Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Real Deal: UP Students

The public tends to generalize that all UP students are intelligent and leftist. But for almost (yes, ALMOST) three years of staying, thriving and coping with this one-of-a-kind institution, I come to realize that UP is an institution with a vast array of species diversity. Moreover, I used to perceive that kind of typecast. This is just based on to my observations and therefore it wouldn’t reflect to the whole system. But I surmise that it would be somehow similar to other campuses, or whatnot.


The All Around Perfectionist – this type of UP student excels in both academics (his field of expertise), as well as in other areas like in music, sports, arts. A much rarer species excels in ALL areas. This kind of species (ESTE) student is already considered as an endangered one. Some of them even hurt themselves since perfection is already on to them and the more they’re consistent with their achievements, people will expect more two them. They believe that perfection is not idealistic. Jack of all trades, master of everything.

The Field Researcher – this kind of student can be easily found in just one place – the library. Most of them are in the library to read not just newspapers or other magazines, but they just want to read additional references from their lectures. They believe that learning is not limited within the four walls of the classroom. Inasmuch as knowledge is concerned, they sometimes tend to question whether their professors are still teaching them the right things and all they need to confirm to read materials that are very reliable. It takes time to do this kind of thing. It’s neither a hobby nor an obsession, but rather it’s a responsibility that a student should practice more often.

The Analytical Writer – if you want to verify whether your laboratory reports or paper works are true or you just want to make sure that your answers are not that far out, then try to approach this kind of student. He is very responsible of doing laboratory reports but sometimes tends to think that doing the lab reports for the sake of others is an obligatory task. He feels secured if everybody copies his lab reports. When his report contains erroneous details it’s everybody’s demise. Though, trust is irrevocable.

The Novelistif a teacher or a professor is not a big fan of presenting his lecture on a PowerPoint presentation (either he’s lazy or worse technology illiterate and deprived), there’s only one person who can save the world before bedtime – the novelist. He’s known for his good penmanship as well as his ability to write fast. If he’s ambidextrous, it’s going to be a great advantage not just for him, but for everybody else. A lot of people will photocopy his notes, until his notebook is completely worn out.

Sleeping beauty This is the most common type since everyone can be like this. A student lacks sleep due to stress or the lecture is waywardly boring tends to snooze and snore inside the room. It depends on the teacher though whether to react with this kind of illicit behavior.

The Master of Oratorical SpeechHe is the exact opposite of the Field Researcher. He is so much contended with what the teacher had shared during the lectures and only reads her notes or the handouts. Thus, he only needs to memorize (and a little bit of analytical thinking) the whole thing! They sometimes have this technique on memorizing the hard-to-spell terms. And when they’re ready for the exam, they can manage to memorize the whole piece wholeheartedly. But sometimes, they do not use their intelligence wisely since memorizing is not an effective tool, believe it or not.

The Activist – since the institution is iniquitous for the academic freedom, one tends to use the much celebrated freedom for the betterment of others. They are often members or better an officer of a student council. They are one of the bravest souls in the institution and fear is not in their blood. They fight for what is right and they brawl for oppression.

The Joker, The Talker and The ArtistahinsThese group of people are still famous because they either brought laughter inside a boring lecture, or tends to talk a thousand words per minute or they are known to be the son of a famous politician and/or possesses a great looks. They coexist and coevolved with each other. They can also be found not just in college, but also in high school. But the intensity is stronger, of course.

The Frat/Soro King and Queen – Usually, they do not bond with their blocmates or classmates, but rather they are often seen in one “tambayan” together with their brods and sis. But sometimes, they mingle with their classmates but generally, they are difficult to find, unless you track their secret den. They tend to think about superiority.

The Outcast – They love to be alone and they are happy with it. Usually, he is recluse type of person and feels really uncomfortable during social gatherings. It takes time for them to be happy if he’s in a social group. They have usually low self-esteem and easily gets depress.

The Detritus Feeders – They are sometimes considered as pest since they sometimes do harm than good. Their life cycle is simple, actually. First all they need is to party all night long, and usually sleep the whole morning during the class. And whenever there’s an assignment, he won’t work with it, or just copy the whole thing, the exact thing to be precise without thinking. They have this mentality that if they’re already an UPCAT passer then they’re already as intelligent as Albert Einstein, no matter how many times they repeat a subject or how long they stay in the campus. They exude a perilous high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.


I think there are so many groups in this institution but it would take me a week or two complete the list. But I guess this is already enough despite reaching already a thousand words in this entry as of this point. This entry serves not only to UP students but as well to other institutions. Moreover, generalizing concepts is indeed hazardous.

The important thing is this: We live in a very much diverse place and our niche does not solely reflect with our habitat.

Get it? :)

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