Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Conflicts between the country's leading universities are not new to us. We have this classic Blue-Green rivalry in the basketball games and the Maroon-Yellow turmoil in the annual cheerdance competition. What's new? They hunger for fame.

WE crave for it, for good times and bad times.

And it's not new to us when we hear about the classic primary objectives/goals of inter school competitions: To promote the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Forget about it. That's bullcrap. If you find me that I think like Machiavelli, well forgive me. It's just I'm getting sick and tired of this thing. The cycle repeats over and over again (that's why it's a cycle, not a pathway)! If one group wins, the other group starts to rant, rage and complain for the results. Either it's the fault of judges (bias, that is) or due to some "technicalities". This is not new to us and will remain for the next fifty years or more!

I can't blame them. I bet it's part of human nature, right? People always want to bring home the bacon, no matter what. Some are afraid of failure for it's a sign of weakness. Apparently, failure is more significant than success! Some of us fail to realize that success is really hard to attain. Success isn't that easy to achieve nor it's always imminent. You have to work hard for it.

So we're going offcourse-golfcourse-concourse-racecourse-horse right now, let's get back to the main topic.

So what's this warfare about? I think this is worse than the Gaza-Israel clash. This is not humane already. I can't consider this to be entertaining. This is alarming. I have read lots and lots of articles in the cyberspace about it, like the latest Atenista's rant about the mediocre lifestyle of PUPians.

This is enough already.


Okay so this entry is all about sensationalism, why not talk about other things? Since I'm free all night, I should grab this opportunity because next week we're going to spend another day trip to hell, literally.

I've been hearing this news over and over again. Do the infamous Alabang Boys ring a bell? Of course. Those spoiled brats are not exempted to the law. I was laughing sarcastically when their father said in the national television weeks ago:

"Hindi po drug addict anak ko! He's just a social user."

Define social user please. I think it is the same. Social drinkers drink during social gatherings.

You're rich, for crying out loud.
You party all day, all night, 24/7.

So that means your son takes prohibited drugs during your social gatherings/parties EVERY night? Talking about lame excuses. And what was the latest buzz about these addicts? Are they trying to bribe DOJ for fifty million pesos? It's very appalling if DOJ accepts the bribe.

Oh yeah, I thought I was going to end this entry, but no this news caught my attention: Erap was very disheartened by the demise of her mother. My deepest condolences to you sir. But heck, when her mother's admitted to the hospital, of course media would flock the hospital room and Erap's only wish for her mother: Long Life.

I don't have this right belt out some negative vibes about her mother's death, but I just can't stop. It bothers me so much, thinking of extending her life. Like, her mother speaks rarely, doesn't have this feeble strength to feed herself, etc. Her health is deteriorating every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every jiffy, every millisecond, whatever. But then again, I can't blame him. It only shows he really loves her mother.

I don't know but personally, I don't believe in euthanasia. I always want to debate this matter to my Theology teachers back in high school. I can't see the moral of it. It pains me when I see an almost lifeless person suffering, only supported by machines. But then again the bottom line is this:

We people had different perspectives in life.

The goal for peace is this: Respect. There are no right or wrong answers in this world, except for some technical terms though.

Respect is badly needed nowadays.
Peace and Love is already obsolete (but it's still significant).
We should prioritize the former more than the latter.

Because respect is the only prerequisite for PEACE and LOVE.

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