Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's not over!

Haha.. noon pa 'to kinuha, mga 2 weeks more or less ago.. sheesh bago pa ang foundation day, ang nakababaliw na stress week, at iba pa! Well, para sa mga curious dyan kung nasaan ako, well hanapin niyo nalang, haha! Kakaaliw naman, noong time na 'yan, gumagawa kami niyan ng Math project, yung manipulative board game gamit ang algrebraic equations.

Well time to switch to tagalog. Seemingly, all of our unit tests for this week are finished, and guess what, I'm 20 hours awake, and had only 4 hours of sleep! Imagine, I need to burn my eyebrows just to comply with the hectic schedule given by these teachers. What the heck, just give me a break!

Plus, it's gonna be our foundation day tomorrow and before that, we'll have the Panunuluyan which was last performed 3 years ago. TOday, I'm the pianist for tomorrow's Panunuluyan and it's kind a nervous thing because if I commit a slight mistake, well, just expect the worse thing to happen - to humiliate myself in front of those crappy people which I don't like and I've never wished for that unlikely circumstances.

Oh, by the way, the RSPC ( Regional Schools Press Conference ) would be on December 13-15 on Tagum City. If I'll win this division (which is Sports Writing in English), I would represent the region for the National Schools Press Conference that would be held this coming January or February 2007 at The Summer Capital of the Philippines - Baguio City! So please pray for me!

But the drawback is that right after the competition, I will take the periodical test on Saturday - Physics and the crappy English! As time goes by, the subject matters and topics are becoming more and more difficult and very ardious.

Well, I guess hanggang dito nalang, parang mandatory rest period lang to kasi wala kaming exams bukas. Can't wait for the Christmas break! Weeeeee!

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  1. well...cnxa na di pa kita naeendorse...

    sumali den ako date sa school press conference...sports den ako nanalo...yihee..

    merry christmas!