Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Twang

It's our Christmas party people! Well, the food in our party was very satisfying and I was already full then for only 2 rounds. Oh well. I received lots of gifts from my friends but what really shocked me at that time is that my manito played a practical joke at me. It goes like this:

We were exchanging gifts with our fellow manitos and manitas out there and when it's my turn already, Kim handed me the gift. The gift was wrapped of course - in a hotdog style. I was curious then. After that I decided to open it because I was quite excited then. But then I opened it, lots of candies splattered on the floor like coins pouring out of nowhere and then his primary gift was a "torotot" or a toy trumpet. I laughed then. But then I was to cry because, you're expecting a gift more than at least 100 pesos but then you were given a gift of only 3.25 pesos! Then, my clown classmate, James told Kim to handle the real gift because like what I've said, I was to cry. They all laughed and Kim finally decided to handle the gift. Yey! It was a cap bought in Penshoppe worth 300 pesos more or less. Whoo! What a relief.

Christmas vacation is quite short because our classes would resume on January 3, 2007. Too early dude!
After our joyful Christmas party, we headed into a Chinese restaurant because my aunt (I call her aunt even though she's the sister of Daddy, my lolo) went back to Davao after six months in staying at Connecticut, US of A. She said that she doesn't want to fly back to states because life in States is very boring especially there's no TFC on there place. Too bad! Back then, I was totally pissed off with my brother 'coz he's really stupid and he's really an addict - to computer games. I mean, as a kuya, I had awful responsibility to him but he's really stubborn. Somehow, I was trying to cope up with his bad attitude and still he had the time to get mad at me!!! Diba, it's me who'll get angry to him? how lame - such a dorky loser.

Ugghhh, let's not talk about my freaking brother again 'coz it would cause another migraine to me.
So, I met my cousin Kyla, Luigi and ---- (I don't know what's the name of the youngest) who used to live on the states since they were born there. They can't even understand nor speak in tagalog! Good thing I'm fluent in English - ugghh Thank God. Even though I'm fluent in English, I still dealt with another dilemma - there accent or 'twang'. Mind you, I had this 'twang barrier' with my cousin, Kyla. Well it goes like this:

Me: Kyla, could you pass this mayonaisse (pronounced as meyonays) to Auntie Jai?

Kyla: What? I can't understand you?!

M: I said, pass this mayonaisse to your aunt 'coz she needs it now.
Kyla: Uhhmm, could you repeat that again?

M: Pass this mayo to your aunt! Do you know what's this thing? It's a MAYONAISSE! M-A-Y-O-N-A-I-S-S-E! It's used as a sandwich spread or a salad dressing! It's made up of vinegar, sugar, and egg!

K: (Kyla, thinking for a couple minutes, trying to reiterate what I've said to her moments ago, as if she's thinking to solve the most difficult problem in Calculus.. after 5 minutes of waiting her reply).. Oh you mean, mayonaisse (pronounced as meyneys to her)...
Ughh, another major headache!
Well, I've got to watch the Season three of the Grey's Anatomy! I've watched some excerpts of the 1st episode and it's really thrilling and exciting!
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