Monday, December 25, 2006

Crappy Christmas

Yeah, that's right, it was indeed a crappy Christmas for me. Last night, I did the terrible thing. Basta it's my secret and no need for further elaboration. This is the worst Christmas so far compared last year. Arrrgghh, stupidity!!!

Anyways, we went to my grandma's house and we gave her some goodies and treats like spaghetti (yum!), mango float and a whole lot more. But we didn't stay much that long. We headed to Victoria Plaza, well just to cool our heads off and tp eat our lunch there. Sheesh, mind you, almost half of the stores in this place were CLOSED well, for an obvious reason. Somehow, we managed to eat at Jollibee. It's been a while since we ate at this cute restaurant. What made me laughed at that moment is that, there are two Koreans, one looked like Kim Sam Soon and the other looked like somebody, I think the girl in Summer Aroma. Mind you, they had this language barrier to the cashier which took them a long time to order. I observed them the way they eat, they eat in sideways. Pretty cool huh? Well, that ends my observation because we headed towards the net cafe.

Oh dear, it's Monday and I didn't feel it right away and I thought it was Sunday. Funny me.. 3 months from now and it's our Graduation Day - oh dear!!! Surely, I would miss my highschool days and get ready to the next and more challenging level - the College Life. As of today, these are the results of my entrance examinations:

[ ] UPCAT - UP Manila (BS Biochemistry, BS Biology) & UP Mindanao (BS Biology, BS Food Technolgy) - results to be released not later than February 2007.

[ / ] San Pedro College (BS Medical Technology)

[ ] Ateneo de Davao University (actually, it would depend on my CSAT grade.)

Well, goodluck to myself!!!

Renz Marione M. Bulseco

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