Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Special Pictures

Charming Cukatoo.

Davao Crocodile Park *new*

One of Davao's 'skyscarper' - Landco Building (16 floors) - a business corporate center.

This isn't Bagiuo or Milan dude, it's on Eden Nature Park - slopes of Mt. Apo. Really Breathtaking.

Inside DIA - Airline check-in counters. If it's holiday season, crowds are jampacked on each and every counters.

Overview of Davao Int'l Airport aboard on PAL 811. Preparing for final approach on Runway 23

The New Davao Control Tower. I used to 'live' in this airport facility!

Billboards sprawling in downtown Davao - taken on F. Bangoy St cor. Ponciano St. (Billboards isn't a trend in this city unlike Manila, wherein each and every streets contain billboard signs and streamers.)

Facade of the new Davao Int'l Airport.

The new Davao Int'l Airport - On aboard with PAL 809 (A340-300) taxiing.

This is the old Davao Int'l Airport - it was believed to be haunted!

I think this was in R. Magsaysay St, if not mistaken. Shot time - 5.30pm

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Freaky Dream

Philippine Airlines 747-400 on approach to Davao Int'l Airport Runway 05

Saddam Hussein

I've been absent yesterday due to intense boredom. Duh, I mean I slept the whole day, play with my keyboards which I couldn't compose even a single melody for the graduation song which drives me nuts! And of course, the food in the house is in state of depletion. Oh men, what the heck! But thank God, I've been too busy, texting with my friends of course. We talk about almost everything under the sun and I texted almost all of them until dawn.

By midnight, one of my classmate who happens to be my friend, texted me almost midnight and asked me this oh-so weird question. Well it goes like this:

Friend: Renz, na.a koy question.. (Renz, I have a question..)
Me: What?

Friend: Na.a na ka uyab? (Do you have a girlfriend?)

Me: Never in my life.

Friend: As in sure na sure? Atik? (Are you sure? Really)

Me: Hell, yes! And kung may gf na ako, you'll be the first one to know!

Friend: Talaga ha? What are friends are for.. kala ko uyab na mo ni ***** (Oh? okay, I thought **** was your gf?)

Me: What? Seriously? Duh, yuccckkk, of all na mga girls jan, siya pah? Excuse me (yuccckkk!)

Friend: Bwahahahahaha!ü

Then our text conversation went on for almost 2 hours and our topic? Love and infatuation. It's just like I had a crush on her or what. Duh, that doesn't matter at all. Sheesh. Anyways, because of this inquisitive topic, I had this weirdest dream!

But before I proceed, today, Saddam Hussein, was now executed in Iraq. Perfect for Sunni Muslims because they gained justice but imperfect to Shiites - your leader's a killer men!

Well, here it is:

Dream no.1
The setting is quite ordinary for me. An ordinary school just to endure. We had this 'trip' to one of the subdivision - La Verna. I don't know why but half of the Chrysolite class went on this trip, and mind you, I had a girlfriend on this dream and she's our topic when we had this conversation with my friend. And funny it seems but what's funnier than this is that when we decided to go home because we passed on a 'quarry site' on the second entrance of the village (which doesn't exist in real life), we hailed a jeppney. Funny thing was, the conductors, as well as the drivers were British. They spoke with there common British twang. Weird it seems. As we arrived at the school, we decided to eat at Boodel's. Hay naku!

Dream no.2
This is totally different but I don't why, maybe it's just connected with my dream or what. Okay here it goes. It was a cold night. Actually, it was 9pm. I was all alone in my house. Then I decided to chill myself in the garden. Then, I've noticed Philippine Airlines flight PR 813 circling in the sky over and over again. And the noise of the engine is quite unusual. Worse, it was the Boeing 747-400 aircraft. It circled in the sky, and then reappears eventually on its route.

*On the Davao Control Tower:*

Air Traffic Controller: Philippine 813 go ahead.

813: 813 is now on 40, and waiting for clearance for final approach.

ATC: Philippine 813 you are not cleared to have a final approach. Runway 05 (zero-five) is not cleared. Use for departure of Cebu 965.

813: Philippine 813 maintains its altitude. Going on steady of 40 and circling about 20 miles from runway 05.

ATC: Copy that.

After 5 minutes

813: Davao?!

ATC: Go ahead.

813: Philippine 813 request to have an emergency landing. We had a minor problem on our engine no.3.

ATC: Request confirmed. We would abort the departure of Cebu 965.

813: Copy that.

ATC: Okay, Cebu 965 abort departure, request of a PAL 813 emergency landing has been granted. Please remain stand-by.

Cebu 965: Copy that tower.

ATC: Okay, Philippine 813, what's your position?

813: Still maintaining the 40 altitude and still 20 miles from runway 05. Circling at 20 miles NNE and dumping some fuel. Request for clearance tower.

ATC: Okay, Philippine 813 you are cleared to land at runway 05 and have a final approach of 10 miles.

*Inthe aircraft, the pilots are confused, their communication has been cut-off by unidentified circumstances*

After 5 minutes or so..

Tower: Philippine 813, what's your position?

*no answer*
Tower: Philippine 813 do you copy? (They repeat this over and over again) - until one ATC grabbed a binocular and was in total shock of what he had witness.
I called my mom, and there we watched the horrifying incident. PAL 813 had this weird engine noise until the deadly silence went on. The light of the jumbo jet went off and good thing, the plane's still clear because of the moon's illumination. Somehow, the plane went on its final and deadly slope. The plane's engine went on again but it was too late. A clear sharp noise was clear, for the pilots struggled in the cockpit just to regain the height of the airplane. The jumbo jet's altitude was getting lower and lower until it finally crashed some 10 miles north from my house. It crashed in a plain field. All 500+ on aboard with this plane died in just a snap.
Weird dream, weird dream. I think this is the end.
Renz Marione M. Bulseco
12.30.06 - 02.30 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

Procrastination : A Student's Common Malady

Why Do Students Procrastinate?

There are many reasons why students procrastinate. Here are the most common reasons:

1. Perfectionism. A student’s standard of performance may be so high for a task that it does not seem possible to meet that standard.

2. Fear of Failure. A student may lack confidence and fear that he/she will be unable to accomplish a task successfully.

3. Confusion. A student may be unsure about how to start a task or how it should be completed.

4. Task Difficulty. A student may lack the skills and abilities needed to accomplish a task.

5. Poor Motivation. A student may have little or no interest in completing a task because he/she finds the task boring or lacking in relevance.

6. Difficulty Concentrating. A student may have too many things around that distract him/her from doing a task.

7. Task Unpleasantness. A student may dislike doing what a task requires.

8. Lack of Priorities. A student may have little or no sense about which tasks are most important to do.

How Do I Know if I Procrastinate Excessively?

You procrastinate excessively if you agree with five or more of the following statements:

1. I often put off starting a task I find difficult
2. I often give up on a task as soon as I start to find it difficult.
3. I often wonder why I should be doing a task.
4. I often have difficulty getting started on a task.
5. I often try to do so many tasks at once that I cannot do any of them.
6. I often put off a task in which I have little or no interest.
7. I often try to come up with reasons to do something other than a task I have to do.
8. I often ignore a task when I am not certain about how to start it or complete it.
9. I often start a task but stop before completing it.
10. I often find myself thinking that if I ignore a task, it will go away.
11. I often cannot decide which of a number of tasks I should complete first.
12. I often find my mind wandering to things other that the task on which I am trying to work.

What Can I Do About Excessive Procrastination?

Here are some things you can do to control excessive procrastination.

1. Motivate yourself to work on a task with thoughts such as “There is no time like the present,” or “Nobody’s perfect.”
2. Prioritize the tasks you have to do.
3. Commit yourself to completing a task once started.
4. Reward yourself whenever you complete a task.
5. Work on tasks at the times you work best.
6. Break large tasks into small manageable parts.
7. Work on tasks as part of a study group.
8. Get help from teachers and other students when you find a task difficult.
9. Make a schedule of the tasks you have to do and stick to it.
10. Eliminate distractions that interfere with working on tasks.
11. Set reasonable standards that you can meet for a task.
12. Take breaks when working on a task so that you do not wear down.
13. Work on difficult and/or unpleasant tasks first.
14. Work on a task you find easier after you complete a difficult task.
15. Find a good place to work on tasks.

Above all, think positively and get going. Once you are into a task, you will probably find that it is more interesting than you thought it would be and not as difficult as you feared. You will feel increasingly relieved as you work toward its accomplishment and will come to look forward to the feeling of satisfaction you will experience when you have completed the task.


Me, myself doing this common malady!


Renz Marione M. Bulseco

12.27.06 - 4.08 pm - local time

Text Scams

You know, I really hate this days when you had a bad internet connection. Arrghh! Well anyways, the weather for today is somehow good, actually. It's not hot and I think I like the weather today! Anyways, this is not a good idea actually to write in a blog, or what was I'm thinking?! Duh.

Today, for the first time in the history, I woke up, seeing relentless or something, nah! I woke up approximately 1 pm, more or less. Well I thought it was still 10.30 am or something, but because of the weather, the absence of the intense and unbearable heat of the sun, I woke up that late. But surprisingly, mom didn't scold me, well actually she actually didn't care about my sleeping habit not long since summer. Furthermore, mom understood me as well, thinking that during school days or what, I had an inadequate sleep - a mere less than 6 hours during normal school days and less than 3 hours during exam and even unit test week. Arrghh, now seriously.
During this yuletide season, I've been receiving a LOT of gm's (group messages) about there daily life and some sort of greetings of course. Inasmuch that I want to be 'in' in the society, since summer, Globe Telecoms introduced a life-long Unlimited SMS Service! Yeehah! Hurrah for Globe! Such things that I've been receiving like jokes, thoughts (which I erased it the moment I received such thoughts.. frankly..) and anything under the sun makes my day complete.. Really? Nah..

One day, I received this text message from my friend. It's quite funny though but it goes like this:

*on a text conversation:*

girl 1: Talaga? Nakita mo na ang girl? (Really? Did you see the girl?)

girl 2: Oo! ü (yep! ü)

girl 1: Hehe, maganda? (Hehe, is she pretty?)

girl 2: Uhmm, mabait naman din. (Uhmm, she's nice though.)

girl 1: Pero maganda? (But is she pretty?)

girl 2: basta mabait! (She's nice okay? Period!)

Nyaha! Just can't keep myself laughing so hard after I received his text message.
There are other types of messages, here they are:

1.) gm's - commonly known as group messages. Otherwise, it could be a 'mini-blog' wherein you could post your thoughts and the latest gigs and happenings of your life in your cp. Also, gm's would contain some shout-outs to your friends that is sent to everybody.

2.) greetings - To be precise, a normal teen like me would average 6 greetings per day. Dawn, morning, lunch time or nooniez, afternoon, dusk, and night time. This is also, by the way, another kind of gm.
3.) Thoughts and Jokes - Preferably, people send jokes and thoughts just to apply the deal of unlimited text. Some jokes would be rather funny or corny and thoughts would be inspiring or redundant. It's up to you now.

Well, folks, some texters by the way would be fun to text with or boring to text with. Mind you, if you feel that you're totally bored with your textmate like, if he/she answers only yes or no or whatever similar to that, nah, waste of time, leave him alone dude!

*It's really hard if you can't connect to blogger and friendster! Since for the last 3 days, internet connection has been bad, really really bad! Maybe this is the effect of the earthquake which occured at Taiwan last night that affected the telephone line of Bayantel, PLDT and other wireless connection which includes internet connection.*

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
12.27.06 - 03.51 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT
*from my Multiply..*

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Photos of Mine!

Check out my new photos! Talking relentlessly to be invaine, after all! Just comment if you want! Hope somebody would discover me or what?! Who knows?!ü Just comment if you like.

Cool Slideshows

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Pretty please, thank you!

2006 pictures

Here are some events that changed the country for the year 2006:

Pacquiao became triumphant for two straight times from Morales.

Leyte Landslide - 13 days after the Ultra Stampede.

These 3 pics are the post-traumatic incidents brought by the Stampede. Relatives of the victims hunger for justice.

Leo Orracion and Pastour Emata reached the summit of Mt. Everest. Angat ang Pinoy!

The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition - Kim is the grand winner!

Keanna was also the PBB Celebrity Big Winner

Yeng Constantino became the Grand Star during the finals of PDA


*2 years ago, Dec. 25 - Killer Tsunami strucked Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Kenya and Somalia that claimed almost 300,000 lives.*

Renz Marione M. Bulseco

12.26.06 - 06.25 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

Countdown 2007 - Yearend Special

Well, before 2007 comes, let me post som highlights regarding this oh-so wonderful year 2006:

*mind you, it really takes time to write on this blog since it takes time to extract all memories in my mind.*



January 2006 - Welcome 2006! Well, we got back into our respective classrooms - Ruby. Arrghhh, makikita ko naman ang mukha ni Ma'am Lacson. Sheesh. I remember that my pimple outbreak really intensifies this period. Well, mom ordered three solutions to Dra. Gueverra and hindi na ako hiyang sa gamot ko, the effect backfires. My skin becomes irritated especially with the tretinoin lotion which makes my skin like a burnt charcoal- nah not exactly. Just imagine that my face was buried under the intense heat of the sun for about 3 hours or I was locked in a microwave oven for just an hour or so. Periodical Test Papers have been returned and so far, so good. In our music class, we had this new and 'funny' substitute teacher after Ma'am Cynthia. Why she's funny? It's because she had a funny accent and diction. Mind you, I just can't help myself to snicker ar what the heck. Seemingly, her project is quite tedious - Musical play and worse I'm the leader of the pact. Serously though, this is the first time of m y entire life that I got stressed in school. This month is also the Culmination Week and thanks to Cedric, I've got a part on the show, dubber nga lang but it's okay, it's was a worthwhile experience, after all. Manny Pacquiao also won from his opponent, Erik Morales. Itaas ang bandila ng Pinoy!

February 2006 - It's the month of love and I thought it was a wonderful month though I was wrong, definitely wrong. On the fourth day of February, it was an ordinary day but as early as 6 am, the crowd began to swell to approximately to 30,000 outside the Ultra or the Philsports Arena building. It was Wowowee's first anniversary to be held at that venue. But, only 17,000 would be allowed to enter the colliseum - a mere half of the crowd. This caused the outrageous Stampede in the Philippine Television History in which the poorest of the poor went to that event just to win various prizes showcased by the show. But the entire plan backfired. Thus the show itself got suspended and got back in the air on March 3. 71 lives had been perished and 800 are injured from this accident. 13 days later, another tragedy strucked the country. It was the deadly landslide in St. Bernard, Leyte which claimed more than a thousand lives on that certain town only. I remember that TV Patrol showed a girl, a survivor, staring blankly on the camera with allthe dirt and mud on her face. Her eyes are quite freaky which gave a creeps on that night. Text and email scams had began to circulate about these series of unfortunate events which occured every 13 days. Coincidence or not? God only knows what.This month is also the JS Prom which was held in our school only. But it was fun - from the food and services although I was so dissatisfied with my prom picture. Eeeww! Nah, Just pass this on dude. This time, I had this feud with my friend which happened to be my groupmate. I mean, I can't went to her house or everyone's house because it's too far and we had this intense financial problem. Naah, let be bygones be bygones. After we're atill good friends naman din. It was the launching of PBB Celebrity Edition - the day of the Ultra Stampede. This event was held at Baywalk, pretty cool huh? And the musical play? It was a success, TOTAL SUCCESS!

March 2006 - School years gonna end soon and I'm pretty excited because we'll not meet Ma'am Lacson's grumpy face again. Besides, next year would be a lot more challenging than we'd expected, mind you! We had our Farewell Party held on Mergrande Beach Resort and mind you, the weather was so cold that it rained for almost the entire day, eventually. I couldn't bare the intense freezing temperature of the pool and a miracle happened on this party. Mama Lacsy brought 2 buckets of fried chicken and some beverages. Awwwhh, how sweeeet! This month, me, Cokok, Mimi and Kim decided to enroll at the Summer Advance Class on Physics. Learning is fun dude! And for my final general average in my third year? 91.8. Not bad at all!

April 2006 - I was totally hooked up with my cellphone because of the Unli Craze! Mind you, every morning, I woke up in the morning and I would be surprised because I would received more than 60 messages purely made from gm's and greetings. I ventured every morning from my boring home to the school just to attend the Physics class. Keanna  Reeves was the big winner of PBB Celebrity Edition. It was also the launching of PBB Teen Edition. And my final grade for the advance class? 96%! Excellentus Mucho!

May 2006 - It was the first time when a Pinoy reached the summit of Mt. Everest. It was a triumphant goal although, for about two weeks, the news is all about the adventure and the perseverance of the Filipinos just to reach the summit with a height of 29,000 ft. Nakabibingi nga talaga minsan ang news eh. My sleeping time changed drastically. I slept at 2.30am wake up at noon. I was totally hooked up with the PBB Teens and I really adored Kim Chui but hindi na ngayon - overexposed na siguro. And also, almost all of my friends and schoolmates noticed that I really looked like Mikee Lee. Well duh, the hell I care but hey, thanks, it was a compliment. School is nearing and I'm pretty anxious about the life of a Senior.

June 2006 - Kim Chui turned out to be PBB Teen's Big Winner followed by Mikee, Gerald and Clare. Pasukan nah! Thank God, I belonged to Chrysolite class. So far so good, lessons are not that bad and I really like my classmates and the adviser itself! I think it's time to pump those neurons again for another life - the scholastic life. Time to save money too for Christmas!

July 2006 - Almost everyday, we practiced for our Mother Candida Song Composition in which I was the composer and the pianist in our section. Various praises and compliments came from my friends after they heard my song composition. Tired and exhausted, but still it was wirth it for we won the first place during the eliminations. It was really good and I want to repeat that momentous event after all! I gained friends to my new classmates and we had this special bond with each other and thus CTJ2x was established. Don't ask what that stands for dude. Secretoooohh!

August 2006 - This month is the birhday of yours truly, brother Mama Tza and  Milay. This month, I had this terrible 'text' fight with Bokbok. I mean, she's really that assuming and thought that she's that beautiful or what. I mean she's very conceited and very palaban to her freaking mom in which her 'moomy dearest' confronted me. Duh, the hell I care. Losers stick together - losers pa rin. Hahaha, palibasa walang breeding kasi broken family - oops! In this month, lessons are getting harder and harder and this was the time that I hated Economics that much.

September 2006 - It's DACS Meet! But due to our hard headedness and because we're too stubborn to deal with, we went to the Neo-ethnic presentation held on UIC in which we got scolded by Sir Puno on the spot! Whew! But eventually he died on the 29th day, the day before the Scout Festival. *Sniff-sniff*. Anyways, this month, was also our Retreat and it was sooo good and I want to repeat it. Just see my archives on my blog and find my entry all about my retreat. It was the first distribution of cards and thank God, I managed get the 4th place with an average of 89.6. Weee!

October 2006 - Lessons are really getting a lot harder than we thought but we had no choice but to study till dawn. At last, before I graduate, it was my first time to attend Patigamay Quiz Bee held on SM Entertainment plaza. But we didn't won, unfortunately but it was a funny experience though. Yesterday on that day, I also attended the Divisions Press Conference in Sports Writing. I even won the fourth place! Through this, I will represent Davao City for the upcoming Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference to be held on December 13-15, 2006 at Apokon, Tagum City! Also, on this month, Nagmamahal Kapamilya featured the story of David Eric Poarch or commonly known as the Coconuter. Check our his blog - Thus, it was my first time to Blogger! Yeehah! Got addicted to blogs though. Lastly, at long last, we had our Mangrove Planting (see my post..) at Punta Dumalag, Matina Aplaya, Davao City. Oh, just don't expect that you'll don't get wet in that area though the beach is white-sanded but the area is underdeveloped. Pawikan Sanctuary nga eh.

November 2006- It's sembreak and I had the chance to sneek-peek with the Pinoy Dream Academy. I really adored Yeng because she could compose songs beautifully and also Irish because she had resemblance to Lindsay Lohan. Also, I dreamed Sir Puno, just 4 days before his 40 days. Freaky and spooky though. I also attended 2 quiz bees - The Clash and the Barog Kalikupan Environment Quiz Bee. We didn't won the first but won 6th place on the latter. Stress week is much more frequent than it seems. Everyday, I felt to down and weary thinking that the teachers had been inconsiderate to us. The Social and Filipino Club had this field trip on Japanese Musuem and the Philippine Eagle in Calinan, Davao City - a mere an hour drive away from downtown. Manny Pacquiao, once again had this sweet victory from Erik Morales. I think this would be the end of Erik's boxing career. He's rich naman so he could venture on different business.

December 2006 - The last month of the year. We celebrated and presented our last foundation day. Too sad but we definitely enjoyed our last dance number. Schedules met to my affairs unexpectedly though. I had to attend the Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference in which it's the Periodical exam as well. Somehow, I managed to rescheduled the exam and I even got leakage on the three exams (ooppss! just see my 'confessions' entry.) During the Panunuluyan Presentation, I was the pianist and thank God, I only committed some minor mistakes. Yeehaahh! Oh, about the RSPC, I didn't won and definitely I can't go to Baguio City, huhuhu, too bad. But I had a wonderful experience on Tagum - those laughters that we had to deal with it.

2006 is surely a memorable year to me. Maybe, 2007 is apt to be a wonderful year or a dreadful year. Who knows? I don't believe on such fearless forecast by Astrologers because they're only made for entertainment and when it happens, it's only a coincidence. We are the ones who are responsible in cultivating and writing our own history - too humane to see. If were responsible enough, then 2007 would be a great year for everyone.


Happy New Year everybody! Cheers!


PS: Mind you, it took me for almost 3 hours just to complete this entry. Hope you like it!


Renz Marione M. Bulseco

12.26.06 - 05.31 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

Monday, December 25, 2006

Crappy Christmas

Yeah, that's right, it was indeed a crappy Christmas for me. Last night, I did the terrible thing. Basta it's my secret and no need for further elaboration. This is the worst Christmas so far compared last year. Arrrgghh, stupidity!!!

Anyways, we went to my grandma's house and we gave her some goodies and treats like spaghetti (yum!), mango float and a whole lot more. But we didn't stay much that long. We headed to Victoria Plaza, well just to cool our heads off and tp eat our lunch there. Sheesh, mind you, almost half of the stores in this place were CLOSED well, for an obvious reason. Somehow, we managed to eat at Jollibee. It's been a while since we ate at this cute restaurant. What made me laughed at that moment is that, there are two Koreans, one looked like Kim Sam Soon and the other looked like somebody, I think the girl in Summer Aroma. Mind you, they had this language barrier to the cashier which took them a long time to order. I observed them the way they eat, they eat in sideways. Pretty cool huh? Well, that ends my observation because we headed towards the net cafe.

Oh dear, it's Monday and I didn't feel it right away and I thought it was Sunday. Funny me.. 3 months from now and it's our Graduation Day - oh dear!!! Surely, I would miss my highschool days and get ready to the next and more challenging level - the College Life. As of today, these are the results of my entrance examinations:

[ ] UPCAT - UP Manila (BS Biochemistry, BS Biology) & UP Mindanao (BS Biology, BS Food Technolgy) - results to be released not later than February 2007.

[ / ] San Pedro College (BS Medical Technology)

[ ] Ateneo de Davao University (actually, it would depend on my CSAT grade.)

Well, goodluck to myself!!!

Renz Marione M. Bulseco


I'm quite brave to tell you this. I have a confession to make. Well it goes like this:

Last December 13-15, 2006 (Wednesday to Friday), I was one of the lucky participants to attend the Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference. Somehow, I was excited in that momentous event because it would be held in Apokon, Tagum City - an hour and a half drive from the city. But the dilemma, on the 14th and 15th would be our Third Periodical Examination. I would miss THREE exams namely Filipino, English and Physics. No choice, because right after the contest, I would take the test on English and Physics of the following day right after the contest proper. Mind you, I went back at home almost 7.00 pm and I'm so weary and dead tired at that time. But still, I want to persevere for that 2 subjects.

During the contest proper, however, I've been receiving a LOT of gm's (group messages), talking about the exam. English is very hard, really hard than you'll expect as well Filipino. In my case, I had the chance to ask what will come out in the exam, and somehow one of my classmate gave me the leakage of the exam proper. Whew! I was totally amazed at that moment because I felt so lucky, thinking that I got the whole content of the exam while the others had a hard time on it. I felt happy yet conscience haunts me so much. I felt guilty yet i need it, DESPERATELY! I slept at 1.30am and I finally dozed off with my comfy bed.

It was Saturday, I went to school early and guess what? I didn't know that it was Share-a-joy, an activity wherein the school gave the fund drives to the poor and they had even prepared a program for the children. mind you, it was the same scenery of the Ultra Stampede and the line even reached the gym gate! It was at least a quarter of a kilometer, more or less. Nevertheless, it was chaotic but I was preoccupied with my reviews though. Seemingly, we were only four who would take the exam, two of us are fourth years and the other two are third years. Definitely, we cheated in the IMC room. But I think luck strikes again because the IMC incharge was my former neighbor and my "kachikahan" way back at La Verna. So, I think it's okay to cheat, and besides it's not her subject, after all! We cheated, compared and discuss almost all our answers in the first test, we're like dealing with a little debate or so. Afterwhich, my good friend, Fredreich Layno finished the Physics test so late that I even voluntereed to help him answering the test questions. I was so shocked because the IMC incharge agreed because she has to go home early. Oh dear!

It was the last day, Tuesday, when we took the final test, the Filipino exam. I was so shocked because Raymond, Rafael and Michael Dy also took the test in English and Kaycerene took her Physics test. We joined forces and we helped with each other. Me and Mon helped with one another on the Filipino test and I help those three skums in there English test, maybe because I pity them or what. And I help Kaycerene in the Physics test as well as she help me on the Filipino test.

Well guys I hope this would not come into our teachers, it will be our DARKEST secret of ours. Please guys, don't tell this to anyone, but you can comment on this post. If you tell this to anybody without my proper permission, you'll get this : => this would be my face when you tell this to anybody!

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
*I was definitely wrong, after all!*

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Is it a good time to switch?

It's been a long time and yet I find blogger interesting. But then, multiply came and I was much pretty obsessed with it. Nah, it's not just like blogger is boring or what but I find Multiply user friendly and there are many features there. So guys, I think this would be my very last post in blogger but I'll would still visit my old blog, writing some post if I want to.
Feel free to link me to my new blog.. MULTIPLY:
please visit there and don't forget to drop some comments or replies out there!
Renz Marione M. Bulseco
12.24.06 - 03.20pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT
**eight and a half hours to go before Christmas!!!**

Saturday, December 23, 2006

One Froggy Evening

It's another boring night. But what makes it memorable, a momentous December 22, 2006 is that because of this one froggy evening!

It all started when we went outside the house to feed the dog, mom also fed her beloved dog and my brother throwing some left overs in the trash bin. But because of his stupidity, he let the door open so wide that a tree frog went inside in our house! He has no initiative and he just shrieked that a thing went inside the house. I thought that it was just a grasshopper or what. But when mom checked on it, she was shocked when she discovered that it was a frog.

"Baka palaka yun?!" she said.

So me and my brother went on a franic search on a frog. after 20 minutes of frantic search of that tupid frog, I saw the frog, lurking and posing in the tv rack, as if the frog would jump tree by tree. The frog is only a mere 3 inches long. But that doesn't end there. As soon as I grab the broom, the frog immediately jump with a great agility and height! Mind you, the frog jumped almost the same height of mine! It was freaky, until it disappeared eventually.

"Ayan kasi! Tatangatanga pa eh, pahamak ka talaga ojie! Sali-sali sa boyscout takot naman sa palaka, hay diyos ko!", mom said in panic.

"Naku, baka nandun na sa mga book ko! Nah! baka titira yan o d kaya't mamatay at mangangamoy, hanapin niyo talaga iyan!", she added.

"Putragis naman tong palaka na to oh!", I cursed the frog.

Well, the notorious frog hid in one of the books in the shelf. It is quite big, something like a big binder and it was my former favorite book - Techno Quest. My brother discovered it. Then, my I took all of my courage to get that book where the frog was and walk slowly to the door. 1 meter away from the door, I felt that the frog is already moving inside the book and I ran like a wild boar and threw like a javelin towards the garden. Mom and my brother laughed so hard that they rolled in the floor. It seems like an exaggeration but it's true. At least that silly and notorious frog was released and I tell you, it was a good exercise, after all. All that sweat just to search that frog though. After that, it was still early, like 11 pm or what, I felt so sleepy at that time and eventually, I woke up at 11 am - talking about 12 hours of sleep!

Renz Marione M. Bulseco

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Classroom Foolishness

Seriously, I really miss school, really. It's not because I miss those wicked teachers giving us unlawful assginments and term papers and other unnecessary tasks. But not at all kiddo. It is because I miss those funny, happy, mundane or even sad moments that happened inside this rich kingdom og ours. We are the Chrysolite Batch 2006-2007 by the way, Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your eyes, I come to tell our darkest secret not just to praise our fame and glory!

Okay here it goes. Well, how does it feels if you tirelessly wait for the next period to come especially if the lecture is way to boring? Well I tell you, some of us would look impatiently to our times watch, counting the remaining seconds before the ring bells. Not exaxtly because our bell, in the highschool department is not automatic as what the elementary department has. Seemingly, fourth years are assigned to ring the bell when it's time already. All 4th year classrooms are situated along the first floors. Yes, definitely. The bell is located at the Sister's residence and the nearest classroom is Turquoise, followed by CHRYSOLITE, Diamond and Carnelian. Sometimes, my batchmates are somehow ignorant with this bell. When it's Chrysolite's turn to ring the bell, because it's the retreat of Turquoise, I was assigned to ring the bell. It was almost Lunch break. The angelus signifies that it's time already. All we need is to pray and I hurriedly proceed to the sister's residence, rushed to the door and guess what? Kim Tan, Edchar and Nicolo wanted to ring the bell too! So I rushed to the sister's residence, immediately locked the door and funny thing was, they plead to me to open the door. They even knelt to me like crazy dogs begging for food! I refused thinking that I'll ring the bell all by myself. Talking about being selfish though, but no! If I allow them, then they'll make foolishness to the bell. Unluckily, as I was about to finish my task, they rushed inside and rang the bell all over again. Talking about foolish ignorants though. But when this precious memory, a smile lingers on my face.

Second. When it's the time to wait for the English period, all we do is to grab anyone's camera and foolishly take pictures in the classroom. Mind you, it's like almost we took an average of 100 pictures in the classroom and we immediately upload to Chrysolite's Friendster account. Luckily, I had an idea to upload these certain and cool pictures in my blog and to share them how does it feels to be a Senior (sniff sniff...). Idealy, Ma'am Juvy was too lazy to walk in our classroom from the faculty room which explains why she's late a mere 15-20 precious minutes. On Mondays our English period is right after the Lunch period, so naturally, she's late more than 30 minutes! Yeehhaay! But the verdict says? Her subject is way to hard!

As a senior, cramming is the best policy. Well, we all thought that third year is the most difficult highschool year, but we were wrong. It's just a beginning. If we had a hard time only in Chemistry during our Junior Years, in Senior year, you need to double your effort just to pass these following subjects: English, Filipino (El Filinusterismo during the 2nd and 3rd grading), Economics and Math. So, the best way is to cram because we had no ample to time to deal wit plus assignments, unannounced quizzes and time consuming projects and research works are hindrances in our study periods. Well, that's the life of a graduating students. Also, during tests and even quizzes, cheating is a desperate attempt to pass and it even comes in different forms! The most common of all is the kodigz that comes in various sizes, the smaller, the better. Open communication is effective if you're near with each other and you've studied well the subject matter. It is only vital for those who forgot the terms, words etc, not the entire thing. So guys, if you didn't study the subject well, this method isn't for you, you'll get caught on this. Signs is yet another effective but the most crucial and dangerous form of cheating. It's effective for a test with multiple choice, true or false and matching type. But the heaviest of all, LEAKAGE. I mean this is unfair but I tell you, if you're wise enough, then you'll get a perfect mark.

Come on March 24, 2007 - Saturday, it's our graduation day, I'm gonna miss my highschool days but for now, I'm gonna prepare for the most difficult and the most crucial grading period - the fourth grading period. Adios Amigos! It's to go kiddos!

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
12.22.06 - 05.45 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

**please see the pictures below!**

Classroom Foolishness - pictures

Post-retreat posing - sayang, wala ako dito!!

L-R: Louie, Krista, Christie, Kate, Mimi, Jai, Pawee

on the backdrop?! - Davao's Boracay - Punta Dumalag Pawikan Sanctuary

October 20, 2006

Planting Mangroves with its sticky and gooey red soil, probably clay or something.

The cause of mental stress, tsk3..

Nyenye Retreat House (sino yang unggoy nakalabas sa bus?!)

Waiting hopelessly for the next period, so, picture agad
L-R: Alvin, Mimi, Kissa, Renz (yours truly..), Camille.. CENTER: Dondon

CTJ2x?! tsk3.. L-R: Daniel, Jai, Christie, Helen, Patrice.. BOTTOM: Krim de Leon

Jai posing with our funkiest teacher.. DOOBY!!! Haha, surely, Ma'am Buladaco looked like Kamikazee's vocalist.. lol =)

Ang mga Barako ng Chrysolite

Clockwise - Dondon (edchar), Nixmo (Nicolo), Daniel, our dearest el presidente, Alvin

The alleged crowned princesses of Kingdom Chrysolite:


Top row: Krim, Gillian, Katrina, Patrice

Bottom row: Christie, Camille, Meiko, Helen, Jaimelynn

Renz Marione M. Bulseco

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*3 days til christmas!!*

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Puto and Davao's migraine

Ateneo de Davao Gymnasium - College
Dawn of the dead.. sheesh, it's half past five!
The new traffic lights - another major headache!
photo courtesy by: Karlee Veloso

For my entire life, I haven't experience the 'simbang gabi' or misa de gallo. But on the contrary, as what my classmates had told about me, misa de gallo is still the same as Sunday masses, of course, but you couldn't resist on closing your eyes especially on homilies. Somehow, the best part on it, puto and putobumbong stuffs are good and delicious! Hey! I don't even know what's 'putobumbong'! Only mom, attends the simbang gabi. She's quite religious though. Dad can't attend this things because he's a Muslim convert and frankly speaking, in my life, I didn't see him praying!

Let me introduce someone. A friend of mine who's such an adorable one. Laugh out loud again for she's no other than Karla Isabel (tagabukid) "Karlee or Purita" Espino Veloso. Please visit her blog (livejournal) at I'll tell you, her blog rocks like mine! Joke..

Most of my classmates attend simbang gabi either on the Ateneo de Davao gymnasium or in San Pedro Cathedral or in Sacred Heart Parish near in our school. But despite all these, I salute you all! But I'm looking forward to attend misa de gallo. Huhuhuhu!

Okay let's change topic perhaps. For those who didn't about this, well here's another latest scoop about our oh-so wonderful city - Davao City. (Whooo, I could definitely feel Christmas today because of the cold wind rushing through my neck via the open window.) Let's get serious. It's because, the mayor installed the new traffic lights on EVERY streets and corners of the city. That's right, EVERY streets of the city! Likewise, it feels like I'm traveling in EDSA or what. And in short distances, it feels like I'm traveling from Quezon City to Parañaque. Diba ang layo??!! Maybe for the next three months or maybe years to come before all Davaeños would get used to this new traffic lights. More or less, despite the traffic, what counts more is the safety for all drivers out there. And always remember, if you'll violate even a single traffic rule, watch out for Mayor Duterte! For you'll see your gut flowing through the sewer - as what he told to the interview made by ABS-CBN Davao for the local TV PATROL.

(starting today - wala nang edited and posted by 'coz I've realize that I've edited na before I post this entry and of course, I'm the only one who post entries on my blog, sino pa ba naman?!!) - stupidity reigns on me!
*4 days before Christmas*

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Twang

It's our Christmas party people! Well, the food in our party was very satisfying and I was already full then for only 2 rounds. Oh well. I received lots of gifts from my friends but what really shocked me at that time is that my manito played a practical joke at me. It goes like this:

We were exchanging gifts with our fellow manitos and manitas out there and when it's my turn already, Kim handed me the gift. The gift was wrapped of course - in a hotdog style. I was curious then. After that I decided to open it because I was quite excited then. But then I opened it, lots of candies splattered on the floor like coins pouring out of nowhere and then his primary gift was a "torotot" or a toy trumpet. I laughed then. But then I was to cry because, you're expecting a gift more than at least 100 pesos but then you were given a gift of only 3.25 pesos! Then, my clown classmate, James told Kim to handle the real gift because like what I've said, I was to cry. They all laughed and Kim finally decided to handle the gift. Yey! It was a cap bought in Penshoppe worth 300 pesos more or less. Whoo! What a relief.

Christmas vacation is quite short because our classes would resume on January 3, 2007. Too early dude!
After our joyful Christmas party, we headed into a Chinese restaurant because my aunt (I call her aunt even though she's the sister of Daddy, my lolo) went back to Davao after six months in staying at Connecticut, US of A. She said that she doesn't want to fly back to states because life in States is very boring especially there's no TFC on there place. Too bad! Back then, I was totally pissed off with my brother 'coz he's really stupid and he's really an addict - to computer games. I mean, as a kuya, I had awful responsibility to him but he's really stubborn. Somehow, I was trying to cope up with his bad attitude and still he had the time to get mad at me!!! Diba, it's me who'll get angry to him? how lame - such a dorky loser.

Ugghhh, let's not talk about my freaking brother again 'coz it would cause another migraine to me.
So, I met my cousin Kyla, Luigi and ---- (I don't know what's the name of the youngest) who used to live on the states since they were born there. They can't even understand nor speak in tagalog! Good thing I'm fluent in English - ugghh Thank God. Even though I'm fluent in English, I still dealt with another dilemma - there accent or 'twang'. Mind you, I had this 'twang barrier' with my cousin, Kyla. Well it goes like this:

Me: Kyla, could you pass this mayonaisse (pronounced as meyonays) to Auntie Jai?

Kyla: What? I can't understand you?!

M: I said, pass this mayonaisse to your aunt 'coz she needs it now.
Kyla: Uhhmm, could you repeat that again?

M: Pass this mayo to your aunt! Do you know what's this thing? It's a MAYONAISSE! M-A-Y-O-N-A-I-S-S-E! It's used as a sandwich spread or a salad dressing! It's made up of vinegar, sugar, and egg!

K: (Kyla, thinking for a couple minutes, trying to reiterate what I've said to her moments ago, as if she's thinking to solve the most difficult problem in Calculus.. after 5 minutes of waiting her reply).. Oh you mean, mayonaisse (pronounced as meyneys to her)...
Ughh, another major headache!
Well, I've got to watch the Season three of the Grey's Anatomy! I've watched some excerpts of the 1st episode and it's really thrilling and exciting!
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Graduation Picture

My Graduation picture.. hope you'll like it... tsk3 with its oh-so-low-quality.

promise I'll scan the bigger picture!

Ambush Interview

Please answer these questions truthfuly and sincerely:

1. The athletic or the intelligent?

~ intelligent lang but also athletic naman din!

2. The singer or the dancer?

~preferably singer and a dancer - I don't know how to to those things!!

3. Sense of humor or the mysterioustype?

~ sense of humor, I don't like freaks!

4. Pakipot or straight forward?

~ pakipot! it's so sweet and it really test your patience!

5. The romantic or the silent type...

~ Romantic.. I hate boring people coz I'm talkative! para naman din akong tanga nyan.. hehe

6. Science o Math

~ BOTH! coz I'm a geeK! nyaha!

7. kung mastastranded k s isla... cno ang gusto mong mkasama...

~ (drum rolling..) - secret!!!! basta the girl that I admired most!

8. kung mahuhulog n sa bangin ang taong mhal ka at taong mahal mo... cno ililigtas mo...?

~ taong mahal ko siyempre naman!

9. naniniwala k b sa:
a. dont fall in love with friends...~ yes! but it doesn't necessarily applies to all
b. love at first sight...~ it depends
c. love is depends if you're really blind! hehehehe...
d. collect and select...~ hahaahha! sure.e. best friends are the best lovers...

01] Is there someone you like right now?

> cuppycake, perhaps.. ooops! hope that she'll not read this!

O2] Have you ever given or been given> roses?

> yes, to my prom date last year. but she's only my friend, that's all.

O3] What is your all-time favorite

> uhmmm, if it's a romance, definitely it would be A walk to remember and windstruck.. but my all-time favorite movie is none other than TWISTER!

O4] How many times can you honestly say you've been in love?


O5] Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?

>of course

O6] Do you think that you should put your friends first over love?

>as long as you can balance it then why not?

O7] Have you ever had your heart broken?

> never been in loved

O8] What do you think about long distance relationship?

> it rarely works dude.

O9] Your thoughts on online relationships?

> irrelevant and shallow dear..

1O] Would you rather date someone five years older or five younger?

>5 years younger!!!! But I'm not a phedophile!

11] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?

> definitely yes, but she doesn't know really about this much though..

12] Do you believe the> statement, "Once a cheater always a cheater?"

> people change a lot!

13] How many kids do you want to have?

> 2 only.. mahirap na ang buhay noh!

14] Do you usually fall for the> boy/girl?

>on the contrary, I'm not insane!

15] What is your favorite color(s)?

> blue., black, maroon, crimson red, dark green, cyan

16] What are your views on gay marriages?

> as long as they're happy but I'm against on it!

18] Imagine you're 79 & your spouse just died, would you re-marry?

> as if someone would ever like medespite of my wrinkles and cranky voice!

19] At what age did you start noticing the opposite sex?

> as early as 7 years old!

20] What song do you want to hear at your wedding?

> Closer you and I by Gino Padilla and Beauty and MAdness by Fra Lippo Lippi

21] Do you think that special someone likes you?

> I don't care as long she's happy and she's my dear friend.. youch!

1. What does your Name mean?

+i dunno, my name is kind a unique one!

2. What's your current problem?

+oh nothing bothers me sonce yesterday.. Exam week is finally over!

3. What's your middle name?

+ Marione - derived from the name of a pilot from a certain novel. Mom read it when she's pregnant to me - is this the funny explanation why I'm so attracted to airplanes?

4. What is your current relationship status?

+ double.. nyaha joke! single!.

5.Honestly, does your crush like you back?

+ Maybe but duh, do i really care 'bout that? God only knows about this.

6. What is your current mood?

+ excited yet tired and sleepy! I'm confused!

.7. What do you love most?

+ of course, my family, friends, teachers, mentors, relatives, GOD and my oh so exciting and boring life!

8. What makes you happy?

+ when I'm in school, we all laughed like silly hyenas, cried like maricel soriano (exaggg..) and jumped like the contestants of wowowee!! so damn cheap...hehehe joke!

9. Are you musically inclined?

+ yes!!!! daig ko pa si Mozart and Beethoven when it comes to piano!

10. If you could go back in time, and change something, what would it be and why?

+ Study and review those damn lessons just to be the Salutatorian! - hahaha lol.. well that's my dream,, libre lang mangarap noh!

11. If you had to be an animal for oneday, what would you be?

+ Eagle!!!! or a dog..

12. Ever have a near death experience?

+ thankfully, not yet

13. Name something you do a lot?

+ watch tv, dump in dvds and chips, texting, surfing, blogging..

14. What's the name of the song that' sstuck in your head right now?

+ Unfaithful by Rihanna - ever since it stucked in the radiowaves!

15. Who did you copy and paste this from?

+Karlee Veloso - the teenage rowboat -

16. Name someone with the same b-dayas you.

+ wala eh, but on aug.2, it's Milay's bday! weeee!

18. Have you ever sang in front of a large audience?

+ not yet and I don't have a plan on it for my entire life.. excuse me!

20. What's the first thing you notice about the OPPOSITE sex?

+ eyes , teeth, hair then complexion

25. Do you still watch kiddy movies orTV shows?

+ YEAH!!! definitely! I really miss my childhood days...

26. Do you have braces?

+ retainers lang at di na nagkasya.. way back 4 years ago and nasa fridge lang un, waiting invane...

27. Are you comfortable with your weight?

+ yes, nothing happens to my weight even I eat like a pig!

28. Do you speak any other languages?

+ a little of Korean, French, chinese, japanese aside from English.

29. What's your favorite smell?

+ Lacoste and Hugo perfume

30. who do you think will re-post this?

+ somebody in the blog world!

A- AVAILABLE? - yes, definitely..
B - BEST SPORT - I'm not that Sporty
C - CRUSH? - Anne Curtis and Lindsay Lohan
D - DOGS NAMES? - Bruce and KRung - terrier
E - EASIEST PERSON(s) TO TALK TO? - classmates, friends, barkada and my mom
F - FAVORITE COLOR(s)? - scroll it up please...
H- HOMETOWN? - Davao City - the best city!
I - INSTRUMENT? - Piano, organ - can't live without it.. my stress reliever!
J - favorite JUICE? - orange and lemonade - also iced tea
K - KIND OF MUSIC? - classical, pop rock and jazz - or as long as it's not noisy!
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE? - davao to maguindanao - Parang...
M - MILK FLAVOR? - strawberry - milk pa ba ang yogurt.. definitely...
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS? - thank God, isa
O - ONE WISH? - world peace!, nah, corny naman.. to be the best Neurosurgeon in the world!
P - Phobia/Fears? - Spiders and cockroaches..
Q - FAVORITE QUOTE? - Cramming is the best policy..
R - REASON TO SMILE? - being alive on this chaotic planet
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD? - The Riddle - Five for Fighting
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP TODAY? - 5.30 am during school days.. 10-11.45am during vacation and even saturdays
U - UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT ME - I'm sensitive.. and I hid all my feelings inside of me.. hahahaha.. the geek talks again!
V - VEGETABLE YOU DON'T LIKE? - all of them except petchay and ampalaya
W - WORST HABIT? - waking up on 1.00am just to study especially on PT days or sleeping very late at 2.00am just to study - in short.. cramming - well that's the best policy dude!
Y - YUMMY FOOD? - I really love food!
Z - Zodiac Sign - LEO

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**5 days before Christmas!**

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fun facts please..

I want to pose another section which is fun facts to ponder with. It was sent to me by my aunt via email. Check it out! Read it and I tell you, it's a stress reliever!

In the 1400's a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Hence we have "the rule of thumb".

Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"...and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language.

The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury.

Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better.

Coca-Cola was originally green.

It is impossible to lick your elbow.

The State with the highest percentage of people who walk to work: Alaska

The percentage of Africa that is wilderness: 28% (now get this...)

The percentage of North America that is wilderness: 38%

The cost of raising a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: $6,400

The average number of people airborne over the U.S. in any given hour: 61,000

Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

The first novel ever written on a typewriter: Tom Sawyer.

The San Francisco Cable cars are the only mobile National Monuments.

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air the person died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.

Only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, John Hancock and Charles Thomson. Most of the rest signed on August 2, but the last signature wasn't added until 5 years later.Q If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter "A"?A One thousand

Q What do bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and laser printers all have in common?A All were invented by women. Way to go, girl!

Q What is the only food that doesn't spoil?A Honey

Q Which day are there more collect calls than any other day of the year?A Father's Day

In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. When you pulled on the ropes the mattress tightened, making the bed firmer to sleep on. Hence the phrase......... "goodnight, sleep tight."

It was the accepted practice in Babylon 4,000 years ago that for a month after the wedding, the bride's father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer and because their calendar was lunar based, this period was called the honey month, which we know today as the honeymoon.

In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts... So in old England , when customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them "Mind your pints and quarts, and settle down." It's where we get the phrase "mind your P's and

Q's"Many years ago in England , pub frequenters had a whistle baked into the rim or handle, of their ceramic cups. When they needed a refill, they used the whistle to get some service. "Wet your whistle" is the phrase inspired by this practice.

At least 75% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow!

1 You accidentally enter your PIN on the microwave.
2 You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.
3 You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three.
4 You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.
5 Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses.
6 You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries.

7 Every commercial on television has a web site at the bottom of the screen.8 Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't even have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it.

10. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your coffee. Doesn't everybody?
11. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. : )
12. You're reading this and nodding and laughing.
13. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward this message.
14. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.
15. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a # 9 on this list.

AND NOW U R LAUGHING at yourself. Go on, forward this to your friends. You know you want to.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Hard day pays off!

A pen is mightier than the sword. This statement is really correct! Luckily, I was one of the contestants to represent the entire Davao City to the Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference. This one of a kind event was held at Apokon, Tagum City - an hour away from the city. We departed Davao City last December 13, 2006 - that's Wednesday and arrived in Tagum City in the afternoon. Luckily, we had no class for the rest of that afternoon in preparation for the Periodical Test. Unfortunately, I'll take the periodical test tomorrow and I didn't study for English and Physics, oh no! Anyways let me reiterate some of the highlights from the 1st day 'til today.

It was our first day or first afternoon perhaps that we arrived in the baby city. Somehow, we went into our respective classrooms were we would spend our nights. Guess what, the room is not that homey, and it's like brood of mosquitoes flock in our room and I said to myself that I can't sleep with this kind of condition. Luckily, one of my teammate brought her mom and we transfer and packed our things for we will spend the two nights in a pension house situated along the school and funny is, it is located just behind a pharmacy shop. Let me describe the pad. It's spacious, air conditioned and it has a cable tv! Wow. Now I could sleep better. I could hardly imagine if I slept in one of the classrooms on that school. During the night, I had to review some of the important and significant points about writing a sports news.

Second day- the day of the contest proper. Somehow I was excited and nervous as well. For the whole morning, I had to practice and review in writing a sports news. Afternoon had arrived and all sports writers were called to proceed in the contest rooms. I brought my parafernalias there and some sort of a cramming there. Then we started at 2.42 pm. But we were all shocked because the proctor had written something on the board and we had to arranged only the sequence of the news plus there were wrong spellings in the board! He intended that one. But it's not our work but for the copyreader - to proofread the following and to check the spellings. Fortunately my writing is very neat and legible but I made this huge mistake! I wrote another surname of the player plus I forgot to write flyweight champion. Stupidity ruled on me once again. That day, we met the look alike of my terror Chemistry teacher and we all laughed. That night, I reviewed on my Physics book but all we do that night is to chitchat about our funny moments in the school and even our teachers! We all laughed like crazy hyenas.

It's the awarding day and I woke up late. We packed our things and headed towards the school gym. I was quite curious why people flock on the same column and there it was - the results for the Editorial cartooning and Photojournalism for both english and filipino. I called my good friend, Fredreich Layno because he got the 1st place in Editorial Cartooning! Wow, he's truly amazing for he will join the Nationals on Feb. 19-25, 2007 at the city of Pines - Baguio City! Unfortunately, the rest of us didn't won for the national level. But despite these, we felt happy and glad because of these memories imprinted on my mind that would last forever. At last I'm home, may singnal na sa cellphone ko! But I need to review for tomorrow's most difficult exam.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Animal Talk

I had this funny feeling. Tomorrow's gonna be our final unit test - Physics and English. Oh well, I've started on English because it's more on memorization. Sheesh, memorizing all facts on writing research papers and etc. which I find ineffective for all of the students, in behalf. Likewise, I'm halfway through with this crappy subject.. who knows? Is it because of our teacher or is it just me? Nah, never mind. Oh, it's the birthday of my dearest dad - he's 40 right now. Happy Birthday dad! Anyways, let me try to write another sensible post for this day.

About 2 weeks ago, my dog, named Krung doesn't want to eat nor he doesn't bark at all. The reason? He's jealous in our fellow dog, Bruce. Even though there brothers, both terrier in breed, dogs are known to be a jealous creature. Maybe, I drew a lot more attention to Bruce than to Krung because Bruce is only a puppy and Krung's already an adult. Despite there tremendous age gap, it's my responsibility to drew an equal attention to both of my dogs. I've learned that animals too have feelings. If they feel that they're been deprived by there masters, they tend to be sensitive which means they lack attention so they don't eat, bark to draw an attention. Seriously, I've read a lot of books and almanacs regarding animal behaviour and I found out that Bulldogs are the most jealous type of dog. If they're jealous then they tend to be sick and worse, they die because of remorse and rejection. So, all we need to do is to have some ample time to play with our dogs at home and caress or castrate them before it's too late. Dogs are known to be our guards at home (that is, if we can't afford security guards), plus they defend our territories especially on these days that home theft are rising due to lack security apparatus. Besides, dogs are adorable and studies shown that if a person had a pet dog at his crib, then his life span would increase for about 10 fruitful years. Could you imagine that?

In our house, it's always a nuiscance if it rained hard or even if it rained in just moment. Why? It's because numerous brood of snails crawled and creeps in our lawn. It's very yucky to see because for me snails are pests. If I could still remember in my Biology class two years ago, that snails acts as a decomposers. Well, they actually do but I don't know the other significance of snails in our environment. As long as they're in our lawn, I use to throw them in the road and I'll wait for the squishing sound - which reminds that the shell of the snail broke thus making the snail impossible to live, especially if the snail is way to big! But sometimes, if I'll go outside of our home to feed my beloved dogs, especially at night, is that I would accidentaly step on those critters especially if they're way too small to notice. Arrgghh! I wish I could totally eradicate them in a much safer way!

Inasmuch that I'm also an animal because human beings are the highest form of animal kingdom, we should treat each and everyone, it can be an animal or a fellow human, with respect and humility to live in a peaceful environment.

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