Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ooohhh... Snap Back!


Year of the Ox.

And I’ve just realized that for seven straight years, Christmas and New Year here in Davao is awfully lackluster. Forgive me mayor, but I think our city deserves to have at least a colorful night on welcoming the New Year. It would be better if the officials would facilitate the fireworks in a safe place. Don’t you guys agree?

On the lighter side, hospitals in the whole city reported zero casualties.

On a much lighter side, roads are very clean.

AND THE LIGHTEST PART OF IT IS THIS: The air is clean. Ahhh. Fresh air. I don’t need to rush to the nearest Chemist (‘coz I’m from London, LOL) just to buy nebules.

No more thug-thug and the squeaking sound of the nebuliser.

And yeah, I need to get back to work. Fuck. I think the schedule for my Zoo 3 Lec (Invertebrate Zoology) is final and it’s already imminent – this Monday. I really hate it when you start your year in a dreadful manner. The eighth of January means the same thing. Give us at least one week, please.

I’m tired. I’ve slept at around six. Yeah apparently I was doodling something in photoshop. The best part of it is not the product though. I have just ym-ed one of my closest friends in high school for at least five hours. And five hours is NOT enough. And I crave for another five more hours! Haha. But anyway it was fun, really.

Are horses lucky this year? I think the luckiest year for horses is 2010.

…and I was born in the year of the horses. The year was 1990. Ugh, great! I’m turning 19 this year, after eight months. I’m getting old. And I need some damn magic in my life.

Enough of this shit talk. I’m just really… really… zzzzzzz.

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