Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vieilles habitudes conservatrices

Pronounced as 'viel habitoo conservatris' (not sure though..), it's a french word for OLD HABITS DIE HARD. I could just remember this as a song (or not).

Anyways, we don't have any classes last Friday due to the KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL - an annual festival of the city wherein our forefathers would showcase their talents on tribal dancing, thanking their respective Bathalas for their wonderful and bountiful goods that they've harvest. Somehow, fruits especially Durian are on its peak season thus prices were down by up to 20 pesos per kilo. (Yum!). But, too much of it would cause uneasiness, drowsiness - the same feeling of being drunk and the downside of durian is that it contains a high-level of cholesterol content. But hell ?! Who could resist Durian - a fruit that smells like hell, but tastes like heaven?? I guess the probability is low.

Anyways, mom bought two pirated dvd's (sorry Chairman Edu Manzano =p), of which all of them were collections of DISASTER MOVIES. I can't resist to watch them all! But I can't, I simply can't. Lots of things to do - assignments, homework, and a whole lot more. Let me enumerate those movies in the dvd collection:

The Day After Tomorrow - Love it! I watched it for 3 times since 2005.

War of the Worlds - I haven't watch this movie =(

Category 7 - Truly amazing. Astounding!

Turbulence 2 - Amazing.

The Sinking of Japan - Whoaaaaa! All hail to Japanese men, arigato guzaymas sayonara !!

I really enjoy watching those movies especially if the genre is all about disaster - man vs. nature ika nga. But hell, it itrudes my study period, and also I had a hard time to utilize my leisure to work, but still I manage to utilize those things which I maintain the balance of it. But despite all these, I crammed. But it's okay since I answered, uhhm maybe 75% of the questions in Biology. Whewww.

Another set of long tests but old habits are really hard to resist. =|

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