Saturday, December 30, 2006

Text Scams

You know, I really hate this days when you had a bad internet connection. Arrghh! Well anyways, the weather for today is somehow good, actually. It's not hot and I think I like the weather today! Anyways, this is not a good idea actually to write in a blog, or what was I'm thinking?! Duh.

Today, for the first time in the history, I woke up, seeing relentless or something, nah! I woke up approximately 1 pm, more or less. Well I thought it was still 10.30 am or something, but because of the weather, the absence of the intense and unbearable heat of the sun, I woke up that late. But surprisingly, mom didn't scold me, well actually she actually didn't care about my sleeping habit not long since summer. Furthermore, mom understood me as well, thinking that during school days or what, I had an inadequate sleep - a mere less than 6 hours during normal school days and less than 3 hours during exam and even unit test week. Arrghh, now seriously.
During this yuletide season, I've been receiving a LOT of gm's (group messages) about there daily life and some sort of greetings of course. Inasmuch that I want to be 'in' in the society, since summer, Globe Telecoms introduced a life-long Unlimited SMS Service! Yeehah! Hurrah for Globe! Such things that I've been receiving like jokes, thoughts (which I erased it the moment I received such thoughts.. frankly..) and anything under the sun makes my day complete.. Really? Nah..

One day, I received this text message from my friend. It's quite funny though but it goes like this:

*on a text conversation:*

girl 1: Talaga? Nakita mo na ang girl? (Really? Did you see the girl?)

girl 2: Oo! ü (yep! ü)

girl 1: Hehe, maganda? (Hehe, is she pretty?)

girl 2: Uhmm, mabait naman din. (Uhmm, she's nice though.)

girl 1: Pero maganda? (But is she pretty?)

girl 2: basta mabait! (She's nice okay? Period!)

Nyaha! Just can't keep myself laughing so hard after I received his text message.
There are other types of messages, here they are:

1.) gm's - commonly known as group messages. Otherwise, it could be a 'mini-blog' wherein you could post your thoughts and the latest gigs and happenings of your life in your cp. Also, gm's would contain some shout-outs to your friends that is sent to everybody.

2.) greetings - To be precise, a normal teen like me would average 6 greetings per day. Dawn, morning, lunch time or nooniez, afternoon, dusk, and night time. This is also, by the way, another kind of gm.
3.) Thoughts and Jokes - Preferably, people send jokes and thoughts just to apply the deal of unlimited text. Some jokes would be rather funny or corny and thoughts would be inspiring or redundant. It's up to you now.

Well, folks, some texters by the way would be fun to text with or boring to text with. Mind you, if you feel that you're totally bored with your textmate like, if he/she answers only yes or no or whatever similar to that, nah, waste of time, leave him alone dude!

*It's really hard if you can't connect to blogger and friendster! Since for the last 3 days, internet connection has been bad, really really bad! Maybe this is the effect of the earthquake which occured at Taiwan last night that affected the telephone line of Bayantel, PLDT and other wireless connection which includes internet connection.*

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
12.27.06 - 03.51 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT
*from my Multiply..*

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