there goes the whistle! Everyone was running, as if the lions were chasing us. I managed to run and found some eggs laying on the ground. I was about to pick it up when suddenly, a fat girl pushed me and grabbed five to ten eggs in a jiffy. Out of frustration, I screamed at her but she didn't mind.

Well, after thirty minutes, I managed to catch one plastic egg. I was happy and proud... until I saw my brother and my older cousins. They have caught a handful of plastic eggs, enough to fill a big basket. I cried because I was really a loser. I mean, c'mon. One egg? Seriously. I even got more frustrated when I opened my one and only prize - one piece of candy. Maxx Honey Lemon.

Well, the bottom line is, I tried. Sigh.

Happy Easter y'all!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Much Wow

Forgive me if I rarely update this personal blog of mine. So yeah, update update!

Currently here in Tacloban, working as an Air Traffic Controller. You guys already how much I love my work. It's my dream job ever since, and yes I'm living the life to the fullest... well almost. There's this major predicament that we're currently facing though and it's all about the inefficiency of some people. I don't get actually get it. Why do most people choose to delay their work? Is it because they're indolent? Lack of interest? Or due to envy? It's too early to judge but I haven't receive my pay since the first day of March. Today's April 8. Yep! Pretty much delayed but we're still working by saving lives one or two, or maybe three, four, five planes (who knows) at a certain time frame (10-30 minutes more or less). Take note that one Airbus A320-200 carries a hundred and sixty souls on board. Now, talking about the big responsibility that we're facing everyday. Did you get the picture? Yes?

I'm so sorry if I had to let this out. I'm getting frustrated right now. But I'm still keeping my hopes high! I actually don't want to think about it because honestly, it's stressing me out! Well, this too shall pass. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Low IQ News

I’m so pissed right now with the news lately. The reason why I follow the local media’s social networking sites is mainly to get some updates about my country and even abroad because hello, we don’t have TV here (in this day and age, laptop with a decent internet connection = 1, TV = always 0). Lately, I’ve been reading updates about Vhong’s issue. The plot thickens, yeah, and the hell I care about it. Yeah, it’s a social issue blahblahyakitiyak that needs to be answered right away. Rape is rape (if IT’S REALLY TRUE, that is) and no one’s excused from it, whether if the girl’s flirting or yakitiyak. It’s been like 2 or 3 days straight I think? And I still keep on reading updates about it. C’mon local media. You can do better than that!

Currently doing some unfriending/unfollowing spree to those retards who KEEP on posting updates about the misadventures of Vhong’s cock, Deniece’s (what a fugly spelling) stoic personality, and Cedric’s bad acting.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Year 2014

Another year had passed and this personal blog of mine will turn 8 this October. Can you believe that? I've been blogging for almost 8 years now and a LOT of things have changed.

Right now, I am still waiting for my travel order to Tacloban. By the way, my request was granted and my first facility assignment is Tacloban Tower/Approach Control. I am so excited with my new assignment. Living (and working) in Manila didn't appeal to me, so I guess my facility assignment would rather be a brand new adventure. Isn't that uhmmaaazzzzingggg? Although, I keep on hearing things about the developments of Tacloban, I guess it's going to be a challenge to me.

Also, come February 13, I'll be in Singapore! It's going to be my first time and I am so, so, so EXCITED. I can no longer contain my excitement. You see, I have purchased my round trip ticket 10 days ago. Wala na tong atrasan! I'll be there to attend the Singapore Airshow 2014. And the good thing is, the DSLR's with me. I brought it when I went home last Christmas break.

Oh well, it's almost one in the morning. Time to sleep. We're still in Plaridel Airport, waiting for our travel docs and other important things. I'm not complaining though, I love it here! Grabe ang savings ko rito when it comes to food, transportation (who needs transpo when you sleep at the control tower's quarters?), and other miscellaneous expenses. Just in time for my upcoming Singapore trip this February! I know it's going to be an expensive trip. But who knows, maybe my frugality will kick in once I set foot to the Asia's Fine City. Yeah, you've heard it, FINE CITY.

If you know what I mean. *wink*