Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Hunting Madness

I never liked the idea of Easter egg hunting. No, actually, I had a bad experience on it. The first time I tried egg hunting was roughly 17 years ago, and I was only seven that time. The playground of the resort was divided into three, base on three age groups: 1-3 years old, 4-6 years old, and 7-10 years old. My mom told me to line up on the third category. I was hesitant because I didn't really want to hunt eggs. Plus the heat of the sun that time was truly unbearable. But, because of peer pressure (my older cousins were also there), I eventually gave in. After the orientation, the organizer raised her arms and had a countdown.


Everyone was ready. I thought of backing out. The other kids were taller and fatter than me. I felt small and weak.


Whoever invented this idea is dumb. Rabbits DO NOT lay eggs. I repeat, they DO NOT lay eggs!


I should be swimming. I shouldn't be here!


And there goes the whistle! Everyone was running, as if the lions were chasing us. I managed to run and found some eggs laying on the ground. I was about to pick it up when suddenly, a fat girl pushed me and grabbed five to ten eggs in a jiffy. Out of frustration, I screamed at her but she didn't mind.

Well, after thirty minutes, I managed to catch one plastic egg. I was happy and proud... until I saw my brother and my older cousins. They have caught a handful of plastic eggs, enough to fill a big basket. I cried because I was really a loser. I mean, c'mon. One egg? Seriously. I even got more frustrated when I opened my one and only prize - one piece of candy. Maxx Honey Lemon.

Well, the bottom line is, I tried. Sigh.

Happy Easter y'all!


  1. Dili ko sure kung naka experience nko aning Easter Egg hunt pero naa koy mga fragments of memory na ma remember na naka attend ata ko ug Easter egg hunt as a kid right after the Easter Mass.

    So yun na, I think I managed to get one egg din. Tapos we were asked to drop the eggs on the ground, tapos ang mabuak/ma splat pildeeee....ang hardboiled pistee sila ray naay kendi! Pilde man ata ko ato!? Pero happy man ko ato kay gipalitan ko ug balloon na mickey mouse. Hahaha

    1. Nakatawa ko HAHA! Kay ginabasa pa diay nimo ang akong personal blog. HAHA thanks! :D apir!