Thursday, July 26, 2007

on my seventeen years of existence


I'm turning seventeen on the first day of August. Yikes. I'm a year older, again, but still I'm cute and not looking older than my physiological age. Double yikes! In my seventeen years of existence, I learned something more about LIFE:

When I was younger, say, my pre-adolescent age, I used to taunt and give rude remarks to my classmates whenever they recite in the class. Usually, it goes like this, "Yucks, it's pronounced as this, not that etc., or hey! check your grammar please". Honestly, I didn't realize that I'm hurting my classmates feeling and the effect was quite catastrophic - it lessens their self-esteem and their reputation becomes lower. Also, they become pessimists. Needless to say, it's quite obvious to think that during my graduation, I didn't receive any awards in the Deportment section. Nice one. Nevertheless, I was once an immature brat, as if everything that came from me was a right thing to do.

Second, I learned to be more happy about what's happening around me and also I learned to be more optimistic. I tell you. Being optimistic helps you a LOT. I practiced to be like this and it really helps, mind you. If you're a pessimist, then, you'll not survive the complexities of the world. I used to be a moody person, well up to now. I can't really avoid it though especially if I'm overstressed with my academic life. UP kasi 'tol!

I learned to be more friendly. Aside from food, I used to be picky when it comes on choosing your friends. In life, you need them. If you have no friends at all - you're DEAD! Basically, if I didn't feel him/her to be my friend, I just ignore him/her. But today, in college, it's a totally different thing! I mean you must possess the Filipino trait, which is Pakisama to others. I felt secured and I felt more happy when I had lots of friends here in my school.

Basically, growing up is the hardest part of a teenager's life. Somehow, mistakes are meant to be learned. In life, different transitional processes don't occur in just a single snap. You need to be patient, disciplined, and persevered to do the transitions of maturity. Being mature is not an easy task to do with. You have to deal with different kinds of attitudes in school, work and also you have to deal with the fast-paced LIFE. I can't tell that I'm already matured, but I am confident that I'm in the stage of going through with MATURITY.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME - after 6 days pa!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Joy of Prelims

It's been a long time since my last post. I've been busy for the past two weeks. And I had learned something.

Being a BIO-student of University of the Philippines is not a SIMPLE task to deal with. You have to undergo these sacrifices:

-No TV. (actually wala na akong time to watch even tv patrol!)
-No PC or net (I had no time for these)
-Be prepared for sleep deprivations (yeah, 5 hours is the maximum period of my sleep so far..)
-Had a cold coffee break. (mind you, it really works)
-Study everyday! - And CRAMMING is NOT the best POLICY!
-make things organized and budget your time.
-Don't pressure yourself. Relax, chill yourself with a glas of cold coffee.

Practically, this is just the beginning - welcome to HELL!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Winner Takes ALL

Day 126 marks the end of a long journey but at the same time a new beginning for four housemates. However, one life specifically is changed in the grandest, most possible way. Her determination and tight grasp on her dreams led Sassy Girl Beatriz Saw to where she truly belongs – at the top and as this season’s Big Winner.

The Big Night at the Big Dome opened with of course a big bang with a fiesta theme to celebrate the big event. All ex-housemates, Slovenian BB housemate Tina Semolic and host Toni Gonzaga were present in the opening salvo of the show to welcome the four remaining housemates – Wendy, Bea, Gee-Ann and Mickey. The Big Four were transported out of Kuya’s abode in style, riding in separate vintage cars to the Araneta Coliseum. They were then placed inside a mock confession room, where they wore eye patches and headsets.

Queen of Gameshows Kris Aquino took everyone on a trip down memory lane, reminiscing the highs and lows of the season. From the first day inside the house, where we met six housemates to the completion of the twelve, the secret housemates, official housemates and those who entered the yellow house’s door to share their lives to the last week where six housemates were again left, it was a roller coaster ride everyone all enjoyed to the end.

A season would not be complete without the Big Debate and Big Brother delivered that tonight with a twist. Comedians Jon Santos, Candy Pangilinan, Giselle Sanchez and RS Francisco made a spoof of the remaining four housemates, explaining to everyone why they deserve Kuya’s golden kalabasa. Jon as Mickey showed off his dancing prowess while Candy brought the house down with her Beatriz signature laugh. Giselle fluttered her eyelashes ala Gianina and RS spat out memorable lines from this season’s most controversial housemate Wendy.

Then it was the real Big Four’s turn to say their final words to their supporters. Bea again told everyone that she only showed her real self. "Kung ano ako noon, eto pa rin ako ngayon. Ginawa ko lahat ng paraan…kaya ako nakaupo ditto ngayon." the lass from Bicol stated. Gee-Ann again stated her huge transformation as a housemate. "Lahat-lahat nagawa ko. Sayaw, kanta, laba, plantsa…lahat kinaya ko." Wendy on the other hand asked for understanding from the people. "Sana maintindihan ng mga tao ang ginawa ko. Sorry, tao lang. May dahilan kung bakit nandito ako." Mickey this time was at a loss for words and could only mutter a few words. "Just be myself and hinarap lahat ng hamon. I enjoyed my stay in the house." At this point Kuya thanked all of them for their stay inside this house. He hoped that they discovered something about themselves and learned great life lessons which they will share with others outside his house. Kuya imparted his final message to the Big Four – that they be understanding, be thankful to the people and the Lord above and remain humble.

‘Til the final moment, Big Brother had a special surprise for the four. They got the chance to be congratulated first by people very close to their hearts. Bea got encouraging words from her ninong Fr. Baltazar Imperial, who was like a 2nd father to her. Gee-Ann could only hug her old nanny, Yaya Conching who was her constant companion growing up. Wendy said sorry over and over again as she hugged her mom, who assured her that things will be OK. Mickey was once again speechless at the sight of his older brother Angelo, who flew in from Switzerland just to witness this momentous night.

The last three minutes of the show revealed a special tribute for the previous winners of the first season, celebrity edition and teen edition. Nene Tamayo, Keanna Reeves and Kim Chiu all entered Big Brother’s house simple people and emerged as empowered women.

Then it was time for the moment of truth with SGV and Co.’s Juliet Bautista handing Toni the official results. Cheering Chick Gee-Ann Abrahan garnered 21.58% of the votes making her this season’s 4th Big Placer. Gee-Ann emerged all smiles to the chant of the crowd after Jayson Gainza and SBB’s Tina announcement. She received P200,000 courtesy of My Marvel Taheebo and a Polo Air Travel and Tours Hong Kong trip package for 2.

After SGV and Co.’s Rosanna Fajardo’s confirmation of the results, Celebrity Edition’s Zanjoe Marudo and ABS-CBN Head for TV Production Cory Vidanes called Wendy Valdez out into the stage as PBB’s 3rd Big Placer. Despite the crowd’s not so warm reception, the Commercial Babe put on a brave face and addressed the audience. "OKlang po, basta ‘wag lang po masaktan ang family ko. Kahit po naiinis kayo sa akin, pagbinabanggit ninyo ang pangalan ko, salamat na rin at pinapansin ninyo ako." She received P300,000 from My Marvel Taheebo and a Polo Air Travel and Tours 3-city Asian Tour of Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Mickey Perz could not believe that he has become this season’s 2nd Big Placer. He immediately hugged his mom and relatives upon seeing them. Keeping his message short and sweet, the Fil Austrian has nothing but good words for his supporters. "Salamat sa pagtiwala at pagmamahal ninyo sa akin." Mickey takes home P500,000 from My Marvel Taheebo plus a Polo Air Travel and Tours 3-US City tour to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Beatriz Saw was flashing a 1000 watt smile when she entered the big stage via a huge globe. After verification from SGV and Co.’s Ante Aserol and ABS-CBN Head Charo Santos-Concio’s announcement of her win, Bea was engulfed in a group hug by family and relatives. Bea, helping make Season 2 have the biggest vote turn out that surpassed even the previous season and editions's total number of votes, got 30.29% of the votes. The Sassy Girl will be taking home P1,000,000 courtesy of My Marvel Taheebo, a Polo Air Travel European tour for 2 to Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal. She will also receive a kitchen showcase, a brand new car and a house and lot in St. Monique Valais from Globe Asiatic. To her avid supporters Bea has only this to say, "Thank you! Follow your dreams! Go!"

Place Housemate Votes/Percentages

PBB Season 2 - Big Winner
Beatriz 1,571,556 (30.29%)

PBB Season 2 - 2nd Big Placer
Mickey 1,286,166 (24.79%)

PBB Season 2 - 3rd Big Placer
Wendy 1,209,978 (23.32%)

PBB Season 2 - 4th Big Placer
Gee-Ann 1,119,714 (21.58%)

It’s the end of the season but don’t be sad for you’ll still be seeing the ex-housemates touring the nation, guesting or even starring in various ABS-CBN shows. And don’t worry about Kuya, he’ll be getting new boarders and will be announcing it …when the time is once again right for Pinoy Big Brother Season 3!