Thursday, July 26, 2007

on my seventeen years of existence


I'm turning seventeen on the first day of August. Yikes. I'm a year older, again, but still I'm cute and not looking older than my physiological age. Double yikes! In my seventeen years of existence, I learned something more about LIFE:

When I was younger, say, my pre-adolescent age, I used to taunt and give rude remarks to my classmates whenever they recite in the class. Usually, it goes like this, "Yucks, it's pronounced as this, not that etc., or hey! check your grammar please". Honestly, I didn't realize that I'm hurting my classmates feeling and the effect was quite catastrophic - it lessens their self-esteem and their reputation becomes lower. Also, they become pessimists. Needless to say, it's quite obvious to think that during my graduation, I didn't receive any awards in the Deportment section. Nice one. Nevertheless, I was once an immature brat, as if everything that came from me was a right thing to do.

Second, I learned to be more happy about what's happening around me and also I learned to be more optimistic. I tell you. Being optimistic helps you a LOT. I practiced to be like this and it really helps, mind you. If you're a pessimist, then, you'll not survive the complexities of the world. I used to be a moody person, well up to now. I can't really avoid it though especially if I'm overstressed with my academic life. UP kasi 'tol!

I learned to be more friendly. Aside from food, I used to be picky when it comes on choosing your friends. In life, you need them. If you have no friends at all - you're DEAD! Basically, if I didn't feel him/her to be my friend, I just ignore him/her. But today, in college, it's a totally different thing! I mean you must possess the Filipino trait, which is Pakisama to others. I felt secured and I felt more happy when I had lots of friends here in my school.

Basically, growing up is the hardest part of a teenager's life. Somehow, mistakes are meant to be learned. In life, different transitional processes don't occur in just a single snap. You need to be patient, disciplined, and persevered to do the transitions of maturity. Being mature is not an easy task to do with. You have to deal with different kinds of attitudes in school, work and also you have to deal with the fast-paced LIFE. I can't tell that I'm already matured, but I am confident that I'm in the stage of going through with MATURITY.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME - after 6 days pa!


  1. advance birthday greetings to you! enjoy your Teen years.. it's one of the best times of one's life.. sieze the day! :)

  2. Advanced Happy Birthday!!!

    Senxa na hindi kita nadadalaw na ng madalas sa blog mo ha? Bihira nalang kasi ako makapag internet ng matagal lately eh. 'Di bale, pag nagka-net na kami ulit sa bahay, kahit araw araw ok na! =P

    Musta nga pala UP life? Toxic na ba? =P

  3. Advanced Happy Birthday!

    Enjoy you late teenage years... lol...

    always be optimistic... smile.

    carpe diem!

    have a nice day!

  4. okay lng carmigz! hahaha

    life ko sa UP??

    hahaha.. nakakapasok pa naman ako sa mga talto - dalawa lng nakakapasa sa chemistry/bio long exam kahit papaano.. it's QUITE toxic pa naman din!

  5. Thanks you CARMIGZ, CLAIRE and KENNETH!

  6. belated happy birthday pare! tanda mo na pala hehe. your post is way too right. in hs somehow ganun din ako, i don't care about the people around me. but in college, i've learned how to make "pakisama" with others kahit na hindi mo siya gusto maging kaibigan. we don't know kasi mamaya yung mga taken for granted friends eh sila pa yung makatulong in the future.

    godbless sa peyups and keep updating. i haven't got any update lately because of many things.

  7. Happy B-day....sorry it took me awhile to visit your blog...just busy with my life....and I can see that you have a new skin on your blog....