Wednesday, January 28, 2009

50-something Things to Delve With

This isn’t a tag. I just want to write something about me. And because I’m utterly bored, I’ll just do this thing anyway. Well, here are some facts and I think it would reach more than a hundred, NOT. Lol. Here goes nothing.


One: I was born and meant to be a loquacious creature. Apparently when I was two, I am fond of asking questions about trees, animals, humans and other miscellaneous tangible things. And my uncle who used to watch me will get irritated by my questions. Funny thing was, already knew the answer yet I keep on asking the same question over and over again.

Two: I used to speak with my own language. When I was two, I was fond of associating things with my own language. Bagu is for slippers. Gatchenpari is for the house. Chicchic if for the muslim ladies who wear the head thingamajig (Sheara, ano nga tawag sa headgear thing? Lol) and Lululunis asimpiyu for Looney Tunes.

Three: I am a frustrated Entomologist when I was little. In our old house I used to catch ladybugs. And we all know that these little critters will excrete a malodorous yellowish substance whenever they are threatened. I observe them and even tried to breed them even if how stupid my methods are. I’m also with grasshoppers, thanks to my lolo who is an expert of catching the green arthropod. HAHAHA.

Four: I am very talkative. Due to my insane behavior, my Chinese teacher in my Kindergarten days punished me. I have to stay outside the room and endure the scorching heat of the sun. Yeah, after that, I got sick. BANTAY BATA 163. Ooops. I think my old Chinese teacher is already dead, errr, almost five years ago? I think.

Five: When I was almost two, we moved to Zamboanga City and lived for almost two years. Zamboanga is small, dangerous and boring. Lol.

Six: My favorite song in the karaoke when I was two: Green, Green Grass of Home.

Seven: I remember that my former nanny will cry whenever she hears the song Can’t Cry Hard Enough. HAHAHA. Hi Ate Tiff!

Eight: I can still remember things when I was a toddler – my first plane ride, when I almost went through inside an xray machine in the old Davao International Airport, when the plane failed to have a takeoff since the Air Traffic Controllers conducted a strike and all those memories in Zamboanga.

Nine: On my second birthday, we celebrated it at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University’s auditorium. My dad works as one of the sponsors of a certain show. The show presented some famous cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Due to my excitement, I went to the stage and literally ruined the show. HAHAHA. Sorry about that. But yeah the mascots joined my “Johnny Bravo” moves and everyone laughed at my folly. I was even featured on TV Patrol Chavacano.

Ten: Maybe this is effective if I write this in Tagalog: Makapal talaga ang mukha ko.
Eleven: I am a former lefty, converted by mom but she can’t help with my spoon-and-fork drama. I write using my right hand, but I can still manage to write legibly at my left. Is semi-ambidextrous a right term for it? I don’t know.

Twelve: I learned how to play the piano when I was seven, took some piano lessons at Yamaha for one year and after that I just learn how to play the rest of the game by myself.

Thirteen: I prefer on playing the piano by EAR and not by NOTES. I suck when I play notes. I find it impractical. HAHAHA.

Fourteen: I love to listen to classical artists like Bach, Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven.

Fifteen: I don’t know how to sing but dances a little bit. LOOL.

Sixteen: I don’t know how to play the guitar. HAHAHA. Err, I find the piano easier than the guitar.

Seventeen: I do not birthday parties. I prefer to treat my friends and family somewhere. And I opt to be a simple celebration than to be a grand and formal event.

Eighteen: I am always enamored with the weather.

Nineteen: My all-time favorite movie is TWISTER and TITANIC.

Twenty: I have already seen a unicorn... in my dreams! HAHAHA. :))

Twenty One: My all time favorite subject in elementary and high school is Science. No wonder why I took BS Biology in college.

Twenty Two: I am “suplado”. HAHAHA. But when I know you already, you’ll always see me smiling.

Twenty Three: I didn’t experience the euphoria of being the first in the class. I always end up in the second or third place. Either it’s just a matter of point one OR classmate ko ang Valedictorian ng batch ko. HAHAHAHA.

Twenty Four: When I was young, I opt to read books than to watch cartoons. I only know Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry and the Ninja Turtles.

Twenty Five: When my mom subscribed to cable, my favorite channel is National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Cartoon Network. Awww. Those good old days.

Twenty Six: My favorite planeteer is Willer and Linka (Fire and Wind respectively) and my favorite villain is Dr. Blake. Lol.

Twenty Seven: I am asthmatic, ‘til now. It keeps on haunting me. But I’m used to its daunting presence.

Twenty Eight: I can roll my tongue and I can move my nostrils up and down.

Twenty Nine: Speaking of nostrils, I have this annoying nose bump along my bridge.

Thirty: I only know how to play Badminton and Table Tennis.

Thirty One: Phenotypically, I and my brother do not have similarities, except for the skin complexion.

Thirty Two: I am very obsessed with airplanes.

Thirty Three: When McDonalds was still cheaper, I used to collect Happy Meals. I have lots of Happy Meal toys inside my cabinet.

Thirty Four: I opt to play with Lego toys than robots. I want a challenging game since I just want to pressure myself with no valid reason.

Thirty Five: I have a rich Spanish and Chinese lineage.

Thirty Six: Writing and Photography unwinds me from stress.

Thirty Seven: I hate Barney the Gay Dinosaur as well as Dora the Explorer. UGGGHHHH.

Thirty Eight: I am really scared with big and hairy spiders.

Thirty Nine: I am licensed to kill Cockroaches. Wait ‘til you see my brother’s reaction when he sees a lone cockroach. HAHAHA. You’ll get muscle spasms due to intense laughter. LOOOL

Forty: I almost got electrocuted thrice, thanks to my CURIOUSITY.

Forty One: I have watched the entire season of Mara Clara. Who wouldn’t forget the iniquitous diary? HAHAHA. Also, I’m an avid fan of Mula sa Puso and Sineskwela. Gosh, teleseryes during the late nineties are better than this time.

Forty Two: I do not like wearing ring as jewelry. I prefer wearing watch of necklace.

Forty Three: I really love to eat. Good thing I am blessed with an ultrahigh metabolic rate.

Forty Four: With no apparent reasons, 7 was my former favorite number, and I don’t know why.

Forty Five: Honestly, I love to witness my teacher scolding my classmate, be for not doing his homework or because of his waywardness.

Forty Six: Michael Crichton is my all time favorite author, as well as Robert Ludlum. Grippingly, both of them are dead. T___T

Forty Seven: When I was in my junior year in high school, I used to have a major pimple outbreak. DRAT. It was really a nightmare for me.

Forty Eight: I opt for McDonalds than in Jollibee.

Forty Nine: On normal days, I sleep for more than twelve hours!

Fifty: I accept the fact that seafoods i.e. shrimps, crabs, squid, shells, clams and etcetera are lethal to my system.

Fifty One: If I won a million dollars, I would first spend the money for traveling around the world. I really love to travel and mingle with a new environment.

Fifty Two: I really want to pursue Medicine in the future but I was thinking of taking a Master's then Doctorate degree in Marine Biology and Marine Ecology. Oh no. :(


Expect more of these facts to flow in my page. There are still millions of them. LOOOOL. Hope you enjoyed this entry as I enjoyed writing this. The feeling is somewhat nostalgic. These gossamer memories will stay eternally in my subconscious mind.

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  1. it was fun reading! :D

    number six reminded me the days when I used to stand on the table and sing "Unbreak My Heart"...... HAHAHAHA!