Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Chiz Whiz Story. Juicy

I just love Chiz Whiz. Well, as everybody knows I do have a LARGE appetite. People that don’t know me well may get astonished by it. Haha. I just love the way it slides through the bread and the taste lingers to my soft and delicate tongue. I can even manage to eat ONE PACK of loaf bread, with the help of Mrs. Chiz Whiz.

NO. I’m not gonna tell you a story about Mrs. Chiz Whiz.

I just want to elaborate the society’s unhealthy habit, which is gossiping. So, mga chismosos, chismosas, echuseros and echuseras out there, this post is dedicated to you.

Gossip. Tittle-tattle. Rumors. Who loves them anyway?

According to Wikipedia, a gossip is defined as this:

Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.
While gossip forms one of the oldest and (still) the most common means of spreading and sharing facts and views, it also has a reputation for the introduction of errors and other variations into the information thus transmitted. The term also carries implications that the news so transmitted (usually) has a personal or trivial nature.

I know, sometimes Wikipedia’s not that reliable, but then again, they had a point. I don’t know why some people do this subtle barbaric thing. Uggh. They just spread unwanted rumors and stories of a certain person. I mean, what’s the point of making dim, fake and stupid stories and tell this to the whole world? Uggh. You’re just wasting your time Manang.

I used to be a victim (or was I?) of this unwanted drama.

I was on my way to school (UP) when I spotted these two old lookin’ ladies. While waiting for a jeep or HH, I heard their conversation. No, I don’t eavesdrop, that’s not my hobby, for damn’s sake (and they don’t whisper, they just talk in an ordinary, otherwise, nagpaparinig). The conversation goes like this:

Manang Tigulang A: Hoy Buday, kabalo gani ka, kanang tisoy (OOWS?) sa atong tapad, bata pa kayo iyang Mama ba. (Hey Buday, you know what, that mestizo in our side, his mother looks so young!)

Manang Tigulang B: Ay te, kana man tung anak sa tag-iya sa tutoran dapit dira. Bitaw, bata kayo iyang mama, basig nabuntisan sa pooriner tung high school pa siya. (Oh I see, I think he’s the son of the owner of the Tutorial Center a few blocks away. Yeah right, I think she conceived her son and his father’s a foreigner when she was still in high school, I guess).

I can’t understand my feelings at that time. I don’t know whether if I’m angry or just natatawa lang sa conversation nila.

Then they continued there “intimate” moments until I can no longer control my temper. So I went intrude their intimacy and said:

Hey beautiful WITCHES, well, will you look at the weather today, the sun’s shining directly on to your lousy ass-shaped piehole [mouth] (insert puzzled look of the witches, haha). Well, you just talk about me and my mom right? Well, well, well witches for your information, my mom’s 40 already and I’m 17. So if you do the simple Math, she’s already 23 when she gave birth to me. Take note, she got married on the tenth month of the year and she was pregnant on the twelve month of the year. But I was IMPRESSED with your LOUSY creativity dear. (Still, puzzled pa rin sila, in short, NA WERLA. Bwahaha)
(May dumating na HH) Manong, sa UP tayo..
So long ugly witches, have a nice day!

Hahahaha. Man, I was so mean at that time, but I can’t help it, they’re RUDE. A few weeks later, I saw them, again (uggh), and this time, they smiled at me, but I never return them even a smirk. Burn those two witches at HELL!

BTW, both of them are labanderas in the neighborhood.

It’s so sad to think that people talk about you, in a negative way even if you did nothing to them.

And yeah, Paparazzi’s another thing, another story.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pining. Where the hell ARE YOU?

Pining Pining Pining.

"Hi mga friendships. AYYYY-SSSIIIIA [Asia], ang CUUTE niya talaga. huhuhu."
"Hindi ako ambisyosa ASIA ha, mas maganda lang ako sa iyo noohhh"
"UUUYYY, ang pogeee mo, pa kiss naman [after kiss, may thunder-like sound effects] HAHAHA"

Awww. I just missed your OH-SO LOVELY Voice. Hahahaha. [And may maalala ako everytime maisip ko si PINING. Awwww.]

And so, my brother's acting weird, maybe because of his raging hormones. UUGGH I hate it! He's acting as if he's MY kuya and I'm his younger brother. UGGGH. Oh well, let's face it. You look older than me. Ooops. Bad kuya. Bad kuya. Good thing he doesn't have a multiply account because, according to him, multiply's LOUSY and friendster's way better than the latter. Whatever.

"What is there that is NOT TOXIC"

Another randomey baloney post from yours truly. HAHAHA

Friday, April 25, 2008


Elation. Euphoria.

The blue-orange hue of the sunset sky of Batanes touched my soul. I walked in the long, winding shore. On my right stand the majestic cliffs of Batanes. I was alone, all alone. I reminisced the good and bad days of my life. I smelled the “salty” air of sea. Gaia showered me with gale-force wind and I thought of flying. No, I’m not crazy.

Then I saw her. She had this sweetest smile. I was caught by her charm (btw, she looks like Anne Curtis or Maxine Magalona or combination of the two). I was curious so I asked her name.  

Then.. then.. then..
I heard this irksome noise. UGGHHH!!!


Ugh. Nagising tuloy ako. And there’s no way that I could go back to my dream. CRAP.  

Well, I just hope that she’s real. Awwww. ♥

CONYO-te Ugly

Disclaimer: For entertainment purpose only. This blog post doesn't intend to create mayhem. Just for laughs, for crap's sake. And oh, grammatical errors are INTENTIONAL. Haha.

Well, will you look at the time naman, it’s alas six in the gabi and still it’s very very hot. Naman oh, I take ligo na nga for at least four times already and the shampoo pa nga got stuck in my mata, it’s sooowww ouchy to the highest level. OMV, as in OH MY VEGGY. Harhar.

Anyways, thank you sa mga nagbabasa nito by the way. You know, I dedicated my heart, my soul, my poopoo and everything else on to this blog. It’s so mahirap nga eh. I want to make it pure English pero I’m here in the Philippines eh so I’ll use tagalog then English ulit. Oh my Gawd, it’s my unang entry. Hahahaa. Good luck to my nose.

Okay. Wheeeeww. Last week, my fugly friendships invited me to the beach, somewhere in the kabukiran in Tagaytay. You know why I make tawag fugly to them? I’m just Tupperware no! They have many money nga pero they can’t reach my highness. Harhar. Anyway, to continue my naputol na story, they invited me nga. So, after that, I said to them that hindi ako maka-go sa kanila since I am making sunod sunod with the uso today. You know what’s the latest uso ngayon? Duh! Walang money! Hahaha. Kaya nga mga friendships ko baduy kasi they have many money. I pity them. HAHA. So, I make hindi payag sign to them sa beach. And then after yun, I make some palusots, sabi ko na my mom and dad had a honeymoon sa Boracay and white sand sea there. And for them? EEEWWW. Black sand. So cheap. I don’t want to look cheap no. Nakikifollow lang me sa uso. DUH.

Ayun, my plans worked naman, fortunately, sa forgiveness ni God.

Oo nga naman, since I don’t have money, I can’t buy the latest issue of Candy Mag. Huhuhu. There are so many pogis on that mag. Huhuhu. My mother make some utangs pa nga in me eh because we don’t have rice na daw. THE NERD TALAGA SI MOMMY! GRRRR. Cge nalang, so I made payag to her and give her my grands. Hahay buhay. I want to read something naman so I plan to buy newspaper nalang. It’s cheap ang very thick pages. And then I make daan-daan to this babasahin:

How to Fake Summer:

SUNKIST. The true sons of summer glow gold and so should you. To become truly burned, you have to log hours under the sun. Grab:

* sheets of unpainted yero
* two liters of Coke (original)
* egg timer

What to do:

1. At 15 minutes to noon, climb to the highest point on your property (rooftop, old tree, water tank).

2. Lay your sheets of yero a la beach towel, and then strip. (Yes, do it! There's no one watching except Google Earth and village yayas.)

3. To help your bronzed state, slather your pale body with the sticky, dark goodness of Coke.

4. Now, lie down on your yeros for double sun searing exposure (front and back via reflection). Set the timer for 30 minutes. and turn over for another half hour like a lechon.

5. Try other drinks like Sarsi, Beer na Beer, or dark gata to add richness to your color

So yun, it’s mejo early pa in the morning and then I spotted Manong Jojo. He’s so cute talaga grabeh, yun nga lang, whenever he makes some smile to me, you know, the world will experience lindol-lindol noh, paano naman he don’t have teeth sa mouth him. Kawawa, if I’m a gazilionaire, I’ll make donate some fake teeth to him para we can be as close as close up model. Harhar. Anyways, I make some kindat to him and I tanong to him If I can akin na the yero thing. So he make bigay the yero to akin and poof, kahit early pa I make some derecho to the rooftop. Grabeh it’s so mainit. But bahala na butt ko. I sunod-sunod nalang on what the newspaper make sabi to peke my summer. Ayun, I make babad to coke and bilad to the highest level in my yero. OMV! As in, OWWW-EMMMM-VEEEEE. After making babad to Mr. Sunny for 30 minutos, my balat’s making a sudden change sa kanyang color. My sexyback is black! OMV. So, to make pantay-pantay, I make harap to the sun nalang and grabeh, I make some konting tiis and recited tanging yaman as my prayer. OMV. When I think my color is brown-brown na, I make baba to my house.

Ayun, this is the step two as ano ang nakawrite sa newspaper.

BEACH SNAPS. Now that you're nognog, it's time for a photo shoot. Don your coordinated beach wear and, against an all white wall, strike a summer pose. Keep in mind what Tyra says: "Smile wit yo eyez." So, smile your pretty eyes away, inhale like your life depends on it, and vogue.

Some scenes to try:

* Just landed and now so happy to be in paradise
* Just drunk and now so rolling and lolling around the sands.
* Just me and now so hot and pose-y and super fine!

Now with your ninja Photoshop skills, crop out the white background and paste your bod on fantasy locales. Remember to use proper blending, shadows, and proportions. Do not use Liquify to thin your frame. Snapshots need some semblance of (fat) truth.

Well, well I’m not that mayabang but I am very mayabang when it comes to my talent sa Photoshop. Hahaha. I am so pagod when I make changes sa pic. My mama is my maniniyot nga eh, she took my sexy pictorial sa sala and I edit-edit nalang nga eh sa photoshop. May God, I have grabe, sebeere acheshead. OMV. Buti I make some bawi nalang natapos ko rin to. I am so proud to me. Harhar.

This is the third instruction sa newspaper:

PASALUBONG. Trinkets for friends form your faux getaway will move your lies closer to truth. Get crafty. If you came from Faux Boracay, string white shells or whitish shell-looking things into anklets. If you visited Faux Palawan, string pearls from Greenhills into necklaces. If you summered in Batanes, string straw into a vakul, the oh-so-fly traditional headpiece of the Ivatans. Warning! To pass as bona fide pasalubongs, you have to make tough decisions. Can I de-shell my sister's pet turtle and turn it into a necklace? Should I nick my mom's heirloom pearls and pass them off as Palawan pasalubong? Must I cut off lola's Maria Clara hair and spin it into a hat? Yes, yes, and yes.

EEEEWWWW. Mahiya sila to the bones. When they make uwi na, I’m sure, chipipay ang pasalubong to my beautyness. Theyr pasalubong’s not that ka level to my level. UGGH.


REFRESH. Before you make your grand return from Faux Summer, get some rest. You need to look fresh and happy like an authentic vacationer who spent days under the sun. On the third day of your Three Days/Two Nights Fake Vacation, do nothing. Draw the curtains, turn your airconditioning to full blast, and beautify. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Slap on an oatmeal mud mask. Then, lie down on your bed and tape your eyes shut. Sleep for 12 hours. Wake up from your forced slumber for your four-hour masahe. Sleep again and dream of waves. If you can't do the aforementioned, score a couple of Valiums, Vicodins, or Xanaxes to achieve fake serenity.

Because I make sunod nalang sa uso, which is MONEY, I just slap my face with ice. It’s so cheap and sayang naman if I made sampal the cooked rice to my beauty diba? Be phractical!

And my uber favorite part:

STORIES. Friends and especially foes in friendly disguise will surely quiz you about your Faux Summer so get your story straight. Research, memorize, and rehearse:

HAHAHAHA. Because dahil of my my kagalingan of the beautiness of my edited pic, I can’t really paint the JAW of my FRIENDS. Hahahaha. In fact they are all selos to me na. HAHAHAHAHA.

OMV. From now on I will not make bili Candy Mag kasi nga it’s so mahal even though I will see my future fantasies na. AWWWW. Yes, reading newspapers really can make me a intelligent being. See mom? I LEARNED A LOT OF NEW THINGS!

HAHAHA. Salamat sa magread nito ha? Your beautyness is on the highness. Ciao pow.

HAY TAKTE. Boredom. Hahahah. Grabeh, sumakit ang ulo ko while writing this entry. HAHAHAA.

Happy Summer Everyone! :P

Article borrowed from: Clifford Ray Olanday, Manila Bulletin's Style Weekend, 4 April 2008 issue.

Thanks LYLE MALUBAY for posting this article sa blog mo! :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer's not a bummer, after all!

I thought, having an almost 70 days of break would be so dull and dreary. I was wrong, definitely wrong.

Today’s the 22nd of April, and yet, I’m not yet bored with summer! The thing is, I really enjoyed it for the first time in history! Well, actually, I only enjoy summer for the first two weeks of break, and after that, I craved for something unusual, that is, SCHOOL! Naah, I’m not a geek for crap’s sake, it’s just, school’s fun,r right? You get to learn amazing new things in school; else if you’re a pathetic loser, an airhead that wishes to quit school. Hahaha. Oh well.

I did some fanatical things this summer:

Meet with my high school friends.

They’re great. They’re brilliant. It’s a grand idea to meet with my old buddies since I’m an outcast. Most of my high school buddies study in either Ateneo or San Pedro College and they took either Accountancy or Nursing. Most of them meet every week. Due to public demand, they wanted to see me [aba aba. HAHAHA!]. And so I agreed on to their plan. Boy, I really missed them so much. We did the usual kamustahan stuffs, we reminisced those funny moments way back in high school, and we talked for at least one hour and so on. I WANT PART 2! HAHAHA, and next time, sa BEACH NA since it’s summer! Hahaha

Attend surprise parties.

Naah, my mother didn’t inform us right on time. So I guess, it’s still a surprise for us. My aunt (my mom’s cousin) had her house blessed last Friday. Oh my, all I did was to EAT and EAT and EAT until I can no longer stand on to my seat. But hell, I still weigh a hundred and four pounds. Ugh. The following day, my Ninang (which happens to be my mom’s cousin), invited us to have a beach party in High Ponds on Sunday. I only ate almost anything and took some landscape pictures of the resort.

The drawback of over consumption of food is this: LBM. Ugh. I hate this. Yesterday, I just woke up and went straight to the bathroom to excrete those unwanted colloidal craps on to my body system. I think the culprit is this: Calderata and lechon at dinner then pansit canton and three cups of chocolate ice cream by midnight. But hell, my uncle’s right, MASARAP ANG BAWAL.

Make some nice and decent multiply themes/layouts.

It’s summer, right? To kill ennui, I decided to make multiply layouts! It’s so much fun. I only use notepad. But I was pretty amazed with my new set of brushes in Adobe Photoshop. Nice. I only had two multiply layouts but heck, rarami pa yan! So, watch out! :D

Last thing, I just hate summer because I am ALWAYS PENNILESS. I am an impoverished, impecunious and a destitute being. Palimos, palimos!

ALMS, ALMS, SPARE ME A PIECE OF BREAD. Naahhh. That was Liz’s declamation piece. That was 7 years ago. HAHAHAHA.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Endearing Conversation

I thought of sweeping dried leaves of the plush mango tree in our front yard would ease the intense boredom that I felt one hot Wednesday afternoon. While sweeping the front yard to make our façade, at least presentable, I noticed two kids, a boy and a girl. I think they’re twins, fraternal twins to be precise. They sat on to the gutter, right in front of our house. I didn’t shoo them (they’re kids, right?) instead, I listened to their conversation.

It goes like this:

Boy: Huy Klea, narinig mo si yaya kanina? May kausap kasi siya sa telephone eh.
Girl: Hindi. Nagpoopoo kaya ako. Bakit?
Boy: Kasi, narinig ko siyang nag-aaylabyou sa telephone.
Girl: Talaga?
Boy: Uhuh! Tapos may sinabi pa siya na super sweet.
Girl: Eh ano?
Boy: Basta ganito sinabi ni yaya, “Ay lab you nomattir what. You are like a booger, who always sticks to my hand. You’re so yummy dear.”
Girl: EEEWWWW. Hahaha. Masarap pala ang kulangot?
Boy: Ewan. Hindi naman siya matamis. Mapait na maalat naman siya.
Girl: Talaga? Sige, try natin mamaya sa bahay! Uwi na tayo, may party pa tayong i-atend.

Well, thanks to those cute kids, they made my day complete. HAHAHAHAHA!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I miss you

I miss those days.
I REALLY miss those days. Past, present future tense. Whatever!

I miss my alma mater. It was my second home. I stayed there for at least thirteen cruel extraordinary and memorable years. I will never forget the day when I accidentally peered on to my old Chinese teacher’s skirt. We always sit on the floor during lectures and I was glancing at the ceiling fan when she suddenly blocked my view. I was innocent then. I thought I saw clouds. Yun pala, layers and layers of panty pala yun (similar to a typical cartoon character’s undies). Hahaha. She didn’t know that. There was a time that I was punished by that grumpy, old Chinese teacher because I laughed on her like a silly hyena! Her wig flew because she forgot to turn off the ceiling fan! Because of frustration (and yeah, to protect her dignity and reputation), she forced me to go outside the classroom and bear the searing heat of the sun. I stayed under the scorching heat of the sun for at least 3 hours. After that, I got fever. Did my mom report child abuse to the authorities? Naaah. It was my fault.

Then, high school came through. HS life is full of firsts.

First time mangopya ng mga lintik na assignments, first time magpapakopya ng mga assignments [uuyy, mabait!] sa classmates, hanggang buong baranggay nang nangopya, and it hurts, REALLY HURTS if nawala ang papel mo. Walang hiyang buhay ‘to oh. First time makipagaway sa teacher, first love, first hug, first kiss, first baby, UGH. Enough!

Irksome dorky classmates, conceited socialites, social climbers, humble socialites, brilliant classmates, experts, the boring ones, the cheapipays, best friend ng bayan.. Oooh, high school clique’s really exciting, intriguing and yeah, baffling.

Welcome college life! The real life begins here. Your destiny and future shall reflect on to your performance. During the first few weeks, everybody’s excited on to every class. Each and everyone write on to their brand new Gtecs, binders, and scented notebooks during lectures. Everyone dreams to have an UNO grade. After prelims, dreams start to shatter and fade. Then midterm came. Insanity. Then Finals. Brain Damage. Comatose. Beep. Flat Line. Time of death, after every final examination. Resurrection follows after the last exam of the final exam week.

Iskul bukol.
No wonder why I miss school. Uggh. Then during the mid semester, I’m always frazzled and want to have a long rest. Here I am though, enjoying the summer break yet I’m yearning for school.

The sine qua non is this: Man can never be satisfied.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Paradox of Life

Mama and Papa traveled for a thousand miles. Then, they’ve met. You’ve met. A spark of your serendipity signifies my meek subsistence.

Just last night, I broke the great news to you of my docile existence near your heart; I thought I was bringing you the greatest joy and happiness a woman could have on earth. Isn’t it great to be a mother? Isn’t it wonderful to be the source of a new human life? I really thought that you were always wonderful. I always know that you dream to be the most successful woman on the planet. You dream to have a perfect family. The love of you and papa proved my existence. Here I am. I could somehow bring luck and joy to you and papa. The sweet innocence of your childhood dreams fly within the wings of an angel.

Instead? What a harsh revelation to see you that you cried the whole night. You haven’t slept at all! I saw you sobbing, depressed all day. You even tried to choke yourself with lola’s blanket. I felt your agitation, your bitterness, your bitterness, your despair. Now you are with fever and cannot get up. I am very sorry I caused you such pain, and I can’t understand why.

My feeble presence may be significant, but who knows right? I may be a Philanthropist, who helps on every needy person in the planet. I may be a President of the country, who is the leader of all leaders. I may be a drug addict, the pest of the community. I can just be an ordinary person, who lives in an ordinary lifestyle. Who knows? The future is very unpredictable. Yet even in that way, I love the gift of life. I’m sorry mama if I caused you so much pain. I just love you more than myself and would readily give my life to make you happy. Some may claim that my life is not yet important. Maybe, my life will have the beauty of the small things that are just drops of happiness. Let my life be just one drop of happiness I’ll share with others.

Mama, MAMA! Help! An unknown strong and sinister-like force keeps on separating us! Mamas, please, do something! I love you Mama! Don’t leave me! I just want to experience life after this period. My dreams, my heart, my arms, my head, are all shattered and torn apart.

Now Mama, I know see light, a light that would bring me to the right path. Don’t worry, I’m happy right now. I can now see the beauty and significance of life. I am happy, mama, really.

Why should you cry? Why should you worry? God will take care of me! Mom, just tell me one thing.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big and Bulging Eyes

Big? Yes. Bulging? Maybe!

Since I wasn’t permitted by mom to attend the advance summer class, I’ll spend most of my summer vacation at my dwelling, particularly in front of the computer. Thank God, we have an internet connection. I can’t imagine myself without internet. Yes, I have endured two years of “uncivilized” lifestyle but I just want to update myself, you know, since almost everyone has an internet connection at their home.

And yeah, for those who joined the summer class 2008 (Chem 17, SSP7 and AH4), Good luck!

Anyways, July gave me a copy of this wonderful game, and it’s not a trial game. I’m currently addicted to this game, Diner Dash 2. The mechanics of this game is simple: Just serve some crap este, food on to your valued customer and if your fast, they’ll give you an additional tip. Yes, it’s very simple but mind you, it can be irksome if you serve food on to demanding customers. Yes! They’re very demanding! One must have good eye to “mouse” coordination. I’m stuck with the second restaurant, the pizza house. Ugh. Kimmie suggested that I should try Diner Dash 3, but heck, it’s more difficult than the previous one!

Here’s another cute game, from Game House: FEEDING FRENZY!

Since I’m a Biologist, I can appreciate this game since it’s all about the marine ecosystem. It showcases the food web of marine organisms. The technicality of this game is pretty simple too. All you have to do is to feed the fish until it grows into a more mature fish. Just avoid those pesky sharks, jellyfishes, underwater mines, clams and fishes larger than you. You don’t want to get killed early in the game right? I’m almost through with that game! Woohoo! And whenever I play that game, I will always be reminded by Nemo! Haha. It’s just the visual and sound effects of the game are of similar to Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

Oh yeah, aside from games, I am really captivated with Adobe Photoshop. I’m only a beginner since I only use Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I think I only explored, well, at least 45% of the software. These are my latest digital artworks, all created and enhanced by Adobe Photoshop. Adobe is LOVE. Aside from that, I have made eight Friendster Layouts. If you’re interested with it, just visit the photo section of my multiply.

All I have to do is to endure the searing brightness of my LCD monitor. Ugh. My eyes! BALD, BALD, BALD!

Uyyyy, ang corny ko, BURGER, BURGER, BURGER!

Ako’y nasasabaw ngayong Summer, eh ikaw?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I hate these conundrums

I’ve been thinking of this a million times already.

When I was in third year high school, I really want to take Chemical Engineering since Chemistry really excites my brain cells. I don’t know. My classmates find me weird (and admittedly, a dork) since Chem’s a hard subject. I don’t care. It’s pretty interesting. So I said to myself that I’ll take Chem Eng. in Diliman. My mom’s quite giddy about it but my dad’s not. Manila is a dangerous place. Manila is dirty. Manila is Manila. Manila will always be Manila. Talk to my hand. Blabberisms.

Fourth Year. The Senior Life. The last year of my highschool life. It is the year of entrance exams, aptitude tests and dreadful projects. I was keyed up the moment I acquired my UPCAT Application Form. The moment I arrived at my domicile, I realized something’s wrong. I only felt confusion. Confused whether if I’ll pursue my study in Diliman or not. So I grabbed a pencil and initially wrote UP Manila as my first choice of campus. I wrote BS Biochemistry as my first choice and Biology as my second choice of course. Mindanao’s my second campus and I had no choice but to write Bio and Food Tech as my first and second choice of course respectively.

When my mom saw my UPCAT application form, she immediately ordered me to swap my first and second campus choices. It’s just dad would not approve of my decision of studying in Manila even if I passed on Manila. Kahit ma oblation scholar pa ako, he would still not approve on it. Sigh.

So, yeah, mom gave a wonderful suggestion. Take Bio in Mindanao and have my medicine proper in Manila. In my life, I didn’t think of taking Bio in college. It’s not like I hate Bio (I love Bio okay?), but, I don’t know. Today, I have no regrets of taking Bio since I do have good grades, which means I am still interested on this course and of course, I have you guys (my uber corny yet perky classmates). Nope. That’s not a problem. The thing is, the “unnecessary” what-if-thoughts keep on intruding my subconscious mind.

What if dad’s not that strict? What if I’m in Manila right now? Will I get killed by those rugby mobsters? Will I ever survive the lifestyle of Manila?

Ugh. Call me ambitious but in my entire life, I dream of being a MYX Veejay, a commercial model, a composer, a Graphic Artist, a Molecular Biologist, an Astronaut, a Chemist, a Chemical Engineer, an Air Traffic Controller, a Pilot, a Meteorologist, a Climatologist, a Nuclear Physicist, a Geneticist, and a Civil Engineer.

I may act like a kid who always dream of big professions here in the planet but hey, dreaming of being successful in the future would be a great help, right? And yeah, I was elicited to write this post since my mom’s childhood friend just took a visit on our home. Yes, she’s not ordinary, she’s extraordinary. She’s clairvoyant. I was mesmerized by her ability since she can read on what’s on my mind (like this) and she even gave an advice to mom that she should adjust on to my mood. She’s right, sometimes, I’m moody. And heck! I just only met her today! She claimed that I had a bright future. I'll be in Australia or in London. But something lacks on to my future life. And I can’t tell you about that. :))

Piano Concert 2.0

As promised, this is Sweet Child O' Mine - piano version.

I don't have a score on this piece. I just played this by ear. Haha :)) and oh, I'm sorry if for the mistakes and the irksome bark of my dog. :) hope you like it :)

The ad lib part's not included in this video. I have to practice the ad lib part. It's quite hard and challenging, you know :)

And for the third concert, I'm thinking of playing How To Save a Life by The Fray. Patience is a virtue, my friend. :)

Sweet Child O' Mine
Guns and Roses

She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky
Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that
special place
And if I stared too long
I'd probably break down and cry

Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine

She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
Her hair reminds me
of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide
And pray for the thunder
And the rain
To quietly pass me by

Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine

Where do we go
Where do we go now
Where do we go
Sweet child o' mine

Oh yeah, this is my favorite song on Guitar Heroes II! WOOHOO! I just LOOOVE Guitar Heroes! :))

Friday, April 11, 2008

Granny's Tale

Back in the mid 90’s, I used to spend my weekends on to the humble domicile of my grandparents. Yep, they lived in Ma-a, Davao City (Ma-a rules, okay?!). Hahaha! Well, Mom and dad would just leave me on to their dwelling, sometimes with my brother and they’ll fetch us either in the late afternoon or after dinner time.

Being the first grandchild of the family means a LOT of things. As early as 1 year old, I’m the KING of the World, literally. When I was little, everything that I demand, from food, toys to unnecessary stuffs must be provided immediately. Pronto! I admit it, I’m a spoiled brat. Bratinello, that is, if Bratinello really exists. Whenever mommy fetches me from school, we always go to McDo and buy happy meal. I do have tons of happy meal toys in my cabinet. But hey, happy meal in McDo during the mid 90’s costs at around 35 pesos, and it comes with a free toy, the classic Burger McDo and coke. It’s relatively cheap compared today (the cheapest happy meal’s expensive, roughly 65 pesos).

I used to be fed like a prince. I can recall the way my mommy feeds me. She would desperately say these infamous lines: “Here comes the airplane, CHOOCHOOCHOOO!” But hey, being as nosy as Dexter, I corrected her, saying that Choochoos are for trains and not for airplanes. Haha. Si mommy talaga, nagpapatawa!

But up to now, I still can’t comprehend on to some daily rituals of my grandparents.

Myth 1: They usually take their bath on late afternoon, or sometimes they just do it every other day. Now that stinks.

Myth 2:
They sleep late at night and wake before the sunrise. I don’t get it. This will lead to complications on their cardiovascular system. Sleep deprivation’s deadly on to teens but it’s more dangerous to old farts este to the old ones. Peace! :D

Enough said.

They may have poor memory. They can be overacting. They have wrinkles on to their hands and face. They may have bulging eye bags and varicose veins. Whatever it is, they’re still our grandparents. We as grandchildren are their source of joy. They can be infuriating but we still need to respect them.

Every time I reminisce those moments, I realized that I am naughty. Yes, I am. Haha :)

Okay, it’s time to get myself dressed for Inna’s 18th birthday bash. Let’s PARTEEEYYY! WOOHOOH! :))

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Take Time to Realize

Moments ago, my class cards were all scattered at my table in the living room. I just don’t care about it for Christ’s sake. But being one of the OC in the family, I just arranged it neatly. Besides, I still lack two class cards. Dang it! One class card caught my attention, an irksome class card of PE 2 (Table Tennis). I still managed to have a so-so grade of 2.25 despite on the number of UNEXCUSED absences, incomplete uniforms, number of losses and many more. There was a time that I opt to shop at SM rather than to attend my PE class. Also, during one of my classmate’s birthday, we chose to stay at CSM and play MONOPOLY ‘til 5:30 pm. For me, PE’s not my forte. Since elementary, I just hate this subject. I remembered asking this question to my quaint, petite but exacting PE teacher:

“Bakit pa kailangan igrade ang PE, teacher? I mean, diba? We’re all having fun tapos kung matalo ang isang group, bagsak sila. Diba dapat pasado kaming lahat?”

I was nine back then and I will never forget her reaction after I questioned her. After that incident, my perception in this subject changed. Salamat ha?! I used to love PE subjects but today, I do not.

Reasons why I don’t like PE subjects:

1.) I hate PE.
2.) I hate hate PE.
3.) I hate hate hate PE!

Hahahaha! I’m sorry ma. I got stinky, dirty... But see, I’ve learned... ON HOW TO CUT PE CLASS! BWAHAHAHA!!! :))

But don’t get me wrong, I ain’t bitter about it. It’s just like; I prefer books than on ball games (basketball, volleyball, and soccer). But I love to play badminton and table tennis. Hahaha. How I wish UP will offer brand new PE subjects on the following semesters. I wish to have Philippine Board Games (PE 3.. hahaha buot-buot!) like scrabble, boggle, snake and ladder (LOSER) and my favorite board game, Casino and MONOPOLY! Woohoo! Though Chess is offered but I lack logic. Chess needs practice and patience and sometimes I loose patience easily.

Enough said. BTW, I and Ina, my brother’s ultimate-crush-since-birth had this cyber conversation:

Ina: hi aya renz! ‘lam mo, marami nang changes sa school.
Me: atiiikkk? Really? like what??? May escalator na ang SMAD?? JOKE. LOL.
hahaha . unta. Amao! ambot nla . echos masyado, chaka! . dghan pa atik churvaloo ang school .tas ibalik na dw chinese . daw ha. Daw. Rumors..
Me: CHINESE??! in highschool?? C'MON!
Ina: yaah. haha
Me: tangaaaa! dapat i revise nila ang math and science subjects! Hay naku! And I mean tanga ang admin ha.
Ina: haha . mo lang! Engot to the highest level! May tiles na ang corridors! Parang hospital.
Me: dapat irevise nalang nila ang Math and Science curriculum ng high school department! Enough na yung Chinese sa elementary! Waa. Sayang. Sana naaubutan pa naming yung new directress ng school. Sayang.
Ina: Haha. Lagi. Hayyyy. Pero maawa ka naman sa amin kung i-revise ang math and science noh, NOSEBLEED, stress!
Me: Nope, it’s a great advantage nga eh once na magcollege na kayo, well aside na sanay na tayo zero base grading system..
Ina: Lagi aya! CORRECT! Haha. =)

Hmm, this made me curious about my alma mater. I just want to visit the school someday. Haha. Speaking of school, I’m quite giddy for tomorrow’s event. Well, it’s not a big event. I’ll meet with my old high school friends at GMall (Eww!). Awww. I just missed my high school friends. Haha.

I need a hearing aide right now. Mom’s watching War of the Worlds (in full blast, of course) and dad’s using the vacuum cleaner. I can’t hear anything, except if I shout in the house. SHOUT FOR JOY! Whatever… =)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Summer rhymes with Bummer

No, summer's not a bummer, as of now. No, I can't attend the advance summer class in Physics (assuming that it was approved by the College Secretary), travel around the world (I'm not that rich) and yeah, I don't have money. Yes. But hell, I've been busy attending on some parties, debuts, and meeting with my old high school friends. Awww! :))

I'm just happy that the second semester's finally through. I did well in this semester compared to the first. I just want to congratulate Aidz and July for being the college scholars of this semester (Dean’s List) and correct me please if I missed someone. Well how about me? Naah, I think a GWA of 1.88 (1.81 if my Bio 3’s 1.5) isn’t a bad start after all. At least I had proved to myself that I can be the part of one of the three prestigious lists in school. Humdrum potentials, I guess.So for those who had made to the Chancellor’s List (University Scholar), Dean’s List (College Scholar) and Honor’s List, congratulations! Job well done! :))

Despite on the bad news during Mon’s advance 17th birthday bash, we still managed to have fun and to entertain ourselves. There are times that we couldn’t help ourselves but to open up on our anxieties in life. Somehow, I’ve learned that life is indeed an endless journey to travel with. Life is a wonderful gift from God, right? And I think, really think that our life has its own purposes. If you’re down, depressed and sad, all you have to do is to reflect and pray for it. Work with it! :)

Blahberrithms. I recently discovered another breakthrough in Adobe Photoshop. I only use Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Call me a big loser, but I only knew how to change the background on to a picture LAST NIGHT! Special thanks to Neil. Now, Adobe’s more addictive than other online games plus it stimulates your creativity. At least I know how to draw in a digital way! :) LOL! So here are few samples of my creations:

Mama and cousin invades Paris, not.

Artistic background.

Welcome to my humble domicile.


I just had a dream last night. It was kinda stupid. I just heard in the news that a comet will hit Pacific Ocean and experts advised that we should evacuate immediately. But all we did was to walk to the beach and witness the horrifying apocalyptic event. Stupidity! Hahaha!!!

Okay, back to my Diner Dash 2!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Grievance of Ramiele Malubay

I don't know if this is true or not. But I'm still sad when Ramiele Malubay sang her last song on the latest episode of American Idol 7. Here's the message.

Ramiele's message:

I am so sad on what happened but not because of the people's decision but what the staff told us...

please do not send me mesages until i finish my statement.

i am still here in california, by the way please vote for david cook to be the 7th american idol, i know he will, let's pray for him, inspirational songs for next week, and i chose heal our land but i can not sing that anymore

there are news from people here in USA who were mad, cause they were dialling my number but instead of thank you for voting ramiele, it was thank you for voting other's name!

technical problem. this problem is the same as on the case of chris daughtryc you know every week we have theme, and they told that few week before that week.

they gave us list of songs and we choose our song, but sometimes you can hear from some staffs oh it's not for you try to sing fast songs and they called me lullaby instead of malubay.

the staff also arranged the songs and most of the times judges didn't like it, and they told us about the blocking like when i performed in my life simon didn't like the stair drama.

in the case of brooke, they told brooke not to use guitar but she insisted it and she had a wonderful job.

now they are making news about david cook that he is bad boy cause he was mad to some people here in our appartment because of some noise, they do that because kuya david makes his own arrangement!

the pilot episode's rating was lower than season 6, and they make some noise, and they won!

what noise, the stripper issue, the racy photos which are not, the my space video, the album of carly..

josiah was mad sa american idol cause we know he deserve to be on top 6, cuse they pick those who would make noise, david archuleta won star search, alexandrian and david a mde nosie cause they were co semi finalist in that said show, syesha was in the one the US version of star academy!

few hours after the result's night i made a blog that tells everything i know but it was being canceled like what happened on my myspace where mr.damian grass of associated press used my blog for those racy photos!

if you can help me please put on your blog all the things that i said. chris of american idol 5 was disappointed because of the technical problem, and look what happened to taylor hicks and chris. That's why AI showed some clips about post idol life!

good thing is there are offers, i'll be there in philippines for pinoy idol, and hopefully in abs-cbn with a pinoy who won sa isang reality show sa europe, i think he will be in altagracia with kc and john lloyd.

please tell me about your blog

maraming salamat!


Friday, April 04, 2008

Ingredients of Bittersweet Pie

For at least four grueling months of sleepless nights, dreadful eye bags, tired mind and body, I have finally formulated the correct amounts of ingredients for the yummiest recipe that would transform your weary aura into a giddy and excited one. Here are the ingredients of my secret recipe to eternal happiness (at least):

2.25 Liters of distilled water from the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
1.75 kilograms of broiled frogs and cockroaches
1.75 radian measure of circular dough (with yeast)
2.00 minutes break. Just watch Tsinelas ni Chenelyn.


Mix the ingredients in a bowl using a wooden spatula with a force of 1.50 Newtons.

After mixing all these ingredients, bake it for at least 60 minutes with a minimum temperature of 573.0 Kelvin (You do the conversion kiddo.)

The product should weigh approximately 1.88 kilograms. Good for ONE SERVING only. Bon-apetite! Enjoy.

BTW, congratulations to all NEW members of BIOS (Bio Society)! Job well done! Bio 3 is LOOOVE!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

69 Days

At last, I can feel the aroma of summer. WELCOME SUMMER! I think it was a good thing when mom censured me to take the advance class on any GE subjects. Sigh. At least I had 69 days of rest, 12 hours of sleep, DVD marathons, and so much more. Talking about mom, she had just recently finished arranging all of the books in our bookshelves. Last night, after her scrupulous work, she unearthed several mineral ores from one of my entropic bookshelf. Behold earthlings! These are the unearthed treasures from my shitty bookshelf!

Sorry Capt. Jack Sparrow, I found this first, bwahahha!! Well, as if Capt. Jack Sparrow’s interested on these. Ugh. As a science geekazoid, I consider these as manna – blessings from heaven.

Oh yeah, I just went to school just to pass our group report in Chem 17. Our group got 12 out of 15 points. I also got my result in the final exam and my final grade. Well, it’s still the same, 2-2-5. Hmm. I wonder if I’ll get at least two-zero-zero on my two remaining Chemistry subjects, or better, a sparkling one-seven-five! Haha. But still, I’m thankful to pass the first half of my Chemistry subjects. So, I bid farewell to Chem 16 and Chem 17 and greeted Chem 31, 31.1 and Chem 160 wholeheartedly! Woohoo! Finally, I got my first three class card for this semester. Math 14, had a satisfying one-seven-five, Chem 17 had a good 2-2-5 and AH 3 (Comm 3) surprised me with two-zero. WHOA! So yeah, I only had 2 remaining subjects [Bio 3 and MST 1] left and I can finally compute my standing. Well, how about PE? Naaah.


Hey group mateeeys in Chem 17 LAB! MAGKANO BA ANG BABAYARAN NATIN SA LAB? Ugh! I mean, I’m quite anxious about our pipette since it costs around 300-400 pesos! I hope that our pipette’s fine. And oh! Wash bottles may look cheap but hell, it’s around 200 pesos! Oh crap. I don’t want to spend my summer allowance on these items. CRAP!

Today, I’m quite giddy on to the following events/ gigs/ birthdays:

- Mon’s 17th birthday will be tomorrow, 4 pm SHARP at his crib. It’s a slumber party! Woohoo! But hell, pork is not available since he is a Muslim.

- Inna’s 18th birthday will be on the eleventh day of April. Bye bye INZ! :(

- Mama Tza invited me on to their carnival adventure, together with Jai, Pawee and Patrice on the tenth of April. I just want to meet with my old batch mates, reminiscing those good ol’ days when we’re still in high school. *sigh

The second semester was truly memorable especially the first few weeks.
- No more 7 am class! WOOHOO!

- On my Math 14 class, I usually arrive at school 15 minutes late. But hey! Our teacher’s still busy on writing trigonometric equations on the board. Mind you, he’s not that strict on attendance. HAHA. One good reason why YOU should love Sir Tecson. Awwww. Pag siyor sir oie! Hahaha.

- The first part of MST 1 (Nat Sci 1) was a blast. I mean Ma’am Jen is our Chem 17 lab teacher and also our Nat Sci 1 teacher. Haha. Pampabuwenas. :))

- Dr. Novero’s very funny most especially if she’s distracted by something. Remember when she saw Neil’s shirt? Haha. On the middle of her lecture, where some concentrated on the plant terms and others just slept, she suddenly commented on Neil’s shirt. It goes like this: “The apical meristems of the plants are... I’m single, WHO CARES?” Hahaha.

- The obnoxious and putrid smell of fart on one of Dr. Novero’s lecture. MIND YOU! It was SOO SMELLY. I can’t help it but to laugh on the putrid smell. Haha. Today, we’re still clueless about it. A bomb was detonated during the lecture of Dr. Novero. Sabotage? I think so, not!

- Sleepless nights just to finish those PowerPoint Presentations for our Chem 17 lecture.


- The Maragusan Exposure Trip. It was the bumpiest ride ever that I’ve experienced. And oh! The bibingkas (rice cakes) of Mawab were delicious!

- Tape interviews, speeches and missed practices on AH 3 (Comm 3). This is the most interesting Arts and Humanities GE subject that I’ve experienced so far.

Oh yeah, six more semesters to go before graduation, that is if I still remain as a regular student, hopefully, else mom will kill me! We’re not babies anymore and yeah, welcome Sophomore Life! I still had 69 days to enjoy summer. Summer is LOVE.

PS: I just downloaded the OST Album of Sweeney Todd. I just love it!