Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Puto and Davao's migraine

Ateneo de Davao Gymnasium - College
Dawn of the dead.. sheesh, it's half past five!
The new traffic lights - another major headache!
photo courtesy by: Karlee Veloso

For my entire life, I haven't experience the 'simbang gabi' or misa de gallo. But on the contrary, as what my classmates had told about me, misa de gallo is still the same as Sunday masses, of course, but you couldn't resist on closing your eyes especially on homilies. Somehow, the best part on it, puto and putobumbong stuffs are good and delicious! Hey! I don't even know what's 'putobumbong'! Only mom, attends the simbang gabi. She's quite religious though. Dad can't attend this things because he's a Muslim convert and frankly speaking, in my life, I didn't see him praying!

Let me introduce someone. A friend of mine who's such an adorable one. Laugh out loud again for she's no other than Karla Isabel (tagabukid) "Karlee or Purita" Espino Veloso. Please visit her blog (livejournal) at I'll tell you, her blog rocks like mine! Joke..

Most of my classmates attend simbang gabi either on the Ateneo de Davao gymnasium or in San Pedro Cathedral or in Sacred Heart Parish near in our school. But despite all these, I salute you all! But I'm looking forward to attend misa de gallo. Huhuhuhu!

Okay let's change topic perhaps. For those who didn't about this, well here's another latest scoop about our oh-so wonderful city - Davao City. (Whooo, I could definitely feel Christmas today because of the cold wind rushing through my neck via the open window.) Let's get serious. It's because, the mayor installed the new traffic lights on EVERY streets and corners of the city. That's right, EVERY streets of the city! Likewise, it feels like I'm traveling in EDSA or what. And in short distances, it feels like I'm traveling from Quezon City to Parañaque. Diba ang layo??!! Maybe for the next three months or maybe years to come before all Davaeños would get used to this new traffic lights. More or less, despite the traffic, what counts more is the safety for all drivers out there. And always remember, if you'll violate even a single traffic rule, watch out for Mayor Duterte! For you'll see your gut flowing through the sewer - as what he told to the interview made by ABS-CBN Davao for the local TV PATROL.

(starting today - wala nang edited and posted by 'coz I've realize that I've edited na before I post this entry and of course, I'm the only one who post entries on my blog, sino pa ba naman?!!) - stupidity reigns on me!
*4 days before Christmas*

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
12.21.06 - 06.43 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

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  1. karlee5:14 PM

    oohh.... sabi ko na nga the pics look familiar! bwahahaha. anyway, thanks sa .. uh... endorsement?? hahaha.. ang traffic scheme ba, ironic no na may new traffic lights for lighter traffic pero mas nag worse... hahay