Saturday, December 23, 2006

One Froggy Evening

It's another boring night. But what makes it memorable, a momentous December 22, 2006 is that because of this one froggy evening!

It all started when we went outside the house to feed the dog, mom also fed her beloved dog and my brother throwing some left overs in the trash bin. But because of his stupidity, he let the door open so wide that a tree frog went inside in our house! He has no initiative and he just shrieked that a thing went inside the house. I thought that it was just a grasshopper or what. But when mom checked on it, she was shocked when she discovered that it was a frog.

"Baka palaka yun?!" she said.

So me and my brother went on a franic search on a frog. after 20 minutes of frantic search of that tupid frog, I saw the frog, lurking and posing in the tv rack, as if the frog would jump tree by tree. The frog is only a mere 3 inches long. But that doesn't end there. As soon as I grab the broom, the frog immediately jump with a great agility and height! Mind you, the frog jumped almost the same height of mine! It was freaky, until it disappeared eventually.

"Ayan kasi! Tatangatanga pa eh, pahamak ka talaga ojie! Sali-sali sa boyscout takot naman sa palaka, hay diyos ko!", mom said in panic.

"Naku, baka nandun na sa mga book ko! Nah! baka titira yan o d kaya't mamatay at mangangamoy, hanapin niyo talaga iyan!", she added.

"Putragis naman tong palaka na to oh!", I cursed the frog.

Well, the notorious frog hid in one of the books in the shelf. It is quite big, something like a big binder and it was my former favorite book - Techno Quest. My brother discovered it. Then, my I took all of my courage to get that book where the frog was and walk slowly to the door. 1 meter away from the door, I felt that the frog is already moving inside the book and I ran like a wild boar and threw like a javelin towards the garden. Mom and my brother laughed so hard that they rolled in the floor. It seems like an exaggeration but it's true. At least that silly and notorious frog was released and I tell you, it was a good exercise, after all. All that sweat just to search that frog though. After that, it was still early, like 11 pm or what, I felt so sleepy at that time and eventually, I woke up at 11 am - talking about 12 hours of sleep!

Renz Marione M. Bulseco

12.23.06 - 02.15 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

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