Friday, December 22, 2006

Classroom Foolishness

Seriously, I really miss school, really. It's not because I miss those wicked teachers giving us unlawful assginments and term papers and other unnecessary tasks. But not at all kiddo. It is because I miss those funny, happy, mundane or even sad moments that happened inside this rich kingdom og ours. We are the Chrysolite Batch 2006-2007 by the way, Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your eyes, I come to tell our darkest secret not just to praise our fame and glory!

Okay here it goes. Well, how does it feels if you tirelessly wait for the next period to come especially if the lecture is way to boring? Well I tell you, some of us would look impatiently to our times watch, counting the remaining seconds before the ring bells. Not exaxtly because our bell, in the highschool department is not automatic as what the elementary department has. Seemingly, fourth years are assigned to ring the bell when it's time already. All 4th year classrooms are situated along the first floors. Yes, definitely. The bell is located at the Sister's residence and the nearest classroom is Turquoise, followed by CHRYSOLITE, Diamond and Carnelian. Sometimes, my batchmates are somehow ignorant with this bell. When it's Chrysolite's turn to ring the bell, because it's the retreat of Turquoise, I was assigned to ring the bell. It was almost Lunch break. The angelus signifies that it's time already. All we need is to pray and I hurriedly proceed to the sister's residence, rushed to the door and guess what? Kim Tan, Edchar and Nicolo wanted to ring the bell too! So I rushed to the sister's residence, immediately locked the door and funny thing was, they plead to me to open the door. They even knelt to me like crazy dogs begging for food! I refused thinking that I'll ring the bell all by myself. Talking about being selfish though, but no! If I allow them, then they'll make foolishness to the bell. Unluckily, as I was about to finish my task, they rushed inside and rang the bell all over again. Talking about foolish ignorants though. But when this precious memory, a smile lingers on my face.

Second. When it's the time to wait for the English period, all we do is to grab anyone's camera and foolishly take pictures in the classroom. Mind you, it's like almost we took an average of 100 pictures in the classroom and we immediately upload to Chrysolite's Friendster account. Luckily, I had an idea to upload these certain and cool pictures in my blog and to share them how does it feels to be a Senior (sniff sniff...). Idealy, Ma'am Juvy was too lazy to walk in our classroom from the faculty room which explains why she's late a mere 15-20 precious minutes. On Mondays our English period is right after the Lunch period, so naturally, she's late more than 30 minutes! Yeehhaay! But the verdict says? Her subject is way to hard!

As a senior, cramming is the best policy. Well, we all thought that third year is the most difficult highschool year, but we were wrong. It's just a beginning. If we had a hard time only in Chemistry during our Junior Years, in Senior year, you need to double your effort just to pass these following subjects: English, Filipino (El Filinusterismo during the 2nd and 3rd grading), Economics and Math. So, the best way is to cram because we had no ample to time to deal wit plus assignments, unannounced quizzes and time consuming projects and research works are hindrances in our study periods. Well, that's the life of a graduating students. Also, during tests and even quizzes, cheating is a desperate attempt to pass and it even comes in different forms! The most common of all is the kodigz that comes in various sizes, the smaller, the better. Open communication is effective if you're near with each other and you've studied well the subject matter. It is only vital for those who forgot the terms, words etc, not the entire thing. So guys, if you didn't study the subject well, this method isn't for you, you'll get caught on this. Signs is yet another effective but the most crucial and dangerous form of cheating. It's effective for a test with multiple choice, true or false and matching type. But the heaviest of all, LEAKAGE. I mean this is unfair but I tell you, if you're wise enough, then you'll get a perfect mark.

Come on March 24, 2007 - Saturday, it's our graduation day, I'm gonna miss my highschool days but for now, I'm gonna prepare for the most difficult and the most crucial grading period - the fourth grading period. Adios Amigos! It's to go kiddos!

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
12.22.06 - 05.45 pm - local time :: +8.00 GMT

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