Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Much Wow

Forgive me if I rarely update this personal blog of mine. So yeah, update update!

Currently here in Tacloban, working as an Air Traffic Controller. You guys already how much I love my work. It's my dream job ever since, and yes I'm living the life to the fullest... well almost. There's this major predicament that we're currently facing though and it's all about the inefficiency of some people. I don't get actually get it. Why do most people choose to delay their work? Is it because they're indolent? Lack of interest? Or due to envy? It's too early to judge but I haven't receive my pay since the first day of March. Today's April 8. Yep! Pretty much delayed but we're still working by saving lives one or two, or maybe three, four, five planes (who knows) at a certain time frame (10-30 minutes more or less). Take note that one Airbus A320-200 carries a hundred and sixty souls on board. Now, talking about the big responsibility that we're facing everyday. Did you get the picture? Yes?

I'm so sorry if I had to let this out. I'm getting frustrated right now. But I'm still keeping my hopes high! I actually don't want to think about it because honestly, it's stressing me out! Well, this too shall pass. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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