Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Special Pictures

Charming Cukatoo.

Davao Crocodile Park *new*

One of Davao's 'skyscarper' - Landco Building (16 floors) - a business corporate center.

This isn't Bagiuo or Milan dude, it's on Eden Nature Park - slopes of Mt. Apo. Really Breathtaking.

Inside DIA - Airline check-in counters. If it's holiday season, crowds are jampacked on each and every counters.

Overview of Davao Int'l Airport aboard on PAL 811. Preparing for final approach on Runway 23

The New Davao Control Tower. I used to 'live' in this airport facility!

Billboards sprawling in downtown Davao - taken on F. Bangoy St cor. Ponciano St. (Billboards isn't a trend in this city unlike Manila, wherein each and every streets contain billboard signs and streamers.)

Facade of the new Davao Int'l Airport.

The new Davao Int'l Airport - On aboard with PAL 809 (A340-300) taxiing.

This is the old Davao Int'l Airport - it was believed to be haunted!

I think this was in R. Magsaysay St, if not mistaken. Shot time - 5.30pm


  1. kamo gusto ko makapunta sa davao.
    hehehe ^__^
    superLOL nakakainggit kayu.
    pagkaganda-ganda dyan.

  2. i have never been to davao but i can see that your city's airport looks a lot bigger and better than my city's airport .. the airports that i have been to are the ones with internet capability and other amenities which are accessible to the general public. (not just for those passengers flying first class) ..

  3. renz what cam gamit nimu ani?

  4. hi there!!! at san mu naman kinuha ung sangkatutak mung mga pics.....nagtour around da world kaba? haha

  5. hi there sandra sandree hurger!

    hehehe, finorward lng to ng aunt tita ko hahaha, but definitely she used canon ata un, 5.1 megapixel un.

  6. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Re: Picture with billboards. It is actually located on C. Bangoy St. corner Magsaysay Avenue.