Sunday, August 12, 2007

"BROWNIAN" thoughts

And if you're not mistaken, yes my title for this post is BROWNIAN thoughts.

What's Brownian by the way? Well, Brownian Movement as what pioneering scientists in the world define as a rapid, constant moverment of movement of molecules in a certain container. Thus, if you could comprehend with the word 'thought', then obviously I had so many thoughts need to be publish in this blog.

And it's been a long time since my last post (well, you would experience this phrase some whenever I missed blogging for almost a week; just take a look to my archives though).

Somehow, I don't have time to publish my thoughts since the first day of august - which is my birthday.

So many things to consider and reconsider. All I did for the past weeks was to study and to study and TO STUDY - INFINITELY !! But hell, I'm loving it! And I don't know why. I find it weird. Am I insane?? uhhmm .. partly yes or no .. whatever.

And last week was the most tremendous week that I've encountered SO FAR. Because classes were suspended last Friday (because of SK registration which I didn't made myself to be registered on our barangay .. hehe) one of our exams was moved on to the next wednesday. So you could imagine on TUESDAY, it's our Biology-Laboratory practical exam - moving exam to be more precise, then by WEDNESDAY, it's our Chemistry 16-Lab and Math 11 long exam. And the finale was yesterday, SATURDAY, our Chemistry 16-Lecture 2nd long exam. The ultimate. And this week?? another set of exams and I really need REST but I CAN'T.

Academic Pressure really SUCKS if you really don't like the subjects you're studying. Luckily, I like bio and chem.

Okay, let's have a quick glance to my home - my neighborhood. I find these bunch of asses annoying for a definite reason. Let me enumerate those asses.

Ass no.1 - The Hen and the Rooster - at the back of our house lies a vacant and PURCHASED LOT. But I find my pesky neighbor really annoying because og his roosters and hens. Imagine, he's super obsessed with his chickens! One time I found him talking - with his CHICKENS! Yikes! He's deranged!! So our backyard was filled or INFESTED with chickens! Darn! And when rain comes, the aroma of chicken's poop would diffuse inside our kitchen. Sarcasm. But I think, someone in the neighborhood reported this illegal act to the City Health. HAAY SALAMAT.


Ass no.2 - The Drunkard Singer- at the facade of our house lies to houses - the good thing was, it's their left and right side that was faced in our frontyard. Then just meters away from those two houses lies the house of ass no.2. He's definitely the most FUCKING neighbor that I've encountered. He even doesn't know what MANNER is! It goes like this:

He and his best bud were on a drinking spree at least thrice a week. Of course, videoke wouldn't be absent just to fill their alcoholic atmosphere. I could really hear their boisterous laughters, and most especially, their disturbing out-of-tuned voices! Well, there's nothing wrong with that UNLESS if they sang and drank til the wee hours of the morning! I pity those houses in front of them because they cause disturance especially those who were asleep at night.


Ass no.3 - The Mistress - If our gates were made of steel, I should put a big signage with those big bold letters of "DON'T BLOCK THE DRIVEWAY". Some people can't comprehend this warning easily. One good example is this certain car, a KIA car, wherein it always parks in our frontyard and as if waiting for someone. Then after a minute or two, a young lady (resembling to a japayuki) would went to the car and poof! The car sped of in a hasty manner. I smell something fishy. And I think Mr. Kia is hiding something from his oh-so lovely WIFE. Hmmm. Nakakintriga.

CASE UNSOLVED - double hell

TOTAL ERADICATION needed from these useless CRAPS - literally.


  1. BROWNian..... hmmmmmm

  2. wow... *drama* sa buhay ni mr. bulseco...

    i hope Chancy Rivero won't be ur next Ass for now... she has came back with another set of lectures...and lots of acad pressure more than that of a pressure cooker or a thermos bottle.

    good luck, man!

  3. actually kenneth, she's not an ass noh!! grabeh.. she teaches well sa BIO .. idol ! :p