Thursday, January 08, 2009

No Choice

If you arrive late in your exam, your professor will possibly do two things: Either he still allows you to take the test even if it’s unfeasible to finish the exam, like in my case last semester, OR, he will not allow you to enter the room and types the oblong-thing in his class record. Oops.

Authoritarian. Totalitarian.

On the other hand, if the professor is late during the exam, students would still suffer. Why?

For a flagrant raison d'être they have to wait for the professor and hopes that the professor will find ways to reimburse the wasted minutes, seconds, and milliseconds… whatever. But what if some of them have a class right after the exam? That means another predicament to deal with. Double trouble. :P

And then if the teacher cancels the exam and reschedules it on the next meeting, some students would sense disappointment.

Okay, scratch out the THEY word and replace it with WE.

Okay, so I’m quite bitter about it. T____T

If only I knew that our professor would be late this morning, I should have reviewed for my Invertebrate Zoology instead OR I should not be deprived with sleep, AGAIN.

The odium of that moment is quite subtle though. Good thing it had gone astray after a few jiffies. Whew…

What a debauched day!!! =/

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