Saturday, December 30, 2006

Freaky Dream

Philippine Airlines 747-400 on approach to Davao Int'l Airport Runway 05

Saddam Hussein

I've been absent yesterday due to intense boredom. Duh, I mean I slept the whole day, play with my keyboards which I couldn't compose even a single melody for the graduation song which drives me nuts! And of course, the food in the house is in state of depletion. Oh men, what the heck! But thank God, I've been too busy, texting with my friends of course. We talk about almost everything under the sun and I texted almost all of them until dawn.

By midnight, one of my classmate who happens to be my friend, texted me almost midnight and asked me this oh-so weird question. Well it goes like this:

Friend: Renz, na.a koy question.. (Renz, I have a question..)
Me: What?

Friend: Na.a na ka uyab? (Do you have a girlfriend?)

Me: Never in my life.

Friend: As in sure na sure? Atik? (Are you sure? Really)

Me: Hell, yes! And kung may gf na ako, you'll be the first one to know!

Friend: Talaga ha? What are friends are for.. kala ko uyab na mo ni ***** (Oh? okay, I thought **** was your gf?)

Me: What? Seriously? Duh, yuccckkk, of all na mga girls jan, siya pah? Excuse me (yuccckkk!)

Friend: Bwahahahahaha!ü

Then our text conversation went on for almost 2 hours and our topic? Love and infatuation. It's just like I had a crush on her or what. Duh, that doesn't matter at all. Sheesh. Anyways, because of this inquisitive topic, I had this weirdest dream!

But before I proceed, today, Saddam Hussein, was now executed in Iraq. Perfect for Sunni Muslims because they gained justice but imperfect to Shiites - your leader's a killer men!

Well, here it is:

Dream no.1
The setting is quite ordinary for me. An ordinary school just to endure. We had this 'trip' to one of the subdivision - La Verna. I don't know why but half of the Chrysolite class went on this trip, and mind you, I had a girlfriend on this dream and she's our topic when we had this conversation with my friend. And funny it seems but what's funnier than this is that when we decided to go home because we passed on a 'quarry site' on the second entrance of the village (which doesn't exist in real life), we hailed a jeppney. Funny thing was, the conductors, as well as the drivers were British. They spoke with there common British twang. Weird it seems. As we arrived at the school, we decided to eat at Boodel's. Hay naku!

Dream no.2
This is totally different but I don't why, maybe it's just connected with my dream or what. Okay here it goes. It was a cold night. Actually, it was 9pm. I was all alone in my house. Then I decided to chill myself in the garden. Then, I've noticed Philippine Airlines flight PR 813 circling in the sky over and over again. And the noise of the engine is quite unusual. Worse, it was the Boeing 747-400 aircraft. It circled in the sky, and then reappears eventually on its route.

*On the Davao Control Tower:*

Air Traffic Controller: Philippine 813 go ahead.

813: 813 is now on 40, and waiting for clearance for final approach.

ATC: Philippine 813 you are not cleared to have a final approach. Runway 05 (zero-five) is not cleared. Use for departure of Cebu 965.

813: Philippine 813 maintains its altitude. Going on steady of 40 and circling about 20 miles from runway 05.

ATC: Copy that.

After 5 minutes

813: Davao?!

ATC: Go ahead.

813: Philippine 813 request to have an emergency landing. We had a minor problem on our engine no.3.

ATC: Request confirmed. We would abort the departure of Cebu 965.

813: Copy that.

ATC: Okay, Cebu 965 abort departure, request of a PAL 813 emergency landing has been granted. Please remain stand-by.

Cebu 965: Copy that tower.

ATC: Okay, Philippine 813, what's your position?

813: Still maintaining the 40 altitude and still 20 miles from runway 05. Circling at 20 miles NNE and dumping some fuel. Request for clearance tower.

ATC: Okay, Philippine 813 you are cleared to land at runway 05 and have a final approach of 10 miles.

*Inthe aircraft, the pilots are confused, their communication has been cut-off by unidentified circumstances*

After 5 minutes or so..

Tower: Philippine 813, what's your position?

*no answer*
Tower: Philippine 813 do you copy? (They repeat this over and over again) - until one ATC grabbed a binocular and was in total shock of what he had witness.
I called my mom, and there we watched the horrifying incident. PAL 813 had this weird engine noise until the deadly silence went on. The light of the jumbo jet went off and good thing, the plane's still clear because of the moon's illumination. Somehow, the plane went on its final and deadly slope. The plane's engine went on again but it was too late. A clear sharp noise was clear, for the pilots struggled in the cockpit just to regain the height of the airplane. The jumbo jet's altitude was getting lower and lower until it finally crashed some 10 miles north from my house. It crashed in a plain field. All 500+ on aboard with this plane died in just a snap.
Weird dream, weird dream. I think this is the end.
Renz Marione M. Bulseco
12.30.06 - 02.30 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

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