Friday, January 16, 2009


The moment that I've been waiting for: I'm sick.


No, it's not that I'm excused with some household chores or what, I don't want to be sick, really.

But seriously it all started last Tuesday when I crammed for my Genetics Lab first long exam (which fortunately I passed, more than passing. LOOL). Since I was deprived from sleep, I ate dinner as early as 6.30 pm, fed the dogs and slept for 12 hours straight.

Wednesday. The weather became gloomier and colder. When I woke up around seven, my throat started to exhibit this burning sensation and swallowing was more of a torment act rather than a pleasurable feeling when you eat something delicious during breakfast. Yet, I only wore my fancy brown shorts and gray shirt as well as my slippers since I only had two classes. But then again, my attire was inappropriate.

Thursday was the day when it rained the whole day. Finally. It was really cold, as if the hallways were lambasted with 5-horsepower air conditioner units every one meter. When I woke up, I felt the sharp and searing pain in my throat and talking was a bit a torture to me. For two straight days, I only drank my prescribed medicines - that was the most scrumptious breakfast meal in my entire life, really. T_____T

This happens when heavy rain occurs and still students want to attend burn their eyebrows for their either boring or interactive lectures. Take note all classes in elementary and secondary levels were suspended by the mayor. The question is, are WE DIFFERENT from elementary and high school students? Duuuh. I hate this.

Mary Poppins made a surprise visit in UPMin. LOOL :)))))

Things get worse this day, Friday. I shiver even if the weather's surprisingly fine. I wear two layers of clothing (shirt and sweater) still, I feel the icy cold feeling of the wind. My appetite didn't change, thank God but generally today, I feel very weak. It seems like the ATP production of my body halted for about five seconds. LOL. Nope, that would be impossible. Without the three essential pathways and processes inside my body, I would be rather a cadaver who keeps on blogging about his boring life. Good thing, my Visual Comm prof was also sick, thus I didn't have a class from 10.00 am to 2.30 pm. My eyes almost were heavy in my Biochem class. I tried to fight my drowsiness since I can't afford losing even a single word from my Biochem professor. It's just everyday, it's getting more and more complicated as we ventured on to the realm of Carbohydrates. And yeah, it isn't an easy topic to study. Damn.

Yeah yeah, so I'm talking shit already. :P :))

But wait, there's MOOORE!

The battle isn't over yet. Two exams next week (uggghhh, AGAIN), plus I'll be away from Davao City for the whole weekend. My classmates in Bio 150 (Principles of Ecology) will spend two days and one night in Sigaboy, Davao Oriental. It's almost 5 dreary hours away from the largest city of the country. :)

I feel better now, Thank God. But I really hate the fact that I'm asthmatic.

When the weather's crazy, so as my health.

So help me Supreme Being.

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