Monday, December 25, 2006


I'm quite brave to tell you this. I have a confession to make. Well it goes like this:

Last December 13-15, 2006 (Wednesday to Friday), I was one of the lucky participants to attend the Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference. Somehow, I was excited in that momentous event because it would be held in Apokon, Tagum City - an hour and a half drive from the city. But the dilemma, on the 14th and 15th would be our Third Periodical Examination. I would miss THREE exams namely Filipino, English and Physics. No choice, because right after the contest, I would take the test on English and Physics of the following day right after the contest proper. Mind you, I went back at home almost 7.00 pm and I'm so weary and dead tired at that time. But still, I want to persevere for that 2 subjects.

During the contest proper, however, I've been receiving a LOT of gm's (group messages), talking about the exam. English is very hard, really hard than you'll expect as well Filipino. In my case, I had the chance to ask what will come out in the exam, and somehow one of my classmate gave me the leakage of the exam proper. Whew! I was totally amazed at that moment because I felt so lucky, thinking that I got the whole content of the exam while the others had a hard time on it. I felt happy yet conscience haunts me so much. I felt guilty yet i need it, DESPERATELY! I slept at 1.30am and I finally dozed off with my comfy bed.

It was Saturday, I went to school early and guess what? I didn't know that it was Share-a-joy, an activity wherein the school gave the fund drives to the poor and they had even prepared a program for the children. mind you, it was the same scenery of the Ultra Stampede and the line even reached the gym gate! It was at least a quarter of a kilometer, more or less. Nevertheless, it was chaotic but I was preoccupied with my reviews though. Seemingly, we were only four who would take the exam, two of us are fourth years and the other two are third years. Definitely, we cheated in the IMC room. But I think luck strikes again because the IMC incharge was my former neighbor and my "kachikahan" way back at La Verna. So, I think it's okay to cheat, and besides it's not her subject, after all! We cheated, compared and discuss almost all our answers in the first test, we're like dealing with a little debate or so. Afterwhich, my good friend, Fredreich Layno finished the Physics test so late that I even voluntereed to help him answering the test questions. I was so shocked because the IMC incharge agreed because she has to go home early. Oh dear!

It was the last day, Tuesday, when we took the final test, the Filipino exam. I was so shocked because Raymond, Rafael and Michael Dy also took the test in English and Kaycerene took her Physics test. We joined forces and we helped with each other. Me and Mon helped with one another on the Filipino test and I help those three skums in there English test, maybe because I pity them or what. And I help Kaycerene in the Physics test as well as she help me on the Filipino test.

Well guys I hope this would not come into our teachers, it will be our DARKEST secret of ours. Please guys, don't tell this to anyone, but you can comment on this post. If you tell this to anybody without my proper permission, you'll get this : => this would be my face when you tell this to anybody!

Renz Marione M. Bulseco
*I was definitely wrong, after all!*

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