Friday, December 15, 2006

Hard day pays off!

A pen is mightier than the sword. This statement is really correct! Luckily, I was one of the contestants to represent the entire Davao City to the Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference. This one of a kind event was held at Apokon, Tagum City - an hour away from the city. We departed Davao City last December 13, 2006 - that's Wednesday and arrived in Tagum City in the afternoon. Luckily, we had no class for the rest of that afternoon in preparation for the Periodical Test. Unfortunately, I'll take the periodical test tomorrow and I didn't study for English and Physics, oh no! Anyways let me reiterate some of the highlights from the 1st day 'til today.

It was our first day or first afternoon perhaps that we arrived in the baby city. Somehow, we went into our respective classrooms were we would spend our nights. Guess what, the room is not that homey, and it's like brood of mosquitoes flock in our room and I said to myself that I can't sleep with this kind of condition. Luckily, one of my teammate brought her mom and we transfer and packed our things for we will spend the two nights in a pension house situated along the school and funny is, it is located just behind a pharmacy shop. Let me describe the pad. It's spacious, air conditioned and it has a cable tv! Wow. Now I could sleep better. I could hardly imagine if I slept in one of the classrooms on that school. During the night, I had to review some of the important and significant points about writing a sports news.

Second day- the day of the contest proper. Somehow I was excited and nervous as well. For the whole morning, I had to practice and review in writing a sports news. Afternoon had arrived and all sports writers were called to proceed in the contest rooms. I brought my parafernalias there and some sort of a cramming there. Then we started at 2.42 pm. But we were all shocked because the proctor had written something on the board and we had to arranged only the sequence of the news plus there were wrong spellings in the board! He intended that one. But it's not our work but for the copyreader - to proofread the following and to check the spellings. Fortunately my writing is very neat and legible but I made this huge mistake! I wrote another surname of the player plus I forgot to write flyweight champion. Stupidity ruled on me once again. That day, we met the look alike of my terror Chemistry teacher and we all laughed. That night, I reviewed on my Physics book but all we do that night is to chitchat about our funny moments in the school and even our teachers! We all laughed like crazy hyenas.

It's the awarding day and I woke up late. We packed our things and headed towards the school gym. I was quite curious why people flock on the same column and there it was - the results for the Editorial cartooning and Photojournalism for both english and filipino. I called my good friend, Fredreich Layno because he got the 1st place in Editorial Cartooning! Wow, he's truly amazing for he will join the Nationals on Feb. 19-25, 2007 at the city of Pines - Baguio City! Unfortunately, the rest of us didn't won for the national level. But despite these, we felt happy and glad because of these memories imprinted on my mind that would last forever. At last I'm home, may singnal na sa cellphone ko! But I need to review for tomorrow's most difficult exam.

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