Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Do you know what it feels like if you have sinusitis? Just think about this:
Imagine you’re head is like a rock, and imagine that whatever happens to the rock, you will feel the exact humane feelings and senses. And then, little by little, a jackhammer slowly drills the rock, with its powerful force.

Wait, do I really know the feeling of a jackhammer thrashing in my forehead? Loool. But the point is this: having sinusitis is a really painful ordeal in man’s life. And it sucks when they come and attack you in a wrong time and in a wrong place. They can choose me to raise their bolos and attack my sinus area when I’m bored and/or when I’m home. Drat. But the good thing is, the attack started after I ate my early lunch at around 10.30 in the morning. Likewise, it was first an annoying, sudden pain and it was still bearable of course. As time goes by, the pain would increase its intensity until you can’t stand the excruciating sharp pain in the sinus area (near the upper tip my nose bridge, connecting to the eyebrow area). I still want to attend my Visual Comm class since the topics were a little bit interesting even if the lectures were waywardly lackluster. Accck. Thanks to Mr. Sinusitis, he really RUINED my plans for the entire. I was ready to meet the group together with Prof. Obsioma regarding for our upcoming field trip this February 7. Accckkkk. Alright, alright. So as early as 11.20 am, I went home, drank Decolgen, turned the AC on, listened to some good music and slept for almost four hours.

And now, I feel better, NOT. :(

Oh yeah speaking of school, I really had this habit of daydreaming. I know it is uuuuuhhhhh, a common habit if one is bored during the lecture, or if one didn’t understand even a single word on it since the teacher is fond of using those grandiose words or some undecipherable scientific/technical terms. But I have these weird imaginations when I daydream. Here are some:

  • The professor will fly away, leaving a large hole in the ceiling after I push the eject-the-teacher-button located in my armchair. LOL
  • A Paula Taylor or Kim-Tae Hee look-a-like will sit beside me. That would be RAELLY REALLY nice and hot. :))))
  • Chris Martin serenading the whole class and the teacher will raise his hands in the air.
  • Changing the head of your professor to Mr. Bean’s. HAHAHAHAHA
  • Snow inside the classroom. Whatever.

What the heck, I think I’m just wasting my time thinking of these nonsense things. Lol. I think sleeping inside the class is better than daydreaming.. Until you get reprimanded of disrespecting your teacher.

But yeah, living in a life full of pretensions is not that easy.

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