Friday, January 30, 2009

Unparalleled Thoughts

What time is it? It’s party time!


So I came home at around nine in the evening from a pizza-KKB-party at SM. With all those inexorable thoughts of everything, I sometimes need to unwind myself from the stressful environment of the mountain. I just woke up and realized that it was already Friday. Thank God, it’s really Friday and I’m not dreaming. But yeah, tomorrow, lots of things should be accomplished within my planned schedule.

By tomorrow, I should start reading, reviewing and memorizing those hard-to-spell- terms, enzymes, functions and other things related to Genetics, Biochemistry, Invertebrate Zoology and Ecology. I’m quite anxious with Genetics since the topics were quite dreary. I also need to plan the night program for our upcoming field trip in MST6. I have LOTS of ideas and maybe I should share my insights to my classmates as well. Two heads are better than one you know. And yeah hopefully I could get the official list of people who will join the trip this seventh and eighth day of February (and I hope crush will join the trip.. uyyy kilig!). Speaking of field trip, I can now finally join the Camiguin Trip!!! OHH YEAAAHHH. It’s the trip that I have been waiting for. I’ve been dying to visit the picturesque island of Camiguin. I should tell dad about this.

Speaking of doing important things, I shall finish Fairyland within this week. After that, I’ll borrow Cha’s For One More Day (Mitch Albom). Then after that I’ll try to save for Michael Crichton’s Prey. Acccckkkkk.

I think I am dealing this weird problem. I’m usually a couch potato. But thanks to the internet and school works, I don’t have much time to delve with the new teleseryes and other shows of the idiot box. But yeah, I shouldn’t miss even a single episode of American Idol. The audition process is undeniably the best part of the show! HAHAHAHA. And yeah, This February 15 (16 in the Philippines) will be the season premiere of The Amazing Race 14! HAHAHA. I’m a little bit excited. There’s a good reason on why I should not attend my NSTP1 class. Loool. Boring, I really hate it when I do have a class every Monday. Last semester was the worst schedule ever since I only have one class, which is Physics – from 7.00 am to 9.00 am. Newtonian Physics is really boring. It’s like a lullaby for me. Oh yeah, Survivor is also coming, SURVIVOR TOCANTINS (pronounced as Tocanchins). According to my Brazilian friend, it’s one of the hottest places in Brazil. If you’re an expert in Geography, then you’ll probably know the reason why. *wink*. :) Hahaha.

Though I’m not that excited since I ain’t a big fan of Survivor.


Classmates.. errr. This is the final schedule of our exams next week:

February 4 (Wednesday) – Genetics
February 5 (Thursday) – Principles of Ecology Lab
**TBA: Zoo 3 Lec – I think it would be scheduled this Friday, 5.30 pm – 7.00 pm.

**I hate this part.. nanananana** Accckkk. LSS.


She’s pretty, isn’t it?

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