Monday, December 04, 2006

The Launching of Stress Week!

It's the launching of the stress week. You know why? My, oh my gulay , I think you don't know about this anything for real! Well actually, it's the beginning of the stress week because for the whole week, it's our long unit tests for 6 major subjects namely, Christian Living, Mathematics, English, Physics, Filipino and Economics. It's kind a weird, I mean a feeling of remorse (as if?!). Well, let's get serious though. We took the CL unit test about almost two hours ago and I think my score would be 94%. Worse, we had only one unit test in CL due to insufficient time, thus to make that test a hundred items, the teacher made it only 50 points and double it, poooff! That will be your average score for the unit test. Sayang, hindi na 100% ang Work Output ko sa CL tulad nung second grading, baka 97% nalang, oh no! Kelangan, dapat ang final grade ko sa Cl would be 95 para pambawi sa English! hahaha

Seemingly, it's our unit test for Math and Filipino - funny thing was our Math teacher gave this lesson, which is proving the identities or the eight fundamental quantities of trigonometric function but just to think, tomorrow's gonna be our Math exam! sheesh! And for Filipino? Nah, just memorize the 6 chapters.

Foundation day is coming but still our dance is not yet to be finalize or what! Whatever.

How about that pesky Economics? The coverage is very broad thus I need to memorize as well as analyze the terms given to us. Grabeh, kaya ko pa ba? Sheesh, ako pah? (deep inside, ewan ko!)

And I tell you this just a beginning of the real world!

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