Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Real Deal: UP Students

The public tends to generalize that all UP students are intelligent and leftist. But for almost (yes, ALMOST) three years of staying, thriving and coping with this one-of-a-kind institution, I come to realize that UP is an institution with a vast array of species diversity. Moreover, I used to perceive that kind of typecast. This is just based on to my observations and therefore it wouldn’t reflect to the whole system. But I surmise that it would be somehow similar to other campuses, or whatnot.


The All Around Perfectionist – this type of UP student excels in both academics (his field of expertise), as well as in other areas like in music, sports, arts. A much rarer species excels in ALL areas. This kind of species (ESTE) student is already considered as an endangered one. Some of them even hurt themselves since perfection is already on to them and the more they’re consistent with their achievements, people will expect more two them. They believe that perfection is not idealistic. Jack of all trades, master of everything.

The Field Researcher – this kind of student can be easily found in just one place – the library. Most of them are in the library to read not just newspapers or other magazines, but they just want to read additional references from their lectures. They believe that learning is not limited within the four walls of the classroom. Inasmuch as knowledge is concerned, they sometimes tend to question whether their professors are still teaching them the right things and all they need to confirm to read materials that are very reliable. It takes time to do this kind of thing. It’s neither a hobby nor an obsession, but rather it’s a responsibility that a student should practice more often.

The Analytical Writer – if you want to verify whether your laboratory reports or paper works are true or you just want to make sure that your answers are not that far out, then try to approach this kind of student. He is very responsible of doing laboratory reports but sometimes tends to think that doing the lab reports for the sake of others is an obligatory task. He feels secured if everybody copies his lab reports. When his report contains erroneous details it’s everybody’s demise. Though, trust is irrevocable.

The Novelistif a teacher or a professor is not a big fan of presenting his lecture on a PowerPoint presentation (either he’s lazy or worse technology illiterate and deprived), there’s only one person who can save the world before bedtime – the novelist. He’s known for his good penmanship as well as his ability to write fast. If he’s ambidextrous, it’s going to be a great advantage not just for him, but for everybody else. A lot of people will photocopy his notes, until his notebook is completely worn out.

Sleeping beauty This is the most common type since everyone can be like this. A student lacks sleep due to stress or the lecture is waywardly boring tends to snooze and snore inside the room. It depends on the teacher though whether to react with this kind of illicit behavior.

The Master of Oratorical SpeechHe is the exact opposite of the Field Researcher. He is so much contended with what the teacher had shared during the lectures and only reads her notes or the handouts. Thus, he only needs to memorize (and a little bit of analytical thinking) the whole thing! They sometimes have this technique on memorizing the hard-to-spell terms. And when they’re ready for the exam, they can manage to memorize the whole piece wholeheartedly. But sometimes, they do not use their intelligence wisely since memorizing is not an effective tool, believe it or not.

The Activist – since the institution is iniquitous for the academic freedom, one tends to use the much celebrated freedom for the betterment of others. They are often members or better an officer of a student council. They are one of the bravest souls in the institution and fear is not in their blood. They fight for what is right and they brawl for oppression.

The Joker, The Talker and The ArtistahinsThese group of people are still famous because they either brought laughter inside a boring lecture, or tends to talk a thousand words per minute or they are known to be the son of a famous politician and/or possesses a great looks. They coexist and coevolved with each other. They can also be found not just in college, but also in high school. But the intensity is stronger, of course.

The Frat/Soro King and Queen – Usually, they do not bond with their blocmates or classmates, but rather they are often seen in one “tambayan” together with their brods and sis. But sometimes, they mingle with their classmates but generally, they are difficult to find, unless you track their secret den. They tend to think about superiority.

The Outcast – They love to be alone and they are happy with it. Usually, he is recluse type of person and feels really uncomfortable during social gatherings. It takes time for them to be happy if he’s in a social group. They have usually low self-esteem and easily gets depress.

The Detritus Feeders – They are sometimes considered as pest since they sometimes do harm than good. Their life cycle is simple, actually. First all they need is to party all night long, and usually sleep the whole morning during the class. And whenever there’s an assignment, he won’t work with it, or just copy the whole thing, the exact thing to be precise without thinking. They have this mentality that if they’re already an UPCAT passer then they’re already as intelligent as Albert Einstein, no matter how many times they repeat a subject or how long they stay in the campus. They exude a perilous high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.


I think there are so many groups in this institution but it would take me a week or two complete the list. But I guess this is already enough despite reaching already a thousand words in this entry as of this point. This entry serves not only to UP students but as well to other institutions. Moreover, generalizing concepts is indeed hazardous.

The important thing is this: We live in a very much diverse place and our niche does not solely reflect with our habitat.

Get it? :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Unparalleled Thoughts

What time is it? It’s party time!


So I came home at around nine in the evening from a pizza-KKB-party at SM. With all those inexorable thoughts of everything, I sometimes need to unwind myself from the stressful environment of the mountain. I just woke up and realized that it was already Friday. Thank God, it’s really Friday and I’m not dreaming. But yeah, tomorrow, lots of things should be accomplished within my planned schedule.

By tomorrow, I should start reading, reviewing and memorizing those hard-to-spell- terms, enzymes, functions and other things related to Genetics, Biochemistry, Invertebrate Zoology and Ecology. I’m quite anxious with Genetics since the topics were quite dreary. I also need to plan the night program for our upcoming field trip in MST6. I have LOTS of ideas and maybe I should share my insights to my classmates as well. Two heads are better than one you know. And yeah hopefully I could get the official list of people who will join the trip this seventh and eighth day of February (and I hope crush will join the trip.. uyyy kilig!). Speaking of field trip, I can now finally join the Camiguin Trip!!! OHH YEAAAHHH. It’s the trip that I have been waiting for. I’ve been dying to visit the picturesque island of Camiguin. I should tell dad about this.

Speaking of doing important things, I shall finish Fairyland within this week. After that, I’ll borrow Cha’s For One More Day (Mitch Albom). Then after that I’ll try to save for Michael Crichton’s Prey. Acccckkkkk.

I think I am dealing this weird problem. I’m usually a couch potato. But thanks to the internet and school works, I don’t have much time to delve with the new teleseryes and other shows of the idiot box. But yeah, I shouldn’t miss even a single episode of American Idol. The audition process is undeniably the best part of the show! HAHAHAHA. And yeah, This February 15 (16 in the Philippines) will be the season premiere of The Amazing Race 14! HAHAHA. I’m a little bit excited. There’s a good reason on why I should not attend my NSTP1 class. Loool. Boring, I really hate it when I do have a class every Monday. Last semester was the worst schedule ever since I only have one class, which is Physics – from 7.00 am to 9.00 am. Newtonian Physics is really boring. It’s like a lullaby for me. Oh yeah, Survivor is also coming, SURVIVOR TOCANTINS (pronounced as Tocanchins). According to my Brazilian friend, it’s one of the hottest places in Brazil. If you’re an expert in Geography, then you’ll probably know the reason why. *wink*. :) Hahaha.

Though I’m not that excited since I ain’t a big fan of Survivor.


Classmates.. errr. This is the final schedule of our exams next week:

February 4 (Wednesday) – Genetics
February 5 (Thursday) – Principles of Ecology Lab
**TBA: Zoo 3 Lec – I think it would be scheduled this Friday, 5.30 pm – 7.00 pm.

**I hate this part.. nanananana** Accckkk. LSS.


She’s pretty, isn’t it?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

50-something Things to Delve With

This isn’t a tag. I just want to write something about me. And because I’m utterly bored, I’ll just do this thing anyway. Well, here are some facts and I think it would reach more than a hundred, NOT. Lol. Here goes nothing.


One: I was born and meant to be a loquacious creature. Apparently when I was two, I am fond of asking questions about trees, animals, humans and other miscellaneous tangible things. And my uncle who used to watch me will get irritated by my questions. Funny thing was, already knew the answer yet I keep on asking the same question over and over again.

Two: I used to speak with my own language. When I was two, I was fond of associating things with my own language. Bagu is for slippers. Gatchenpari is for the house. Chicchic if for the muslim ladies who wear the head thingamajig (Sheara, ano nga tawag sa headgear thing? Lol) and Lululunis asimpiyu for Looney Tunes.

Three: I am a frustrated Entomologist when I was little. In our old house I used to catch ladybugs. And we all know that these little critters will excrete a malodorous yellowish substance whenever they are threatened. I observe them and even tried to breed them even if how stupid my methods are. I’m also with grasshoppers, thanks to my lolo who is an expert of catching the green arthropod. HAHAHA.

Four: I am very talkative. Due to my insane behavior, my Chinese teacher in my Kindergarten days punished me. I have to stay outside the room and endure the scorching heat of the sun. Yeah, after that, I got sick. BANTAY BATA 163. Ooops. I think my old Chinese teacher is already dead, errr, almost five years ago? I think.

Five: When I was almost two, we moved to Zamboanga City and lived for almost two years. Zamboanga is small, dangerous and boring. Lol.

Six: My favorite song in the karaoke when I was two: Green, Green Grass of Home.

Seven: I remember that my former nanny will cry whenever she hears the song Can’t Cry Hard Enough. HAHAHA. Hi Ate Tiff!

Eight: I can still remember things when I was a toddler – my first plane ride, when I almost went through inside an xray machine in the old Davao International Airport, when the plane failed to have a takeoff since the Air Traffic Controllers conducted a strike and all those memories in Zamboanga.

Nine: On my second birthday, we celebrated it at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University’s auditorium. My dad works as one of the sponsors of a certain show. The show presented some famous cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Due to my excitement, I went to the stage and literally ruined the show. HAHAHA. Sorry about that. But yeah the mascots joined my “Johnny Bravo” moves and everyone laughed at my folly. I was even featured on TV Patrol Chavacano.

Ten: Maybe this is effective if I write this in Tagalog: Makapal talaga ang mukha ko.
Eleven: I am a former lefty, converted by mom but she can’t help with my spoon-and-fork drama. I write using my right hand, but I can still manage to write legibly at my left. Is semi-ambidextrous a right term for it? I don’t know.

Twelve: I learned how to play the piano when I was seven, took some piano lessons at Yamaha for one year and after that I just learn how to play the rest of the game by myself.

Thirteen: I prefer on playing the piano by EAR and not by NOTES. I suck when I play notes. I find it impractical. HAHAHA.

Fourteen: I love to listen to classical artists like Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven.

Fifteen: I don’t know how to sing but dances a little bit. LOOL.

Sixteen: I don’t know how to play the guitar. HAHAHA. Err, I find the piano easier than the guitar.

Seventeen: I do not birthday parties. I prefer to treat my friends and family somewhere. And I opt to be a simple celebration than to be a grand and formal event.

Eighteen: I am always enamored with the weather.

Nineteen: My all-time favorite movie is TWISTER and TITANIC.

Twenty: I have already seen a unicorn... in my dreams! HAHAHA. :))

Twenty One: My all time favorite subject in elementary and high school is Science. No wonder why I took BS Biology in college.

Twenty Two: I am “suplado”. HAHAHA. But when I know you already, you’ll always see me smiling.

Twenty Three: I didn’t experience the euphoria of being the first in the class. I always end up in the second or third place. Either it’s just a matter of point one OR classmate ko ang Valedictorian ng batch ko. HAHAHAHA.

Twenty Four: When I was young, I opt to read books than to watch cartoons. I only know Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry and the Ninja Turtles.

Twenty Five: When my mom subscribed to cable, my favorite channel is National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Cartoon Network. Awww. Those good old days.

Twenty Six: My favorite planeteer is Willer and Linka (Fire and Wind respectively) and my favorite villain is Dr. Blake. Lol.

Twenty Seven: I am asthmatic, ‘til now. It keeps on haunting me. But I’m used to its daunting presence.

Twenty Eight: I can roll my tongue and I can move my nostrils up and down.

Twenty Nine: Speaking of nostrils, I have this annoying nose bump along my bridge.

Thirty: I only know how to play Badminton and Table Tennis.

Thirty One: Phenotypically, I and my brother do not have similarities, except for the skin complexion.

Thirty Two: I am very obsessed with airplanes.

Thirty Three: When McDonalds was still cheaper, I used to collect Happy Meals. I have lots of Happy Meal toys inside my cabinet.

Thirty Four: I opt to play with Lego toys than robots. I want a challenging game since I just want to pressure myself with no valid reason.

Thirty Five: I have a rich Spanish and Chinese lineage.

Thirty Six: Writing and Photography unwinds me from stress.

Thirty Seven: I hate Barney the Gay Dinosaur as well as Dora the Explorer. UGGGHHHH.

Thirty Eight: I am really scared with big and hairy spiders.

Thirty Nine: I am licensed to kill Cockroaches. Wait ‘til you see my brother’s reaction when he sees a lone cockroach. HAHAHA. You’ll get muscle spasms due to intense laughter. LOOOL

Forty: I almost got electrocuted thrice, thanks to my CURIOUSITY.

Forty One: I have watched the entire season of Mara Clara. Who wouldn’t forget the iniquitous diary? HAHAHA. Also, I’m an avid fan of Mula sa Puso and Sineskwela. Gosh, teleseryes during the late nineties are better than this time.

Forty Two: I do not like wearing ring as jewelry. I prefer wearing watch of necklace.

Forty Three: I really love to eat. Good thing I am blessed with an ultrahigh metabolic rate.

Forty Four: With no apparent reasons, 7 was my former favorite number, and I don’t know why.

Forty Five: Honestly, I love to witness my teacher scolding my classmate, be for not doing his homework or because of his waywardness.

Forty Six: Michael Crichton is my all time favorite author, as well as Robert Ludlum. Grippingly, both of them are dead. T___T

Forty Seven: When I was in my junior year in high school, I used to have a major pimple outbreak. DRAT. It was really a nightmare for me.

Forty Eight: I opt for McDonalds than in Jollibee.

Forty Nine: On normal days, I sleep for more than twelve hours!

Fifty: I accept the fact that seafoods i.e. shrimps, crabs, squid, shells, clams and etcetera are lethal to my system.

Fifty One: If I won a million dollars, I would first spend the money for traveling around the world. I really love to travel and mingle with a new environment.

Fifty Two: I really want to pursue Medicine in the future but I was thinking of taking a Master's then Doctorate degree in Marine Biology and Marine Ecology. Oh no. :(


Expect more of these facts to flow in my page. There are still millions of them. LOOOOL. Hope you enjoyed this entry as I enjoyed writing this. The feeling is somewhat nostalgic. These gossamer memories will stay eternally in my subconscious mind.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Roguish CHED

On CHED’s plan of extending college courses to five years, I just only need four words and one comma and one period:

Fuck off, and die.

I was appalled by it when I heard this crap on the news. Take note, the first and second year students will only have to take minor subjects effective in the next two years.

Firstly, is this plan an effective one? Okay, so let’s take this point: What’s the use of my course name, say BS Biology if I only have to take minor or GE subjects for two years? What the hell.

Secondly, four years is already enough (five years for some courses like Engineering, Food Tech). We only need to maximize the use of our resources. I think the government officials knew this thing in Economics. And yeah, CHED should prioritize the QUALITY of the education and not the DURATION of it.

Thirdly, they should employ competent faculty members, one who is proficient on the field of his expertise. The quality of education here in our country is already dwindling in an upsetting rate. We can’t surmise whether children would still have this quaint interest in education, despite the fact that this time education is turning to a business. We have to exercise our right in education, and extending the duration of it wouldn’t alleviate the quality of it in our country.


BTW, to all UP Students out there, please vote YES for this week’s referendum.
We still have the right in the university, even if we’re still students, RIGHT?

Monday, January 26, 2009

'coz you had a bad day

It’s quite grating when you want to do something important like studying in advance for the super long exams next week and yet those nonsense paper works come to invade your schedule. Pffft.

I really have a bad feeling for next week: exhausting and dreadful.

Maybe I should follow Professor Obsioma’s advice: write the three processes of Cellular Respiration and post it everywhere inside the house. Hmm. Biochemistry is really challenging, as well as Genetics. It would be a disaster if these two subjects will have the same date for the second long exam. YIKES!!!

Okay, so I’m still practically worn-out from the trip and my throat starts to hurt. It’s a bad sign, actually. I abhor when history literally repeats itself. You don’t need to come back and haunt me, Mr. Sinusitis. You and Mr. Boredom should go to hell right now.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Some sort of a break.. NOT

I was quite thwarted when I learned that I have to start from the beginning in Loco Roco, an infamous PSP game. I don’t know. An unknown error occurred. My saved file became corrupted with no valid reasons. And it sucks big time since I have defeated the largest Mujamuja in World 3, I think. Siigh. But yeah, let’s look on to the brighter side; I have discovered some secret rooms in some levels. YEY! Try playing this game it’s so cool and cute.

Oh yeah, there are reasons why I like this day. First, the result of the Zoo 3 exam has been released one hour after the exam. Funny thing was our teacher didn’t post our real names. Instead she posted “our” nicknames according to her perception plus the scores. Loool.

Baby, Smoke, Tagum, Iglesia, Cheerleader, Joker, PCR, Lover Boy/Gahut and The Best Labeler.


Second, I’m going to have the sweetest flee to the east. (Just sing Beyonce’s Irreplacable)…

To the right, to the right, everything I own in my bag to the right, where the sunset is so early and the sunrise is as early as five. Keep talking about the site, could we experiment it sometime? AndBiofresh Oh-seven is our name, so move our bags and she hails our van…

We’ll return home at Sunday evening. Awww. Leaving is going to be the hardest part but despite the short stay, I’m sure that it would be a memorable trip. Weee. I’m pretty excited. I have bought lots of food and of course I shouldn’t forget my meds. Ooops. Sinusitis didn’t visit me today and hopefully he won’t return ‘til the end of time. I really hate it when he pays a visit to my system. I feel like I’m in hell, literally.

Yeah, two things that I should remember when going in an unfamiliar place:

  • a) Don’t drink water if you’re doubtful with the surroundings.
  • b) If a stranger taps you on the shoulder, tap him back. I know it’s an old belief but hey, we don’t know the reality of this enchanted world. T__T

Being a leader in the whole class isn’t that bad at all. You get the chance to be the right hand of the teacher. You get lots of advantages. You see, I used to hate the fact that my professor chose me to be the leader of the class, to handle our upcoming field trip this February 7 and 8 (from another subject). It goes like this:

Last December, all of the ten leaders from ten groups were asked to give a number, any number. Some chose 10, 2, 14 and then I opted for 18. After that, my prof appointed me to be the leader of the class. The reason: Eighteen is close to 19, which is my prof’s wedding anniversary. WTH. Okay I’m glad that we have finally conducted the much-awaited meeting. HAHAHA. Even though we didn’t meet the other leaders of the group because we are from different courses and thus different vacant periods, I still managed to talk with our teacher together with the “pseudoleaders” Anj and Ralph. Yeah, I only have to prioritize the evening event. So we’re planning to have some parlor games and the main game. What’s more exciting is this: Some of the faculty members of the Department of Food Science and Chemistry will join us. HAHAHAHA. This would be rather a great chance to have the students and teachers intermingle in a fun way. Hahaha. I do hope things will be on a smooth lick. :)

So I have to wake up at around 4.30 am. I should be ready by now. I should prepare for my things tonight. Departure time is around 5 in the morning. And yeah, it would be rather a long trip – at least four hours from Davao City.

I should have ended this entry when a commercial of Mar Roxas caught my attention. Accck. Those 2010 “presidentiables” are invading the mainstream already! Legarda, Roxas, Villar.. ack. It irks me so much when they presented their plans for the next decade. WTH. I don’t see anything bad about it but the thing is this: promises are meant to be broken. Promises are not promises at all! Whatever. It irks me so much.

Oh yeah, I really really REALLY REALLY want to watch FRINGE.


Ciao. I need to sleep early today. I won’t be posting anything in the cyberspace ‘til Sunday evening. Hahahaha :)

Y'all have a safe weekend!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Click to Fame

I’m a little bit bothered with celebrities changing their relationship status so rapid, like a parent who constantly changes his baby’s diaper. Take Rachel Ann Go’s case. She changed her relationship status from “in a relationship” to “engaged”. After a day or two, it spawned more than a hundred comments. And yeah, when she was interviewed by a local entertainment show, she denied it since she didn’t have an engagement ring.

Okay. But what if she hid the “ring” in one of her pockets? Or is she hiding it in one of her hands during the interview? Naaah. She’s not Houdini or David Blaine. And the hell I care, I’m not a big fan of her though.

And then when I checked my Facebook a while ago, I came across with Van Pojas’ update (PDA Season II). He changed his relationship from “it’s complicated” to “married”. The funny thing was, almost all people believed it! Hahaha. But yeah, maybe he wants to insinuate that he has a new girl or what. But yeah, changing it to “married” is not a cute thing unless if it’s genuine (or was it??! Naaah).

But yeah, this is just one of the forms of tactical fan maneuver. Posting something that is quite interesting and/or controversial would lead to more viewers, more fans, more stalkers, more detractors and the list goes on and on and on. I admit that sometimes I add some celebrities in my Facebook just to have this formerly rare opportunity to view their life outside the idiot box. Thanks to the internet. Hahaha.

Celebrities who desire to generate more fans are now at ease – one click is already enough.

So what if I change my relationship status from “single” to “married to Mama Mary”? Will that generate millions of comments? One thing for sure, a conservative-puritan-practitioner old lady will complain about my blasphemous status. CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM!

Okay, I don’t have plans of doing that thing. Hahaha. I actually don’t care with my Facebook account. I just accept invites from people. And yeah, my page is boring, as usual. Lol. I play no-nonsense applications like Pet Society, How Big is Your Brain and Geo Challenge. :)

I really enjoyed Christine’s aka Happyslip’s Vlog about Facebook. Check this out!


Do you know what it feels like if you have sinusitis? Just think about this:
Imagine you’re head is like a rock, and imagine that whatever happens to the rock, you will feel the exact humane feelings and senses. And then, little by little, a jackhammer slowly drills the rock, with its powerful force.

Wait, do I really know the feeling of a jackhammer thrashing in my forehead? Loool. But the point is this: having sinusitis is a really painful ordeal in man’s life. And it sucks when they come and attack you in a wrong time and in a wrong place. They can choose me to raise their bolos and attack my sinus area when I’m bored and/or when I’m home. Drat. But the good thing is, the attack started after I ate my early lunch at around 10.30 in the morning. Likewise, it was first an annoying, sudden pain and it was still bearable of course. As time goes by, the pain would increase its intensity until you can’t stand the excruciating sharp pain in the sinus area (near the upper tip my nose bridge, connecting to the eyebrow area). I still want to attend my Visual Comm class since the topics were a little bit interesting even if the lectures were waywardly lackluster. Accck. Thanks to Mr. Sinusitis, he really RUINED my plans for the entire. I was ready to meet the group together with Prof. Obsioma regarding for our upcoming field trip this February 7. Accckkkk. Alright, alright. So as early as 11.20 am, I went home, drank Decolgen, turned the AC on, listened to some good music and slept for almost four hours.

And now, I feel better, NOT. :(

Oh yeah speaking of school, I really had this habit of daydreaming. I know it is uuuuuhhhhh, a common habit if one is bored during the lecture, or if one didn’t understand even a single word on it since the teacher is fond of using those grandiose words or some undecipherable scientific/technical terms. But I have these weird imaginations when I daydream. Here are some:

  • The professor will fly away, leaving a large hole in the ceiling after I push the eject-the-teacher-button located in my armchair. LOL
  • A Paula Taylor or Kim-Tae Hee look-a-like will sit beside me. That would be RAELLY REALLY nice and hot. :))))
  • Chris Martin serenading the whole class and the teacher will raise his hands in the air.
  • Changing the head of your professor to Mr. Bean’s. HAHAHAHAHA
  • Snow inside the classroom. Whatever.

What the heck, I think I’m just wasting my time thinking of these nonsense things. Lol. I think sleeping inside the class is better than daydreaming.. Until you get reprimanded of disrespecting your teacher.

But yeah, living in a life full of pretensions is not that easy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Know, "Write"?

I write my thoughts in the cyberspace because…

I am bored.

I want to express my thoughts in a cheaper way (pens and papers are expensive since I write lots and lots of things).

I want to prove that Filipinos are not that illiterate to the English language. Screw those dim-witted stereotypes!

It relieves me from stress accumulated in my body.

It releases those unwanted tensions and the abnormal surge of hormones in my system.

I want to practice my glibness and broaden my knowledge in the English language.

I want to share some insights in different aspects of life to others.

I want to inspire other people even if sometimes my life is a little bit dreary and boring.

I want to keep my brain on its optimum level. It’s a good way to exercise the most important thing inside me.

I want to express my opinions regarding issues in the country or other related things.



The Killers: Day & Age (an Album Review)

Apparently, if I didn't update myself with the latest songs of The Killers, I wouldn't have listened and downloaded their latest album, Day & Age.

Basically Day & Age is The Killers' best album so far, next to Hot Fuss, their debut album. Produced by dance maven Stuart Price, Day & Age broadens the Killers' sound with dub-inflected grooves ("Joyride"), Caribbean-style steel drums ("I Can't Stay") and a chanted intro that recalls South Africa's Lady­smith Black Mambazo ("This Is Your Life") — though it's performed by the band itself.

The album likewise shows the versatility of this infamous music group. Day & Age expands the group's talent by broadening the styles they have incorporated in their songs. Likewise, they have added numerous juicy and delicious twists in their New Wave anthem.

Of all the ten songs in the album, these are my favorites:

Track 2: Human - It makes you think you're living in the 80's. Brandon Flowers' voice is still perfect and the style of this song is not that noisy and the ambiance is surreal. Some sort of a revolutionary song for all human beings! :)

Track 3: Spaceman - It sounded like Metro Station's Shake It. I think the chord progression is 60% the same. But heck, plagiarism isn't the drama for this song, actually.

Track 5: Dustland Fairytale - Some sort of an epic story of a certain character who had a tragic ending. It starts with just one instrument, which is the piano and it progresses with other instruments in the later part. We can already surmise the introduction, plot, climax and the resolution of the story. But overall, the mood of this song is intense.

Above all, The Killers didn't fail to amuse me. I really love The Killers.

Talented. Genius. Wicked. Perfect.

The three albums (Hot Fuss, Sam's Town and Day & Age) have different stories to tell. From Mr. Brightside's loneliness, we ventured to the love of the young girl in Sam's Town. It leads us to question human's ingenuity. Our ingenuity. :)

Five Stars for Day and Age :))

Friday, January 16, 2009


The moment that I've been waiting for: I'm sick.


No, it's not that I'm excused with some household chores or what, I don't want to be sick, really.

But seriously it all started last Tuesday when I crammed for my Genetics Lab first long exam (which fortunately I passed, more than passing. LOOL). Since I was deprived from sleep, I ate dinner as early as 6.30 pm, fed the dogs and slept for 12 hours straight.

Wednesday. The weather became gloomier and colder. When I woke up around seven, my throat started to exhibit this burning sensation and swallowing was more of a torment act rather than a pleasurable feeling when you eat something delicious during breakfast. Yet, I only wore my fancy brown shorts and gray shirt as well as my slippers since I only had two classes. But then again, my attire was inappropriate.

Thursday was the day when it rained the whole day. Finally. It was really cold, as if the hallways were lambasted with 5-horsepower air conditioner units every one meter. When I woke up, I felt the sharp and searing pain in my throat and talking was a bit a torture to me. For two straight days, I only drank my prescribed medicines - that was the most scrumptious breakfast meal in my entire life, really. T_____T

This happens when heavy rain occurs and still students want to attend burn their eyebrows for their either boring or interactive lectures. Take note all classes in elementary and secondary levels were suspended by the mayor. The question is, are WE DIFFERENT from elementary and high school students? Duuuh. I hate this.

Mary Poppins made a surprise visit in UPMin. LOOL :)))))

Things get worse this day, Friday. I shiver even if the weather's surprisingly fine. I wear two layers of clothing (shirt and sweater) still, I feel the icy cold feeling of the wind. My appetite didn't change, thank God but generally today, I feel very weak. It seems like the ATP production of my body halted for about five seconds. LOL. Nope, that would be impossible. Without the three essential pathways and processes inside my body, I would be rather a cadaver who keeps on blogging about his boring life. Good thing, my Visual Comm prof was also sick, thus I didn't have a class from 10.00 am to 2.30 pm. My eyes almost were heavy in my Biochem class. I tried to fight my drowsiness since I can't afford losing even a single word from my Biochem professor. It's just everyday, it's getting more and more complicated as we ventured on to the realm of Carbohydrates. And yeah, it isn't an easy topic to study. Damn.

Yeah yeah, so I'm talking shit already. :P :))

But wait, there's MOOORE!

The battle isn't over yet. Two exams next week (uggghhh, AGAIN), plus I'll be away from Davao City for the whole weekend. My classmates in Bio 150 (Principles of Ecology) will spend two days and one night in Sigaboy, Davao Oriental. It's almost 5 dreary hours away from the largest city of the country. :)

I feel better now, Thank God. But I really hate the fact that I'm asthmatic.

When the weather's crazy, so as my health.

So help me Supreme Being.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's quite frustrating when you know you can make it to the top but due to overconfidence, you just end up in a mediocre.

Okay, I'm quite bitter. Just quite. =|

Mediocre is still better than low quality, right?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Conflicts between the country's leading universities are not new to us. We have this classic Blue-Green rivalry in the basketball games and the Maroon-Yellow turmoil in the annual cheerdance competition. What's new? They hunger for fame.

WE crave for it, for good times and bad times.

And it's not new to us when we hear about the classic primary objectives/goals of inter school competitions: To promote the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Forget about it. That's bullcrap. If you find me that I think like Machiavelli, well forgive me. It's just I'm getting sick and tired of this thing. The cycle repeats over and over again (that's why it's a cycle, not a pathway)! If one group wins, the other group starts to rant, rage and complain for the results. Either it's the fault of judges (bias, that is) or due to some "technicalities". This is not new to us and will remain for the next fifty years or more!

I can't blame them. I bet it's part of human nature, right? People always want to bring home the bacon, no matter what. Some are afraid of failure for it's a sign of weakness. Apparently, failure is more significant than success! Some of us fail to realize that success is really hard to attain. Success isn't that easy to achieve nor it's always imminent. You have to work hard for it.

So we're going offcourse-golfcourse-concourse-racecourse-horse right now, let's get back to the main topic.

So what's this warfare about? I think this is worse than the Gaza-Israel clash. This is not humane already. I can't consider this to be entertaining. This is alarming. I have read lots and lots of articles in the cyberspace about it, like the latest Atenista's rant about the mediocre lifestyle of PUPians.

This is enough already.


Okay so this entry is all about sensationalism, why not talk about other things? Since I'm free all night, I should grab this opportunity because next week we're going to spend another day trip to hell, literally.

I've been hearing this news over and over again. Do the infamous Alabang Boys ring a bell? Of course. Those spoiled brats are not exempted to the law. I was laughing sarcastically when their father said in the national television weeks ago:

"Hindi po drug addict anak ko! He's just a social user."

Define social user please. I think it is the same. Social drinkers drink during social gatherings.

You're rich, for crying out loud.
You party all day, all night, 24/7.

So that means your son takes prohibited drugs during your social gatherings/parties EVERY night? Talking about lame excuses. And what was the latest buzz about these addicts? Are they trying to bribe DOJ for fifty million pesos? It's very appalling if DOJ accepts the bribe.

Oh yeah, I thought I was going to end this entry, but no this news caught my attention: Erap was very disheartened by the demise of her mother. My deepest condolences to you sir. But heck, when her mother's admitted to the hospital, of course media would flock the hospital room and Erap's only wish for her mother: Long Life.

I don't have this right belt out some negative vibes about her mother's death, but I just can't stop. It bothers me so much, thinking of extending her life. Like, her mother speaks rarely, doesn't have this feeble strength to feed herself, etc. Her health is deteriorating every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every jiffy, every millisecond, whatever. But then again, I can't blame him. It only shows he really loves her mother.

I don't know but personally, I don't believe in euthanasia. I always want to debate this matter to my Theology teachers back in high school. I can't see the moral of it. It pains me when I see an almost lifeless person suffering, only supported by machines. But then again the bottom line is this:

We people had different perspectives in life.

The goal for peace is this: Respect. There are no right or wrong answers in this world, except for some technical terms though.

Respect is badly needed nowadays.
Peace and Love is already obsolete (but it's still significant).
We should prioritize the former more than the latter.

Because respect is the only prerequisite for PEACE and LOVE.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snapshot. Hotshot. Headshot.

Dites cela vous amour je pour toujours
jamais arrêt pas pour quoi que


Not now. I am in a pseudo solitary confinement. I opted to be alone right now.

And right now (and I've been using the "now" word three times already), I feel sick. Despite having two exams for this day (which is completely normal...sad to say...), and suffering from sleep deprivation (also a normal thing for us), the weather is actually the culprit for the day. I don't know. I feel that my asthma's starting to develop, thanks Mother Nature, really. (-___-)

I really thought this is going to be the last day of exam for this month of January. I was wrong. We still have an exam next week. Crap. I thought I'm just going to be a lazy butthead after this day, well wait, forget about the lazy butthead thing, I still have to study for the almighty Biochem. Oh yes. I can't afford to cram for the second long since it requires extensive memorization and analysis, which I think the exam is already imminent.

I need to rest really. Sometimes, it's hard to choose between acads and health. Ack. :(

Yeah, so what if I'm the cream of the crop if my health is in "singko" condition? That's bullcrap, right?

Proper time management is the solution to this predicament.

But then again, it's in our human nature; we choose to party all night long and forget those responsibilities to oblivion.

It's still our fault. We don't have the right to blame earth's rotation. We don't have to rant on how time flies so fast.

BUT THEN AGAIN, I just ranted and wished that the earth's rotation is 72 hours instead of 24 hours moments ago. We don't have the right to blame others.


See? I'm just ranting about nonsense things. Really.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Jeux d’enfants (Love Me If You Dare)

Well, thanks to YouTube (and Chin-chin's almighty convincing powers), I decided to watch this French flick instead of reviewing for my long exams.

Jeux d’enfants (Love Me If You Dare) is a love story between childhood friends Julien and Sophie. Everyday, they think that life is just full of dares and games, thanks to the magical tin can toy (whatever you call that truth-or-dare game). Although they act impishly in school and home, they still enjoy the company of each other. As they grew up into young adults, Sophie realized that she was already in love with her best friend, Julien, though the problem is, Julienne acts as if he’s still eight years old. But eventually, the feeling was mutual and they fell in love with each other.

What I really admire on this movie is the story. Actually I thought it was a dreary and cheesy romance film but as I progressed on to the movie, I fell in love with it. The movie portrays lots of adventures, misadventures, funny moments, tears and etcetera. Also, the flick suggests love in an indirect manner. Unlike some ordinary romance movies which portray love unswervingly, Jeux d’enfants showcases love in a surrealistic approach. It’s like constructing a sentence with a splash of figures of speech, metaphor and hyperbole to be exact. Some scenes where undeniably impossible to exist in real life but the emphasis is really there.

This flick elucidates the meaning of true and unconditional love. The feeling is irrevocable. The ending was really, REALLY touching I tell you. So if you want to feel that you’re in love (again or for the first time), I guarantee you, yes YOU to watch this French flick.

Game or not? Cap u pa cap? ;)

Got this from YouTube. Let Go - Imogen Heap with scenes from Jeux d'enfants. I just posted this video so you'll have an idea about it. :)


I want to end these nonsense things right now.
I want to have an eternal sleep.
And then I beg mother earth to slow down the planet's rotation.
Break the chains of isolation.
Open doors in distant lands.
Share our knowledge and experiences.
Message ringing loud and clear.
I don't want to procrastinate.
But I'm doing it right now.
I want to party all night long.
I like to move it, move it.
I like to move it, move it.
You like to.. MOVE IT!
Sometimes, the world experiences the Machiavellian way of life.
Utopia is not good within the state too.
Gain access to other cultures.
New horizons, broader dimensions.
Forge concord with our fellowmen.
Building bridges across the continents.
Oh, baby did you know I suffer?
Oh baby can you hear moan?


My mind is spinning round and round and round
square and square and square
concentric, heliocentric, geocentric
star spangled banner

Sunday, January 11, 2009



Is this the "humble-slash-holy" place where the Virgin Mary gave birth to our Savior, Jesus Christ?

A lot of religious people want to go to there.

Can you still consider this to be holy? I doubt it. This is really appalling.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

No Choice

If you arrive late in your exam, your professor will possibly do two things: Either he still allows you to take the test even if it’s unfeasible to finish the exam, like in my case last semester, OR, he will not allow you to enter the room and types the oblong-thing in his class record. Oops.

Authoritarian. Totalitarian.

On the other hand, if the professor is late during the exam, students would still suffer. Why?

For a flagrant raison d'être they have to wait for the professor and hopes that the professor will find ways to reimburse the wasted minutes, seconds, and milliseconds… whatever. But what if some of them have a class right after the exam? That means another predicament to deal with. Double trouble. :P

And then if the teacher cancels the exam and reschedules it on the next meeting, some students would sense disappointment.

Okay, scratch out the THEY word and replace it with WE.

Okay, so I’m quite bitter about it. T____T

If only I knew that our professor would be late this morning, I should have reviewed for my Invertebrate Zoology instead OR I should not be deprived with sleep, AGAIN.

The odium of that moment is quite subtle though. Good thing it had gone astray after a few jiffies. Whew…

What a debauched day!!! =/

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This is Priceless

I think Oprah Winfrey's infamous WOW expression was really funny (take note of the emphasis).

Another thing:

Oprah is fond of helping people during the time of natural disasters, crisis, you name it. But she doesn’t help every people. She’s not Mother Teresa, she’s only Mother Oprah. LOOOL! It goes something like this:

Woman: You know what, I'm really sad with my family. I don’t what to do Oprah (crying, sniff..sniff). You see? My house was destroyed by Katrina. I need a new architect, some cash to start all over again, I can’t take this anymore. Huhuhuhu.

Oprah’s simple reply: Well… Good luck with that (pat on the back).

I haven’t watched even a single MadTv parody of Oprah. I’ll try to watch it over the weekend. HAHAHHAHAHA.

HAHAHAHA. (Eck, redundant).

One word: Wuuhh-OW (exaggerated form of WOW :P).

Disclaimer: I do not intend/wish/mean to inflict unimaginable havoc to die hard fans of Oprah (including my cousin). Lool. :)))

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Too Mundane

There's nothing special about this entry.

But I think I can't afford of trailing the sanity of this page. HAHAHA. But hey, I will try my best to update my alter ego in the cyber space despite the ordeal that I’ve been experiencing today and most probably until the next three weeks. I still can’t believe that 2009 would welcome me to the sweltering dominion of Hades. (T____T)

But anyway, classmates from Heaven this is the absolute schedule of agony –este- Long Exams:

January 8, 2009MST 6 (Biodiversity Challenge)
January 9, 2009Zoo 3 Lec (Invertebrate Zoology) either 8.30 – 11.00 am or 5.30 – 7.00 pm schedule. I prefer the latter than the former. Whattchathink??!

January 13, 2009Bio 30 Lab (Genetics) – Room 112, 2.30 – 4.00 pm.
January 14, 2009 Zoo 3 Lab (for EF-1L class only)

At least after two to three weeks, we’re going to start carousing in various places in Mindanao – field trips in Camiguin, Lake Sebu, Mt. Hamiguitan and other places are already imminent. YAHOO!!! Though, I still have to plan for our MST 6 field trip. I don’t want the place. I opt to attend the Camiguin trip. I’ve never been to that place. Ack.

On second thought, I had this compunction of picking number 18. Drat. I honestly don’t like to be the leader of the group. But I don’t have a choice but to accept the responsibility.

Ooooooh, I have a bad feeling about this.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

If Only.

When I was seven or eight, I used to be bullied at school and be a loner at my home. My parents are very busy. Yeah, all I can see is their bright laptops and briefcase. They scarcely notice my presence at house. I barely see them in the house, except for my nanny, who always talks on the wireless phone all day and all night.

In school I don’t have friends. They always tease me. Alright, call me loser and beaner. I used to wear thick glasses and I’m fragile and docile. Those big guys love to bully me. But anyway, I’m getting used to that life. Call me a masochist but I do not have a choice. My teachers were already worried about my state but I always say that I’m okay.

Deep inside, I felt the deepest seclusion in my life. I thought my life would be like this forever.

Until one Saturday morning, while doing the usual weekend morning, I heard this guttural cry in the garden. I got scared, thinking it was the boogey man that attacks every morning. Then I called nanny.

It was not a boogey man, it was just a puppy. A lone puppy. I don’t know where the heck that puppy came from. When the puppy saw me, he ran on to me and licked my right foot.

I adopted him, of course. With the help of nanny, we raised him and named him Pooch. Well, the name kinda sucks but well, I think it’s cute.

Pooch grew exponentially. He’s very fond of me. And then I felt this odd feeling, the feeling that I’ve never felt in my whole eight years of existence. I felt that I was not alone anymore. He continued to grow and eventually became my very first friend, my one and only best friend in the whole world.

Over the years, I always felt the excitement during dismissal time since I’m going to meet Pooch. I don’t care if those scoundrels would bully me after all they have found a new victim.

Every week, I bathe him and sometimes play with him.
Every afternoon, I always take him for a walk in the park.
Every day, I talk to him. I don’t care if he doesn’t understand me, as long as he looks to me.

But sometimes, as years go by, I grew tired. I sometimes forgot to talk to him, take him for a walk or bathe him.

When I turned fifteen, I have come to realize that my life wasn’t a waste, after all. I grew how to socialize with people. I knew how to balance my life.

I totally forgot Pooch. Even if I sometimes forgot that he is still there (though I don’t forget feeding and giving him drinking water in his house), he’s still there, waiting for me in the front lawn. He would always lick my right foot whenever I arrive either from school or work.

As usual, I got bored.

And then one weekend, I noticed that the house was silent. Nanny had gone to vacation. I thought of having Pooch for a walk, after all it’s been a long time since his last walk in the park. So I went outside.

I called him.
He didn’t respond.
I called him again.
Still no response from my first best friend…
I went in his place, but found no trace of Pooch.

I began to be anxious and worried about him. So I went down on the street, asking some locals if they had found a big brown dog. Unfortunately, they haven’t seen the big brown friendly dog. I even contacted the local dog pound but I didn’t find any luck.

Days and weeks have passed, still no sign of Pooch. Eventually, I felt the deep sadness that once evoked my childhood days. I began to ponder the things that I’ve missed about Pooch.

I regret those days when I became lazy to talk to him.
I regret those days when I didn’t take him for a walk.
I regret the days when I made him lonely.
I regret almost everything.

If only I could turn back time and changed those dull days of ours.

‘Til now, he didn’t return but I finally accept the fact that it would be implausible to see him again. I miss Pooch – his warm body and thick fur envelops my sadness and despair.

His friendly bark would forever resound on my memory.

Pooch is the only living thing that made me realize that life doesn’t end at a solitary point.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ooohhh... Snap Back!


Year of the Ox.

And I’ve just realized that for seven straight years, Christmas and New Year here in Davao is awfully lackluster. Forgive me mayor, but I think our city deserves to have at least a colorful night on welcoming the New Year. It would be better if the officials would facilitate the fireworks in a safe place. Don’t you guys agree?

On the lighter side, hospitals in the whole city reported zero casualties.

On a much lighter side, roads are very clean.

AND THE LIGHTEST PART OF IT IS THIS: The air is clean. Ahhh. Fresh air. I don’t need to rush to the nearest Chemist (‘coz I’m from London, LOL) just to buy nebules.

No more thug-thug and the squeaking sound of the nebuliser.

And yeah, I need to get back to work. Fuck. I think the schedule for my Zoo 3 Lec (Invertebrate Zoology) is final and it’s already imminent – this Monday. I really hate it when you start your year in a dreadful manner. The eighth of January means the same thing. Give us at least one week, please.

I’m tired. I’ve slept at around six. Yeah apparently I was doodling something in photoshop. The best part of it is not the product though. I have just ym-ed one of my closest friends in high school for at least five hours. And five hours is NOT enough. And I crave for another five more hours! Haha. But anyway it was fun, really.

Are horses lucky this year? I think the luckiest year for horses is 2010.

…and I was born in the year of the horses. The year was 1990. Ugh, great! I’m turning 19 this year, after eight months. I’m getting old. And I need some damn magic in my life.

Enough of this shit talk. I’m just really… really… zzzzzzz.