Sunday, December 10, 2006

Undeniably wrong

Nakakainis naman oh, yung sa friendster, binago lahat ang concept!


I can't edit friendster unless I have time. Somehow, I could be a lot busier for the coming week. From December 13 to 15, I would be in Tagum City to attend the Regional Schools Press Conference under Sports writing. If I'll win this division, then I'll definitely join the Nationals on Baguio, yeehaah!

Oh by the way, our last field demo had finished moments ago and I'm tired, thinking that I dance like a foolish one. It's gonna be a long day this week. Because of stress, I got a pimple on my cheek! Arrgghhh! I'm so tired and I could hardly wait for the Christmas break! yeah, which means more food, more time to sleepand everything.

Mabuti naman, nagpadala ang auntie ko sa states, dalawang shirts nga lang, pero sosyal ang brand - Gap -
sounds unfamiliar right?
At last, I'm done with all those nerve-wrecking projects! Yeehah, periodical at RSPC nalang problemahin!

Ok, I think, hanggang dito nalang, kasi gagawa pa ako ng sports writing about badminton and mag-aral pa ako ng English at Physics.

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